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Ted Rall Cartoon: Under the new Electoral College system, California is irrelevant


Ted Rall / For the Times

(Click on the cartoon to see a larger image.)


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david hilton

Nice cartoon; important public issue. Too bad you've have mis-identified the problem though. There is nothing about 'the electoral college system' that has side-line California every election, despite being the largest state. It is California's own 'winner-take-all' statute that causes the perverse result of California always electing Presidential Electors from one party only (the party that wins the state's popular vote). It would be much fairer to award the electors proportionally to the candidates based on their percentage of the state's (not the nation's) popular vote - and THEN there really would be a lot of campaigning in California (but not nearly as much as in Florida in a close year).


Proportional distribution of electoral college votes is a good idea, but I don't think the Democrats would be willing to hand over anywhere from 17 to 23 Electoral Votes they otherwise would have won to the GOP. Especially if those votes would put the GOP candidate over the number needed.

Matt S

If every state does it, great. If not, then CA loses lots and lots of power.


Why even bring it up, the electoral college was created so a room of old politicians could decide who to make President. It is such a gross and unnecessary system. So archaic it has become the greatest reminder of this country's inability to pass relevant legislation or retrofit basically any policy.

Big Jim Slade

The only thing Democrats come to California for is to pick up their checks in the Silicon Valley and Hollywood. The rest of us are irrelevant given how the current political machine works.

Big Bob's absolutely right!

The down side is California gets nothing out of this "cozy" relationship.

Big Jim Slade

Hey, you hire a lefty and you're going to get this sort of junk.

Rall is from the New York Observer, after all...



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