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April 15 Buzz: How Obama can cut the cost of gas

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The Obama administration has the power to cut the cost of gas, write Dan Becker and James Gerstenzang of Safe Climate Campaign. "There is no magic wand," they say. "But there is a long-term solution that will inoculate us from higher costs in the future."

Officials are quietly working on just how steeply to require the auto industry to cut emissions and increase mileage in the next generation of cars, SUVs and pickups. Their decision, coming as early as May, could require dramatically cleaner vehicles that would cut carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 6% a year and average 62 miles per gallon. The new rules would be phased in from 2017 to 2025.

Obviously, using less gas is good for the environment. It means less carbon dioxide pollution and smog. It also boosts our energy security -- a big deal, given the uncertainty of oil supplies from troubled regions and often unsavory players -- and saves us money at the pump. That beats sending our dollars overseas.

The auto industry has put up its argument, which Becker and Gerstenzang knock down in their Op-Ed article, which concludes with a challenge to our president.

How often does the president get to solve three problems at once? By cutting emissions 6% annually, he also slashes our oil addiction and saves consumers billions at the pump.


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--Alexandra Le Tellier


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Alberta, Canada has lots of oil for sale!
Is Obama interested in buying oil from a friendly county & our next door neighbor?
How about building a pipe line from Alberta to Texas?
If YES ... then let's get down to business & stop the flip-flopping. This can be an extension of the Alaskan pipe line.
If NOT..... Then WHY NOT? It is obvious that Alberta has other countries interested in buying Alberta oil!
The economic ball is in your court Mr. Obama ... better not drop it!! These pipe lines would generate tens-of-thousands of jobs ... directly & indirectly! This will be a good thing for our economy ... ask all those people who are unemployed & had their homes foreclosed on!!

FHA quality control

Obama administration could cut off the cost of gas if they are the ones who own the gas. What do they think of the owners of the refinery, fool?



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