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Mailbag: Donald Trump's words of warning to Doyle McManus

Donald Trump Donald Trump says he's in it to win it.

Last week, I wrote what I called "a not very bold prediction: Donald Trump won't be the Republican presidential nominee next year."

That drew a tart response from Mr. Trump himself, who has a habit of sending reporters and columnists elegantly scrawled comments on their work.

"Doyle," he warned, "remember your words."

See for yourself:


Trump also took exception to my assertions that it isn't clear that he's a conservative and that he once backed Barack Obama.

In a 2009 television interview, Trump said Obama "has a chance to go down as a great president." Now, though, he writes that he "just voiced hope and support for a new president. Sadly, he has not worked out."

Trump did support John McCain during the 2008 presidential campaign. But it's still not clear what kind of Republican he is. The Washington Post reported this week that a little more than half of Trump's $1.3 million in political contributions over the years went to Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.).

Trump explained his giving this way to Fox News: "Everyone's Democratic… so what am I going to do -- contribute to Republicans? One thing: I'm not stupid."

You can see a spreadsheet of Trump's political contributions, compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics, here.


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'Tea party' tango

Duck, it's The Donald!

If Trump is serious, he should learn a few basic economic policies

--Doyle McManus

Photo: Donald Trump speaks at a "tea party" rally in Boca Raton, Fla. Credit: John W. Adkisson, Getty Images / April 16, 2011


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Doyle -- Keep Trump's comments in a safe place. No matter he wins or not, you could for sure easily sell it on eBay for a couple hundreds of $$$

Peter Herz

CNN interview today with John King was amazing.
Trump at 7:36 said "you know what John I get my information from? Newspapers." (not govt when it comes to 'reliable info'). Ironically the proof of Obama's birth was published in two Hawaiian papers in 1961 (visible by anyone via microfilm/public records/Wikipedia) that corroborated his birth abstract he furnished upon becoming prez. Does Don realize he just made a hypocrite of himself, and further deligitimized his own rhetoric?


The Dow Jones Industrial Average was 8,281.22 on Jan. 16, 2009, four days before Bush left office. A year later, on Jan. 15, it was 10,609.65. Today it is 12,700. That is a jump of 4,600 points. In 26 months, roughly 191 points on average. In Bush's last 26 months, the market fell 3,705 points, or a drop of 142 points per month.

In the same amount of time it took the market under Bush to drop 3,705 points under Obama the market has regained and surpassed those losses with an extra punch to the tune of a roughly 30 percent bump of 1,700 points to boot.

So my question to Trump, How is heavily invested in the stock market, how much is enough?

He says Obama's done a BAD job with the market up 4,600 points since he took office.

Donald, what color is the sky in your world?


Trump's fall is going to be harder than most, yes Palin was able to have about 30 minutes of fame, and yes Trump has his "Apprentice". But, with Trump riding Obama's birth certificate to the end, this will be the end of his Presidential run. By, Obama showing the long form, he has single handily sunk any sort of run by Trump, well by out Trumping him.

Alice Peters

Remember your words? Why, yesterday Trump had already forgotten his words of 24 hours earlier when he claimed his investigators had conclusively determined that the President's long form birth certificate in Hawaii was "missing" or had never existed.

Hey, Donald, remember MY words. You're a liar, a hypocrite and a clown. And just because there are some idiots in this country to ignorant and foolish themselves to have caught on, the vast majority are more than aware of the truth about you. (And it's no fluke or coincidence that those who ARE so easily duped are supporters of the same political party that, after 30 years of proof to the contrary in the US, keeps claiming that "trickle down economics" works.

One of the sad truths about this country is that there are no meaningful forms of accountability for carnival barkers like Trump and his ilk. I have no suggestions to accomplish such without stepping afoul of our Constitution, and Trump is certainly not more important than THAT. But it WOULD be nice if he at least suffered some karmic repayment for his hateful and reckless words.

Alice Peters

My apologies for rushing. Obviously, I meant "...And just because there are some idiots in this country TOO ignorant and foolish themselves to have caught on..."

Hardly my only typo, but one that's especially embarrassing.

Harry Jones

Who is Doyle McManus? And who cares?


I don't think that is REALLY The Donald's signature; he will have to prove it to me. LOL


L.A. Times--- PLEASE stop giving this buffoon attention!

Donald Latham

If only Trump could prove his hair is real.


I think we need to see the birth certificate for Trump and that thing on his head. What a platform he represents - hey, the wealthy need more political power so he can continue stripping the poor and senior citizens of any financial support so he can balance the budget.

Stanley Kerns

What nobody is talking about is we were shown a "Certificate of Live Birth". Surely there are people out there that know (Google it) that it is not the same thing as a "Birth Certificate". Certificates of Live Birth are amendable--and basically you can put what ever you want on them. They are most frequently used by adoptee parents who want to make it impossible for their child to find out who he is. The fact that Obama produced a Certificate of Live Birth instead of a Birth Certificate--which is not amendable--and passed it off as a Birth Certificate speaks volumes. And, media to the contrary, there is no such thing as a "Birth Certificate, long form. I am not birther--I am a lawyer, and astonished that Obama would lie through his hat--Again--and not expect to get caught. He has only dug the hole deeper.

Brad Stein

I'll vote for any candidate that enforces our immigration laws. I don't care who they are or what party they belong too.


Donald, you said you'd release your financial records to the public if Obama released his long form birth certificate.


I used to think Donald was a credable candidate, however he has become a circus freak.
I think the Republicans should run a tickaet of Trump Palin, this would be a likely winner!
For the Democrats.

Jerry Pastore

Stanley, if that's your real name, stop lying. You can't possibly be a lawyer because you're too stupid to have passed the bar.

truth to power

It used to be that most Americans wanted people with intellect and education, people who could be called Statesmen, to run for high office.
Now it seems many Americans, especially the Tea-Billy's and conservative extremists want candidates that talk and act like Professional Wrestlers!


Well said Alice Peters.


There is no Stanley Kerns registered as a lawyer in the State of California. Stanley where do you practice law?

Jack C NYC

Trump is the deceitful cartoon character he looks like... he pressured the local govt to evict an elderly woman from her life-long home so he could expand is casino in NJ, which not only failed but lost all the investors money... If forced to hire a republican I'd rather have Bloomberg as President any day.


Stanley Kerns, are you some kind of idiot, or just a liar, or both? I am holding in my hands my Certificate of Live Birth, from 1959, the original. It does not say Birth Certificate. It says Certificate of Live Birth. Now, even if a Certificate of Live Birth can be amended, as you say, (and I doubt it if it can, because you have already shown yourself to be an idiot and/or a liar), what evidence is there that Obama's was amended? OMG, some of you people just won't quit, and it's getting kind of scary!


Thank you, Doyle Manus! This clown is done! And I remember my words, too! How in the world the Republican party has become? Thank you, NY and CA! Without you, they would run roughshods all over us. Sometimes, I just wish the GOP has their ways, taking Medicare and SS away from everyone, including the people who support them! If they don't see what's in the Ryan's plan - shifting Medicare costs to future retirees and using that money for another round of tax cuts for corporations and top earners - these people are beyond help! And if the Dems don't come out and vote, you only have yourselves to blame!


Doyle, do us and this country, and all rational thinking people a favor, and very loud, and very clear, in your great prose, tell Trump to go "you know what" himself!


Sigh its sad that Presidential elections are such a side show. Trump's hair is not even beleievable.


How does anyone take this as a "warning?" Please.

The author is a policical spin master, and Trump is a multi-billionaire. That is what they are.

Janet Downing

I like that retort by Donald Trump. That man will indeed remember his words.

I am proud of what Donald Trump did by forcing Obama to show his birth certificate. Maybe Obama's grades will be next.

In addition, I get tired of looking at the sneer on Obams face and would rather watch the one on the Donald's.


Why is everyone discussing this cartoon character as if he is credible? We just got rid of President Elmer Fudd.

Why would anyone consider Pepe Le Pew as a candidate for anything? He is just parading around for the attention and a new blond bimbo.

Olden Atwoody

The Times will continue to use that picture, eh? Pretty funny.


Trump is proof one doesn't have to be all that smart to get rich in the USA...LOL!!.


Trump is a hot air blow hole that I way I support his run for the GOP/Tea Party bid to run for office. I pray that Donald runs against Obama.


I'm starting to wonder if Trump isn't consciously acting as an agent provocateur for the Democrats. He was registered as a Democrat as recently as 2009, I've been told. And his actions seem to be damaging the Republicans more than the Democrats at this point. Just saying.

Don Steele

We're going the wrong way! Again! And again and agaiiiiin............... All the attention is centered on the candidates when our attention should be on those responsible for attaining and maintaining political office. Think it's you? How about me or us? How about powerful special few?
The bi-annual subtle change of management who enter office beholden to the same powerul few and please them they do, and then there's us? Enjoy!
Ever consider dumping the timeshares we've been sold that prevent protectionist measures, endorse financial deregulation, and prevent campaign funding reform. The shares will never be worth more than they are today!



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