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April 21 buzz: Feeding the Obama-phobes; feeding North Korea

April 21, 2011 |  2:26 pm

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Who will pose the most credible threat to President Obama? Not Donald Trump, writes Op-Ed columnist Doyle McManus, who then goes into who could become Obama’s genuine threats in the campaign field.

Most c-ommented: Should we feed North Korea?

Commenting on North Korea's recent plea for food aid, Dorothy Stuehmke, the senior advisor to the U.S.-North Korea 2008-09 food aid program for the U.S. Agency for International Development, writes:

As the United States deliberates whether to restart a food aid program in North Korea, it must consider the following questions: Is there a true humanitarian need, can we address the potential risk of food diversion and can a properly monitored program allow us to engage with the vulnerable citizens of one of the most isolated countries in the world?

Says reader TimBowman:

We should dictate terms for food aid:  no outside supervision and distribution, no aid.  At the first sign of diversion, the deal is off.


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-- Alexandra Le Tellier

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