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Ryanair and child-free flights: Is there more than an April Fool's joke here?

April Fool's Day in France is called ''poisson d'Avril'' -- April Fish.

Is Ryanair, the low-cost Euro-carrier, just fishing for publicity when it announces on April 1 that it's instituting child-free flights later this year? And it cites  suspiciously tidy passenger poll numbers -- 50%, 25%, 10% --  to tot up (no pun intended) complaints about parents expecting special treatment because they fly with kids, who don't stop their kids from bothering other passengers ... you know where that's going, because you've probably gone there.

So what if it turns out to be a joke? (And probably a violation of an European Union rule?) What if Ryanair is just pulling our cramped-back-in-economy legs?

Is it still a good idea? Would you pay a little more, or a lot more, for a no-kids flight? Or at least for a no-kids section? Is this an idea whose time, like nap time and timeouts, has come?

Have your say right here: Would you patronize an airline that promised ''Every Child Left Behind'' flights?


The little airport that can

LAX: In defense of our humble international airport

-- Patt Morrison


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Bob Taylor

sample size of 1K random people and they are going to make a decision like that? People make their flight purchases based on best price or miles... it's not going to work. btw -- isn't that the same airline that wanted to charge for use of bathroom?

This has to be an April Fool's joke....



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