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April 25 buzz: Sugar detox, same-sex marriage, online poker

April 25, 2011 |  4:02 pm

Most viewed: 40 days, 40 nights, no sugar

As we continue indulging in chocolate bunnies and marshmallow Peeps in the name of Easter, so too do people keep coming to Diana Wagman’s Friday Op-Ed article about how spirituality helped her give up sugar for Lent -– even though she’s not even Catholic.

Most commented: Blowback: Nothing defensible about DOMA

On Friday, Maya Rupert, the federal policy director for the National Center for Lesbian Rights, wrote a rebuttal to our editorial Defense of Marriage Act: Attack the law, not the lawyer. "King & Spalding had an opportunity to use its considerable power to further justice, not perpetuate discrimination," she writes. "In declining to do so, it acted in a way that is indefensible." Predictably, there's blowback to the Blowback feature.

Most shared: The feds fold online poker

"Just like Prohibition, this clampdown, which took down the Big 3 of the American online poker market, cannot and will not stand," writes Marc Cooper, author of "The Last Honest Place in America: Paradise and Perdition in the New Las Vegas." He continues: "Either the poker community will find one more workaround or, heaven forbid, the U.S. government will see the light and use this incident to finally get on with legalizing -- and cashing in on -- a mainstream pastime much more popular than either political party."


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--Alexandra Le Tellier

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