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April 6 Buzz: Paul Ryan's budget; the sad story of John Thompson; anti-Muslim pastor Terry Jones

Most viewed: A wrong decision by the Supreme Court on civil rights

John Thompson's real-life narrative sounds like a TV crime drama:

It's the stuff of a television crime drama: Prosecutors withhold blood evidence that would exonerate the defendant in an attempted armed robbery case. The defendant is then convicted of an unrelated murder after a trial at which he dared not testify lest his previous robbery conviction be mentioned. After 14 years on death row, his execution is imminent. At the last minute, evidence clearing the defendant of the robbery attempt is produced. Later he is tried again for the murder and acquitted.

This actually happened and, not surprisingly, the longtime prisoner, John Thompson, wanted redress.

Read on for a sad ending to a sad story.

Most commented:  The GOP plan for the federal deficit

The editorial board gives kudos to Rep. Paul Ryan's proposed budget for being, "the most ambitious tax-and-spending plan that Capitol Hill has seen in years." This is in contrast to Obama's proposal presented in February. But here's the problem:

Unlike Obama, who has yet to offer any serious proposal to bring the budget into balance and stop the national debt from reaching a dangerously high level, Ryan offered a budget plan Tuesday that would pare spending by about $6 trillion over the next decade, and by enough to eliminate the deficit within 30 years. For that he deserves credit. The problem, though, is that his plan shifts the country's biggest fiscal problems onto other parties rather than solving them.

Most shared: Florida pastor Terry Jones and the far reach of free speech

You can debate free speech. What Tim Rutten would like to know is why the United States continues to produce so many hateful people who're anti-Muslim.


Does your car really have an airbag?

Why is there so much contempt for teachers?

Attacks on abortion

Obama doctrine

California budget mess

--Alexandra Le Tellier


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Stop just reading the news and take action and be part of the solution, best place to study Criminal Justice is "United Forensic College"


Religious books are due respect ONLY from their adherents. The bleating s of the superstitious and irrational deserve NO respect. So for those whose bibles, korans, etc are burned, flushed or despoiled - get over it- no one else cares.


It's nice that this article affords the almost free exercise of opposing comments. So many of the articles today require sign in or even worse, the use of Facebook.

With that said let me say too bad Thompson, life sucks. But trying to get rich on it makes you just as bad as the attorney representing you.

Second, Paul Ryan's budget isn't a whole lot better than Obama's. Yes he has lower spending but he also has lower tax income so the actual deficit differenece is under $2 Trillion. How about using Paul's expenses and Obama's income - the 10 year total defict would only abmount to an additional $1.2 Trillion then!


Oops, I forgot that nut job in Florida. Someone needs to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights and save some people around the world from being killed because of this adzhl.

Mitchell Young

Ants crawling on crucifix, symbol associated with the culture that gave birth to the US and revered symbol to at least 25% of our population = brave transgressive statement worth of exhibit at our national museum.

Burning a book that is meaningless to 95%+ of Americans, and which contains hugely aggressive passages towards 'infidels' = bigoted and hateful.

We need a new term for our elite opinion makers -- xenophiliacs.

Mitchell Young

Actually a better word is already out there, thanks to James Taranto of the WSJ: oikophobia, fear and loathing of the familiar, that which is one's own.

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Whenever I heard on judicial rulings I could remember my instructor emphasizing the pain about the law which sometimes is blind for "Justice delayed, is justice denied."



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