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Blowback: Israel's bogus narrative on Palestinian refugees

Liftas Ghada Karmi, author of "In Search of Fatima: A Palestinian Story," responds to The Times' April 7 article on Lifta, the last intact pre-1948 Palestinian village. If you would like to write a full-length response to a recent Times article, editorial or Op-Ed, here are our FAQs and submission policy

What a timely article, “Israel and Palestinians have conflicting visions for village's future.” April is a good month for recalling the abandoned homes, towns and destroyed villages of what was once Palestine. It was the month in which my own family was forced to leave our home in Jerusalem. Contrary to the official Israeli version, still largely believed, that the Palestinian exodus of 750,000 people -- without which there would be no Israel today -- happened in the fog of war, people like me are living proof that many of us had been forced out of our homeland months earlier.

The Israeli version claims that during the 1948-49 Arab-Israeli war, the Palestinians fled, as happens in wars everywhere, or were panicked into leaving by their leaders. For more than 60 years, this has served to absolve Israel of its culpability for that tragedy.

In fact, between January and May 1948, thousands of us were already leaving because of the violence and the deliberate tactics of the Jewish leadership intent on creating an empty space in which to erect a state. As a child, I remember seeing a poor Bedouin man walking down our street shot dead by Jewish snipers from an empty house opposite ours.

The people of Lifta (the village that The Times features), which is just three miles from my old neighborhood in west Jerusalem,  were already fleeing in December 1947. The Jewish paramilitary organization Haganah and the Stern Gang, a Jewish dissident group, attacked the villagers with guns and hand grenades. By February 1948, most houses on the edge of the village had been demolished; the inhabitants fled in terror.

The same fate was intended for Katamon, where we lived. Increasing attacks on our street and its vicinity had the same desired effect as in Lifta. After January 1948, when the Semiramis Hotel on a street near ours was bombed by the Haganah, killing 26 people (a nightmare of horror that I dimly remember), the attacks against our neighborhood escalated. Families started leaving, fearful for their children and believing it would be a temporary evacuation. By the time we left, hardly any of our friends remained. The increasing danger around us forced my parents to leave. We took nothing with us, convinced it would not be long before we returned.   

Terrible as this was when I look back, at least our street and our house still stand today. They were taken over by Jewish settlers and underwent various changes, but they largely remain. Yet I do not know which is worse: the hundreds of Palestinian villages Israel wiped out after 1948 and whose previous inhabitants can only hope to find through faded memories; the dozen villages left such as Lifta, still standing but ruined and depopulated; or, as in my case, my house being in the possession of strangers (New York Times correspondent Ethan Bronner lives in an upper story added on later), who do not recognize my history or my right to my family home.

On setting up its state in 1948, Israel set about demolishing every vestige of Palestinian life and history in the land. The physical destruction of the villages, the replacing of Palestinian names with Hebrew ones and the wholesale takeover of Palestinian culture, whether in food -- "Israeli falafel" -- or in the traditional Arab dabke dance, renamed the Israeli "hora," were all aimed at making the world forget there had ever been anyone other than Jews in the Holy Land.

Through the work of Israeli filmmaker Benny Brunner, I have discovered another refinement of this cultural theft: the takeover of private Palestinian book collections, including ours. After 1948, Israeli officials took what books they found from abandoned Palestinian homes. Tens of thousands were looted in this way. Some of them remain in the Israeli National Library today, designated abandoned property. Brunner is currently making a film of this, "The Great Book Robbery."

Palestinians have never accepted our enforced oblivion. We are fighting to tell our history, win a future of political freedom and secure the return of refugees forced from their homes and never allowed to return. For these reasons, the battle to preserve Lifta must be won -- its remains a physical memorial of injustice and survival.

-- Ghada Karmi


Israel and Palestinians have conflicting visions for village’s future

Letters to the editor: Richard Goldstone's backtracking

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Photo: Lifta is the last intact, albeit vacant, pre-1948 Palestinian town in Israel. Credit: Edmund Sanders / Los Angeles Times


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Martin Dietrich

Israel is Bogus! Return the land back to the Palestinians!


The creation of a Jewish state after WWII was the brainchild of Britain and the US. Now look at how far the Israeli state has expanded under the guise of making peace loving friends and expanding economic opportunity. Is it any wonder that the Palestinian people refuse to be duped? The obvious intent of the Israeli gov't is to ethnically cleanse the remnants of historical Palestine and the Gaza Strip unless one totally capitulates to assimilation.

Kevin E.

63 years later, Palestinians are still paying the price for European crimes.

Israel is not a democracy. It was built on pillars of ethnic cleansing, segregation, apartheid, and racism.

The world is starting to realize this more and more and the one state solution will soon come to fruition.


in the late 1800's there were roughly an even number of Jews and Arabs living in palestine/israel. the land was near desolate after centuries of Arab rule, leaving the land, as mark twain has been quoted saying, without even a cactus on the approach to Jerusalem.
around 1870 Jews who had recently immigrated back to the land they once held as their national land for over 1000 years, prior to it being torn from them by the romans and renamed palestine by hadrian in order to defuse their morale and feelings of connection between the Jewish people and the land, begin to re-cultivate the land and kick-start a new and thriving economy. the land became a safe haven for tens of thousands of Arab refugees from the surrounding Arab countries who had been subjected to persecution from their home lands.
Jews, on the other hand, although responsible for the cultivation and economic kick start the land was now seeing were actually prohibited from immigrating shortly afterward around the late 19th- early 20th centuries.
the vast majority of Arabs living in Israel today who call themselves palestinians can actually trace their very recent ancestry to the various countries that surround Israel. in fact historically, as i have pointed out above, the REAL palestinians are the Jews who were conquered by the Romans and had their land renamed by hadrian.
the "palestinians" who today are fighting for their justly deserved 'freedom' from the 'occupation' of their Jewish 'overlords' actually can attribute all they have to these 'overlords' who not only developed the land originally, seeing a thriving and very influential civilization for over 1000 years, but who themselves provided the fertile economic and national structure for their safe haven of refuge in the first place. and then weren't even allowed into their own club afterwards, until of course they suffered the lost of 1/3 of their global population to a ruthless evil dictator who had very chummy ties with the Arab leaders in what was still at the time called 'palestine'.

thanks for the sob story, but why don't you go complain to ahmedinejad and all his wonderful specimens of Arab leaders throughout the middle east for forcing your previous ancestry out of their homes when they fled to Israel in the first place. or perhaps i should list the 1000's of years of national and religious persecution and oppression that me and my people have faced, and continue to face to this day world wide, in our land, yes OUR land, and outside of it.

im tired of this foolish, ignorant propaganda. learn your own damn history!


Boo hoo, Ghada, so the palis got a taste of the type of medicine muslims have been dishing out for centuries. My Syrian Christian family was marched out of Syria by the Muslims at the turn of the last century. The palis seem to be healthy and reproducicing at a rapid rate and in the vicinty of their so called ancestors. What makes them so special that their narrative should be without strife? There's plenty of muslim land to go around. Where can the Jews go, where can the Christians go? Muslims made sure they have nothing.
The only thing bogus here is a palestinian people.


Thank you very much for an enlightening article !

The world is gradually learning.

ifamericansknew . org


Historical records indicate otherwise:

“Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history and religion.”
- Haj Amin al-Husseini, Mufti of Jerusalem
(Radio Berlin, March 1, 1944; quoted in Robert Wistrich, Muslim Anti-Semitism: A Clear and Present Danger [American Jewish Committee, 2002], p47)

“This will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades.”
- Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League
(BBC, May 15, 1948)

“If the Jewish state becomes a fact, and this is realized by the Arab peoples, they will drive the Jews who live in their midst into the sea… Even if we are beaten now in Palestine, we will never submit. We will never accept the Jewish state... But for politics, the Egyptian army alone, or volunteers of the Muslim Brotherhood, could have destroyed the Jews.”
- Hassan al-Banna, Muslim Brotherhood founder
(New York Times, August 2, 1948)


After WW2, there were 12 million ethnic German refugees in Europe displaced from central and eastern Europe. There were also many millions of other refugees displaced by war. Most of these people moved on, found a dignified life elsewhere all over the world and many prospered.
It is unprecedented in the history of mankind that a certain refugee has more rights and status than all the others.
The Palestinians were instrumentalized by the Arabs, and if one finds honest Arabs, they will say so.
Read this, and deal with it. Like tens of millions of refugees all over the world.


I love the comments about how the Arabs left not even a cactus on the way to Jerusalem. The West is all about development, yeah Israel "made the desert" bloom". Seriously, what do "we" think should have been growing? The implication that the Arabs weren't using the land "correctly" or to its full benefit is the same type of justification used for land grabs all over the world. Fundamentalists are freaky, whether they be Christian, Jewish, or Muslim.
@ YS, many groups of ethnic peoples lived in the Levant, not just the Jews, Christians and Arabs. The historical focus on those three groups forgets the diversity that your ancestors lived in, if they were really there. Who knows? Not you, or me. Sanity is needed, not histronics about the oppression your ancestors faced, or even the neighbors in the West Bank. Don't want to get bombed? Stop the land grabs!!


This article is bogus.

Joe Kerbz

Were the ancient Hebrews kicked out of Egypt?

Didn't Joshua get the land by killing many of the original inhabitants?

Why were the Jews desiring to leave Europe and Russia?

What did they do when they got to Palestine?

Don't they seem to be a "troublesome" people who never learn how to get along with their 'neighbors' or fellow countrymen?


This article is what is bogus.

Maggie B

There is sufficient proof that Israel has increasingly taken Palestinian land without agreement or compensation from its owners and that it supports settler abuses against Palestinian citizens. Israel not only commandeers Palestinian water for settler use, but sanctions the prohibition of Palestinian access to water sources Israel recognizes as Palestinian. It is time for Americans to use their voices, votes, and pocketbooks to demand the US take a more moral stand against these abuses which are already recognized as such by the rest of our allies. Please join me in leveling the playing field by writing your congressmen and women to ask for an end to the financial support of Israel so that our dollars are not used to support this behavior; use your buying power to support only businesses that meet your own moral/ethical standards; and use your vote to bring about the changes that are needed to restore just and moral treatment of all who live in this region.


I find it eye-opening that the state of Israel was partly created through intimidating and murdering Palestinians living in land that Jews wanted for their new nation. I think what some Jews did to Palestinians (bombing the Semiramis Hotel, see above, and killing innocent people) is what Israelis would call terrorism.


Hey Maggie,
I will write to my congressmen to triple the foreign aid to Israel and urge all to do so.
I will also urge all not to believe the lying propaganda against Israel that you and others are spewing.
What's moral and ethical about muslims and their history?
Is it the suicide bombs, the beheadings, the call for murder at every turn?

Hollywood Dodger Mark

Israel will invade Africa and colonize it unless destroyed.


The Jews are not going anywhere.

Adam B

There's a tendency to divide people into right and wrong camps on this issue. Me? I'm simultaneously sympathetic to both sides and equally appalled by their conduct and exclusionary narratives. Of course, there are sad stories like this all over the world, but what makes this different for Americans is that we've expended quite a bit of money and political capital to support one side in this conflict. Any rational cost-benefit analysis would have to conclude the US has received very little in return for this investment.


Yes, the "palestinians " saw an opportunity to get control of Israel when the English left on 1947 and they launched into war with all of their might. Problem was they fought and they LOST the land to Israel. I understand that not all civilians living in Jerusalem fought in the war, but they supported it. Wars are unfortunate because they make people take sides, but they do. What would have the palestinians done if they had kept control of all the land? Would they have embrace the Jews? Allow the Jewish among you to become citizens with all rights? Honor the memory of the Jewish families living there, just like they have done in Gaza? Ha!
Go look for sympathy elsewhere.


Thank God after 60 years of propaganda from the pro-Israeli lobby, the spineless members of Congress, and the slanted media, Americans are now realizing what has and is happening to the Palestinians. Middle-East peace will never be realized until the European Union takes charge of peace negotiations and brokers a lasting peace. The World can no longer afford the billions spent each year to maintain this political and social farce.


you have 18 states or more,and their is only ONE ISRAEL.


The only farce is that something is happening to the palis.
Keep spewing your lies and #$@^!!
Meanwhile, congress will increase aid to its true ally, Israel, in the middle east viper pit.

David Roberts

Hey Joe K. -

Were the ancient Pilgrims kicked out of England and Holland?

Didn't colonists get the land by killing many of the original inhabitants?

Why were the whites desiring to leave Europe and Russia?

What did they do when they got to the New World?

Don't they seem to be a "troublesome" people who never learn how to get along with their 'neighbors' or fellow countrymen?

Do I just sound like a racist, or do I think like one too?


"Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I don't blame you because geography books no longer exist, not only do the books not exist, .The Arab villages are not there either. Nahal arose in the place of Mahlul; Kibbutz Gvat in the place of Jibat; Kibbutz Sarid in the place of Huneifis; and Kfar Yehushu'a in the place of Tal al Shuman. There is not one single place that did not have a former Arab population." Moshe Dayan's address to the Technion, Haifa (as Quoted in Haaretz, April 4, 1969).

And many of these newer Jewish settlements practice that same principle.

The key to ending this is to end US aid to Israel.



I am so sorry Ghada..As a jew I am ashamed at the direction the Israeli leaders are taking. It is indeed true that the Palestinian culture has been unjustly victimized, and I always hear the same thing from some fellow jews:" It's their own fault for voting for Hamas".. As if that was the alibi to continue to trample over human rights. Then there are the YS's and the Denises (see comments) going back to the "jews were there first" blah blah blah..Making it okay for Palestinians who had lived there for generations to be taken out of their homes by jews --who were not even born there--and take possession of their family's land..I sincerely get very sentimental when I read stories like this, especially knowing that the jewish tradition teaches that we are all created b'tzelem Elohim--in the image of God..EQUALLY--jews AND non-jews alike..There is no equality for Palestinians in Israel. Jews who don't accept this are sadly in denial.I was brought up with values based on human kindness and respect(judaism 101). There seems to be the idea that when a jew points out the injustice of Palestinians in Israel is like being a traitor; it is definitely not a popular position and is looked down upon. I am teaching my kids in the same way I was brought up in hope that the future generation will see through the illogical and complicated obstacles that have unnecessarily hindered the way to peace. There is only a two-state solution.



You seem like a real sweetie! If you are as ugly as your opinions, you probably never see the light of day.

All of this is fact. Western governments have simply chosen to ignore it just like they were friends with Manuel Noriega, Castro, Saddam Husein, the Taliban etc. Israel's value to the west is now evaporating with the democratic revolutions. I wish them luck after that.


The Jews of Israel no longer believe in the Ten Commandments.
It's not murdering if you're in the military.
It's not stealing if the people are dead.
It's not lying since the victor writes his-story.

darleen click

Goodness, where was the nation of "Palestine"? Who were its historic kings? Rulers? Where is the ancient Palestinian coinage? Pottery? Ruins of buildings?

This false history that people like Karmi blather is blatant in its Judanrein. "Palestine" was the ROMAN name given to the area after Rome's violent suppression of the Jews in 70 AD and the destruction of Solomon's Temple.

Does Karmi want to try and deny the evidence on the Arch of Titus?

What you are reading from Karmi is indecent projection while Arabs on the Temple mount dig into the foundations and cart away by truckload ancient Jewish culture and history; while Christians flee from Arab violence in their ethnic cleansing of areas they control while appealing to the Jew haters of the world to help them finish the job the Mufti of Jerusalem gladly started along with Hitler.

What disgusting historical revisionism Karmi spews.


To all of the posters here who agree with this sad sorry of this fiction writing woman, here is a Wikipedia article quoting the author of this op-ed:

"There is actually nothing — repeat, nothing — positive about the existence of Israel, as far as the Arabs are concerned. You know, sometimes there are events, historical events, that happen against people's will. But, in time, they can find some positive aspect to something they didn't want to happen in the first place. This is not the case with Israel. On the contrary, as time has gone on, the existence of Israel has only increased the problems for the Arab region. It has increased the danger in the Arab world and is a threat not only to the security of the region, but the security of the whole world."

The Arabs will not be happy until all of the Jews are cleansed from the Middle East, the more irrational reason, the better for them.

The fact that she thinks the Palestinians created the Falafel and the Hora says it all. What else is she lying about?


peacenow, thank you for your post. I hope that more and more American Jews come to realize what kind of horror is being done in their name by Israeli government.


As heartbreaking as Ghada's account is, the unfortunate fact is that this injustice will continue to be ignored and whitewashed from history. The image of the New York Times correspondent sitting comfortably in the same house that used to be the home of a Palestinian family driven out by terrorists tells you all you need to know about how this narrative will continue to be written. And sadly, any Palestinian like Ghada who survived the Israeli terrorists must now endure the mocking jubilation of the victors, those who can read her sad story of pain and loss and not be able to feel an ounce of sympathy for her or even acknowledge that event happened. Some of the comments here are similar in tone to "The only good Indian is a dead Indian." Hatred is alive and well.


I hope the Los Angeles Times publishes more Palestinian voices like Ghada Karmi's in the future.


I could post a dozen quotes to make my point but I'll just post this one - from a man who was the Prime Minister of Syria six different times after the Arab-Israeli War, Khaled Al-Azm:

"Since 1948 it is we who demanded the return of the refugees... while it is we who made them leave... We brought disaster upon... Arab refugees, by inviting them and bringing pressure to bear upon them to leave... We have rendered them dispossessed... We have accustomed them to begging... We have participated in lowering their moral and social level... Then we exploited them in executing crimes of murder, arson, and throwing bombs upon... men, women and children--all this in the service of political purposes..."

The Arab countries were so adamant about not allowing Israel to exist that they hung out the "Palestinian" Arabs to dry in the winds of their genocidal wars and have continued to use them for 62 years since, instead of integrating them into their own societies. The "Palestinian" Arabs locked up in concentration camps in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan are just pawns, being used to pressure Israel. Never did the Arabs offer the "Palestinians" their own country when they completely controlled the "West Bank" and Gaza for 20 years after 1948. Only Israel has given them Gaza and offered them a place alongside itself in the "West Bank". But the Gazans have used that land mostly for attacking Israeli civilians daily. Israel should now create another Gaza in the "West Bank"?


This is NOT about Jews. It's about zionists acting like they represent all Jews. Zionism is a radical offshoot of Judaism.

All this rubbish about pushing Israel and Jews into the sea is just propaganda from both sides. Your religious beliefs are being played on because that's how zionism attaches itself to things. They latch on to a host body with one hand and stir the pot with the other. Islam is that pot.

They CREATE enemies and then offer protection from them, thereby ensuring you'll always need them.

May I remind some of you, especially those like darleen click, that the Palestinians are the original semites here and these white Euro-Jews who run Israel are not. In fact, Palestinans are often decended from the original semite Jews who were converted to Islam by force.

So I would advise you to think twice before you raise a hand against them.


stephen  petty

Thank you for your story. Personal remembrance is a deep counter to official accounts and I hope the L.A. Times makes the effort to include the Palestinian stories.


Oh. Here's a nice BIG map of Palestine for darleen. So big, even a zionist can see Palestine on it.


Palestine is a region, not a country. Before zionism, even the Jews who lived there were called Palestinians...



@ xexon - You posted: "...Palestinans are often decended from the original semite Jews who were converted to Islam by force." (sic)

Funny, I can show you videos of at least a dozen instances of various top "Palestinian" leaders claiming that Jesus was actually a "Palestinian". That was 700 years before the Muslims showed up.

So the Jews were "Palestinians" and the "Palestinians" were Jews, huh? Then I guess they're all home where they belong now, right?



blah blah blah
boo hoo hoo
the only thing ugly here is your ignorance, stupidity and believing
that these revolutions will bring democracy and somehow that will translate into the demise of Israel. You are stupid and a moron AND ugly. Good luck with that brainpower.


Jews were also displaced from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Egypt alot of Arab States. Plus the Majority of Jews in Israel today are of Middle Eastern Descent. Morroco, Tunisia Iraq etc...

To All the Classic Anti Semites The jews aint leaving Israel and the Arabs arent either so both sides have to find a way to Co Exist. Or else the Gazan will eventually have to find another place to live. Because the Israeli Jews dont have anywhere to go.

By the way Muslim Israeli's can vote can become members of the Knesset and can Pray in Mosque's feely. Unlike in Saudi Arabia, Syria and Lebanon to name a few places. Probably even Iraq.

Heil Martin Dietrich.


@ K - The Israelis have more scientific papers published per capita than any other country on earth. The "Palestinians" are the largest recipients of international aid per capita on the planet.

All of this is fact.

Do the math.


"The whole of Palestine ... lies within the limits which His Majesty's Government have pledged themselves to Sherif Husain that they will recognize and uphold the independence of the Arabs." (McMahon 1915-1918). (Husain was the Emir of Mecca.)
And: "His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine" (Balfour 1917).
"We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population." --- David Ben-Gurion, May 1948, to the General Staff. From Ben-Gurion, A Biography, by Michael Ben-Zohar, Delacorte, New York 1978.
Rabin, Sharon and Dayan were terrorists. The Hagganah became the IDF (Israeli Defense Force). For politicians, criticizing Israel means loss of campaign dollars. For ordinary citizens like Jimmy Carter, they prefer smearing and crucifixion. American taxpayers buy the bombs that are dropped on Palestinians. So don't ask "why do they hate us?". Spend a half hour on Google and the internet and make up your own mind. Read the UN documents and resolutions.


Karmi is being less than honest. Her family, like most of the well-to-do Arabs in Jerusalem, chose to leave during the fighting between November 1947 and May 1948. In fact the first refugees of this 'civil war' were Jews living in east Jerusalem.
Many more Jews were driven out of Arab countries than were Palestinians from Israel and they were not even caught up in a war - but were the victims of cold-blooded pogroms and persecution just for being Jews. Most ended up in Israel.
I too could write a tear-jerking article about Jewish Baghdad or Cairo or Aleppo, where Jews left their homes, land, hospitals, schools, cemeteries, synagogues and businesses. Their pre-Islamic communities were destroyed.


Hey... If you're willing to murder an Olympic team... and if you're willing to support the people who murdered an Olympic team... and if you're willing to wipe out Jews in pizzerias, on bus lines, in cafeterias, and blow up a Seder service filled with the elderly.... and if you're willing to sneak into Israel, murder 2 soldiers while kidnapping a third, and then keep that kidnapped soldier hostage for 5 years with absolutely no contact to the outside world... then chances are you've got some Arabian politics on your mind.

And if you're willing to post comments about IfAmericansKnew [how those Joos are controlling your tax dollars and government and that those Saudis never would have commited 9-11 without those 5 dancing Israelis] and how illegitimate Israel is because, you know, it's just an opinion, then you must be down with the concept that you've got no brain, you've got no brawn, and you've got absolutely no clue.

Gee, LA Times, you sure love promoting the cycle of stupidity.

And may you never see peace in the Middle East, either.... Although somehow, someway I feel that peace is far from the agenda. After all, can you sell ad space on the website if everyone is content with reality?


I get so tired of hearing these dishonest narratives by Palestinians and their supporters.

"The inhabitants of Palestine are composed of a large number of elements, differing widely in ethnological affinities, language and religion. It may be interesting to mention, as an illustration of their heterogeneousness, that early in the 20th century a list of no less than fifty languages, spoken in Jerusalem as vernaculars, was there drawn up by a party of men whose various official positions enabled them to possess accurate information on the subject.1 It is therefore no easy task to write concisely and at the same time with sufficient fullness on the ethnology of Palestine. " 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica

Palestine was settled by many groups from around the world, and was not owned by any one ethnic, religious group.i.e. there was no "Palestinian" nationality. The Jews, just like all the others (most however were tenants), purchased plots of land to build their settlements on which would serve as the basis for their state..which was needed to provide security for a people who were denied that right in their host countries.

The "Palestinians" led by a Nazi Collaborator, Hajj Amin, who assisted the Nazi Holocaust, unified these different groups under one banner and begin murdering Jews, who fought back. The Syrian Prime Minister (1948-49) admitted in his memoirs that the Arab leaders did indeed call for the "Palestinians" to leave..and most did. There were villages depopulated by the Israelis near the borders to halt foreign fighters from entering, but the Arab leaders are mostly responsible for the Refugee Issue.

Its time this false Narrative dies a quick death...the Palestinians are far from innocent.


The ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948 by what was to become the Israeli state has been largely documented. So how can people still pretend it didn't happen? Bcs it implies their idea of a nation is partly build on a lie...


Let's be frank--the Jews are committing the most heinous genocide against an innocent people, and then lying about it through their teeth. Congratulations to the LA Times for at least printing the truth once in a while.

Go to Gehena

The ethnic-cleansing and genocide of the Palestinians is not Judaism. It is Zionism. Judaism does not allow such criminal activity. Zionism does. Zionism is a political movement older than Nazism, but their tenets are the same. Zionism is like the old Manifest Destiny used to ethnically cleanse the Native Americans. The Palestinians outnumbered Jews in Palestine. And yes it was called Palestine. The British took over Palestine from the Ottoman Turks after WWI. The British maps called it Palestine. Israel was created in 1947, and the genocide began soon afterward. European Jews, who had never lived in Palestine were encouraged to relocate from Europe to the newly-created nation of Israel. A Manifest Destiny.
The European Jews, armed with their political ideology of Zionism and their Holocaust narrative, arrive in the land of Palestine and commit a Holocaust against the indigenous people. Now the Palestinians have a Holocaust Narrative of their own. Judaism is not Zionism, just like Christianity is not Manifest Destiny, though many believe Christians believed in Manifest Destiny and committed horrific atrocities against the Native people of America. It is evil ideologies such as Nazism, Manifest Destiny and Zionism that make normal people become monsters. Jews must reject Zionism, and the racial and political policies of the ideology. Until they do, their future is in jeopardy and the Palestinians will continue to have a compelling narrative.



Hello hasbara. you said:

"The "Palestinians" are the largest recipients of international aid per capita on the planet.

All of this is fact.

Do the math" I don't have to, got it right here, cause I been at this for a long time.



Israel has gotten more US aid than anybody else. Since 1948, over $100 billion dollars. And almost all of it goes into your military machine. Which is then turned against the native semites.

You zionists are the biggest anti-semites on the planet. You are the true enemies of Judaism.



I love Israel....
Please leave the Israelis alone.
They are good caretakers of the Holy Land.


"On setting up its state in 1948, Israel set about demolishing every vestige of Palestinian life and history in the land. The physical destruction of the villages, the replacing of Palestinian names with Hebrew ones and the wholesale takeover of Palestinian culture, whether in food -- "Israeli falafel" -- or in the traditional Arab dabke dance, renamed the Israeli "hora," were all aimed at making the world forget there had ever been anyone other than Jews in the Holy Land."

It's small points this about the hora above that tell lies. Small lies add to big lies over time. Below, is a history of the hora from historyking.com.

Note, there is no reference whatsoever to the "dabke" or anything associated with either Palestinians or Arab culture where this dance is concerned.


Hora is a type of circular dance performed by the tribes and actually originated in the Balkans. It was found to be performed in several other countries of Africa as well. Hora became the national dance of Israel. The name of the dance suggests that it has Greek origins, and there was a similar dance in Greece called Chorea. However, the word Hora can also be of Slavic origin.

To the world, the Hora is known as the traditional folk dance from Romania, and it gathers everyone in one huge circle in the middle. People, who do not participate, sit around the performers and watch them. Several musical instruments are sued to cerate the music for a Hora dance like the violin, double bass, saxophone, pan flute, trumpet, accordion, and cimbalom.

The Hora is a very popular dance to mark any kind of celebration like birth, and weddings. The common song that is sung for a Hora performance became the national Song for the Romanians. The bigger the circle for a Hora dance performance is, the more majestic and joyful it looks. The Hora dance is a well coordinated dance that consists of simple steps to follow. However, there are some light variations of the dance, like the Hora in Bulgaria is pretty different from the one practiced in Macedonia. It is widely prevalent in these regions and is not specific to just one country alone. The dance and its prevalence could have spread when the settlers started traveling from one part of Europe to the other."

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