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April 5 Buzz: Seeking truth -- airbag safety, Israel, Watergate

April 5, 2011 | 12:56 pm

Most viewed: A hidden threat to drivers

Do you drive a used vehicle? If so, this editorial about missing airbags in used cars will be of interest.

Most commented:  What's behind Goldstone's flip-flop?

The editorial board questions Richard Goldstone’s Washington Post op-ed article in which he attempts to backpedal out of the central claims made in his 2009 Goldstone report that Israel intentionally targeted civilians during its 2008-09 assault on the Gaza Strip. The board asks for a more concrete explanation.

Readers question the editorial. (*Here are just two comments, with spelling errors corrected for clarity.)

dodgers86: It's unbelievable that the LA Times cannot just accept that Israel is not an international pariah.  Goldstone, while erring greatly, has now acknowledged what most Americans and our elected officials know: Israel did not commit war crimes.  Did civilians die? Yes.  Did some commanders and soldiers possibly kill civilians?  Yes.  But what makes Israel, the United States, and other Western countries different from the Middle Eastern autocrats and terror groups like Hamas is that Israel actually investigates (such as you mention) and convicts those soldiers who committed violations.  Is the system of justice in Israel perfect?  No.  Is it perfect in any country? No!  The LA Times should not attempt to hold Israel to a higher standard than any other democracy in the world.  The LA Times has every right to question Goldstone's op-ed, but the question must be: why didn't the LA Times offer equal scrutiny to the Goldstone Report when submitted to the United Nations?

mrxexon: It is the actions of a man that defines him, not what he says.

If we apply this to Israel, Israel is to be condemned for it's actions, not it's "Jewish State" song and dance number. 

It's not Jews running the show over there, it's Zionists. Israel is THEIR state. The actions of Israel are that of Zionists, not true Jews.

This idea of a Jewish state has no reality in a modern world. It's a throwback to ancient times when the landscape was quite different than it is today. Zionists believe Jews to be a genetic lineage, and that makes Zionism just another supremacist movement to be crushed.

You can start by ending US aid and imposing a no fly zone over Gaza.



Because you're paying for all this to continue. The fake peace process is nothing but a way for Israel to buy time while it grabs as much land and and expels as many Arabs as it can in the meantime.

It's time to end this.


Most shared: At the new Watergate Gallery, the truth finally wins out

"Historians often complain that presidential libraries tend to present rosy pictures of former presidents, ignoring anything controversial. The Nixon Library's original Watergate exhibit was one of the worst offenders. It took a long time, but at the new Watergate exhibit at the Nixon Library, our long national nightmare really is over -- at last," writes contributor Jon Wiener in a Tuesday op-ed article about how far the new Watergate Gallery goes to preserve and communicate the truth.


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