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Politics: Nancy Pelosi is feeling her oats again

Getprev Remember former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi?

She’s now House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. And she appears to be enjoying her new role as leader of the opposition -- especially now that her successor, Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) has run into trouble securing votes from his own Republican Party’s conservative factions.

This week, Boehner had to rely on Democratic votes to pass a three-week stopgap spending bill after 54 of his Republicans broke ranks and refused to go along with a compromise measure the speaker had agreed to.

Pelosi called reporters into her new, smaller offices to warn that Democrats may not be as helpful on a longer-term spending bill unless Boehner moves further in their direction.

She knows the new speaker is in a tough spot: With every step he takes toward the center, the bigger the rebellion he risks from "tea-party" conservatives on the right.

“We have offered him a hand of friendship,” Pelosi said, smiling. “I don’t know whether he saw that hand of friendship as a plus or minus.”

Part of this is a game of chicken over federal spending for the rest of the current fiscal year.  Each party wants to be seen as the voice of reason -- and wants the other side to look like the villain if an impasse leads to a government shutdown.

And part of it is a chance for Pelosi to rally her troops and begin trying to undo the damage to Democrats’ standing that led to their drubbing in last November’s congressional election.

The San Franciscan is still an unapologetic big-government liberal, as fiery and partisan as ever.

“The fight that we have to fight is one of values, not of dollars,” she said. “People talk about seeking the middle ground. Well, they’re kicking 6 million homebound seniors off Meals on Wheels. Does that make the middle ground 3 million? No, we’re not going to that place.”

She said she wasn't dissatisfied with President Obama’s relatively limited role in the fight over federal spending so far, but she’d like to see him do more. “There’s no underestimating the power of the bully pulpit,” she said.

What went wrong for Democrats in 2010? One word: “Unemployment. .. It’s a red-hot stove that our members put their hands on every time they go home.”

But she blames former President George W. Bush for the unemployment rate, not President Obama. “A president whose only job-creating agenda was tax cuts for the rich, and they don’t create jobs,” she said.

“Unemployment didn’t go up under the Democrats,” she insisted (although the calendar says otherwise). “That unemployment is what we got from the Republicans.”

The Republican drive to weaken last year’s financial regulation law? “Laissez, laissez, laissez, laissez faire!” she said, rolling her eyes.

Pelosi, who’s about to turn 71, says she’s confident her Democrats can take the House back in 2012, in part because she thinks Boehner’s Republicans are already overstepping whatever mandate they won.

“Nothing we said is as eloquent as seeing what they will do,” she said.

“It’s going to be a struggle, but I’m optimistic because the president is on the ballot,” she said. “I think the president is clearly going to win the election.”

She gestured at the bare walls of her new offices on the second floor of the Capitol -- smaller than the speaker’s rooms but still grand -- and laughed.

“I don’t want to put too many pictures up on the wall,” she said, meaning she plans to take her old office back soon.


Stick a fork in it, we're done

-- Doyle McManus

Photo: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi earlier this week. Credit: Mark Wilson / Getty Images


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Henry Ford

Is she riding her broom between California and D. C. now that they have taken away government jet?


And of course, she was willing to compromise with the Republicans when she was speaker. NOT!!!

TOm Birchfield

"Worse Thing You Can Say Too America"

That fool, what other word can you use to describe Majority Leader John Boehner, Republican "GREAT DAMAGE" done to consumer confidence when "HE LIED" and said, "We're BROKE! A $14 a YEAR TRILLION DOLLAR COUNTRY" folks, thats how much he lied! "Not Only fact is our country driven by consumer confidence, 3/4 is driving by it, "WHEN YOU TELL America it's broke you not only "DO GREAT DAMAGE TO OUR ECONOMY AS A LEADER IN OUR GOVERNMENT WHOM ALOT OF FOOLS VOTED FOR, AND BELEIVE EVERY WORD HE TELLS THEM, EVEN BOLD FACE LIES, THAT ONLY NOT UN AMERICAN IT'S CRIMINAL TO THIS REGISTERED VOTER/VET USAF, AS WELL!

...I am disgusted that any politician who holds high office, would say such a "LIE" to the American people just to score political points at the costs of the economy, and it's 300 million American's who live here, who have failed to see what the Republicans are doing, failed to vote, and failed their country! You see, this idiot said the worse thing anyone holding high office can say to a consumer driven economy, that brings it down instead of up!

Reminds me of that fool in R.J. Tolkens, the hobbit that runs around after he thinks his son is dead, loses all nerve, and starts screaming to his men whom he is suppose to be leading, "ALL IS LOST RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

..."Now you see why my fellow American's that, "that's the worse thing you can say!

"That's a Republican for you, way to go John Bohner "PREACH THAT FEAR FACTOR!



TiMe FoR TOm to TAke hIS meDS!


Just what the nation needs. Another dancing with the stars team of Pelosi and Reid. The only two Congressional leaders in history to increase the total national debt by $5 trillion, or 1/3rd, in four years under two Presidents.

People must be smoking their socks if they give this Progressive "just pass it to see what's in it" politician a shred of credibility.


Is there any person in American government more delusional than Nancy Pelosi? Nobody in recent history has stood in front of a microphone and spewed more outright lies than Pelosi. Anthony Weiner from New York is trying, but compared to Nancy, he is a hysterical, rank amateur.

She has nothing positive to show for her time as Speaker. Neither do the people of San Francisco and California for putting her there. She milked it for her own personal pleasure and power trip.

Go back and look at the video of her complaining about unemployment under George Bush. It was only 4% or 5%, but they weren't jobs good enough for a single person to maintain a household of 4 people. She hasn't uttered that nonsense since Obama was elected.

Her values reflect a desire to have complete control of the lives of every American, regardless of the cost to every American. I'm amazed the Democrats are so ignorant they would give her any power or access to a microphone.


Pelosi and Reid started this in January of 2007. Yes Bush was a willing participant. But January of 2009 was the all out attack on the middle class by the full democractic leadership.Nuff Said!


"She's enjoying her now role as leader of the opposition"..."Unemployment didn't go up under Democrats" ...really? Who believes this stuff and why on earth would any democrat want her back as speaker? It hasn't been that long since November has it?

Paul Taylor Examiner

Yep. She doesn't have the impossible task of defending her Party's tsunami of leftist intiatives that Americans don't want and can't afford. She became radioactive politically. She should be retired to the barn after destroying the Democratic Party. Republicans must now clean up the Dem's mess, and correct the course of the U.S. ship of state.


Would someone in Pelosi's district please explain what we did to upset them so badly that they keep inflicting this harpy on us? And what can we do to appease them? We need people in Congress who are looking for ways to rein in the cancerous growth of government, not play political games with such glee.


One more injection of botox and she'll be able to blink and wiggle her ears. The liberal media seem determined to inflate her validity at every turn. Feeling her oats? Are you kidding? What a worthless political hack she is.


Go Nancy....she's an intelligent fighter for the Bay Area and I am grateful that she represents me. The old tea baggers still are in disbelief that George Jr. was the worst president we ever had, after Nixon, and the Democrats have to wipe up their mess.

Robert Avant

Nancy Pelosi, the gift that keeps on giving, to Republicans. Thanks San Francisco for sending the "perfect" California liberal to the US House. LOL


Feeling her oats? Taking back her old office? If anything, she will drop farther and farther awayfrom her old office- and the only thing she will be feeling are the weeds in her vineyards as she teaches her illegal help how to pull them.

Buster Herrington

I'm astounded by how often responses to political articles are largely conservative and vindictive in spirit, but not suprised at just how out right stupid conservative tea party loons are willing to appear.

Do any of you have an actual thought out critique of Pelosi? I do. But I'm waiting for some intelligence to appear, before I share it. Make a point with theories and facts, not rumor mongering Glenn Beckisms. Use your brain, sound smart, be smart.


She's frightening. And I don't just mean in pictures.

The faltering of the US economy has be precipitated by the size of our government spending. Running deficits of now 1.6 trillion per year is what has leaded to our unemployment problem.

It's no longer a question of values, the money has been spent and over spent for a long time now. And it will be a longtime before we as a country have the luxury of putting social values before economic reality.

But to her motivations, it's not about values it's about control.

bill lane

she wants to take my money and give it to other people in return for votes!


Would someone in Pelosi's district please explain what we did to upset them so badly that they keep inflicting this harpy on us? And what can we do to appease them? We need people in Congress who are looking for ways to rein in the cancerous growth of government, not play political games with such glee.

Posted by: Jack43

Well Jack43, Nancy has done a great job of representing us, for one. In addition, she was, and will be a great Speaker. George Bush came to understand that when he and Treasury Secretary Paulson came to her and Leader Reid, and asked for $700 billion to try to keep the free falling economy from becoming a Second Great Depression. Pelosi and Reid put aside politics, and worked with Bush to try to slow down the fall, and save the entire banking system. FDR closed all the banks, reorganized them, and then reopened them. Bush was President and this was his choice. Obama was forced to follow that choice, however, he added strings that Bush did not attach.

Working together, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid stopped the free fall, and began to bring back the economy. The hole was so deep, because the fall was so bad, that we are still down in the hole. But after 18 months, we had stopped falling and were back on the upswing.

Most of the Stimulus Package was tax cuts. Obama was able to force the Republicans to agree that most of that went to the Middle Class, however, instead of getting a check, it came in their pay check so that it wouldn't be a chunk of money out of the General Fund suddenly. The rest was given out to States for the repair of streets, bridges, highways, and structures. Here in San Francisco, we have used part of the money to repair some of our most used streets that are in terrible repair. But most important, we have begun to replace the structure holding up the highway leading to the Golden Gate Bridge. Though it is a Federal Highway, US 101, the State is required to replace it. It is in questionable condition, especially in a major earthquake. Pelosi brought that money home.

Let me point out that Government grew by about 50% under George Bush. He kept two wars and their cost, plus the $700,000,000 tax cut off the Budget. Obama put them on the Budget. The consequences of the Bush economy Crash, showed up on Obama's books, though it belongs to Bush. Obama's debt is actually a little over a $1 trillion. Clearly, it will grow, because we can't just walk out of Afghanistan, and we have left a trail of broken wreckage in Iraq. In addition, the Republicans forced Obama to accept two more years of a tax cut for the rich, who have refused to share the burden of the poor economy. If it were true that the original Bush tax cut was good for the economy, then there would not have been a Crash in the first place, along with the loss of jobs.

But Pelosi wasn't Speaker in 2001 when it was passed, and the Democrats in the Senate didn't have 60 votes to push through a compromise bill without the tax cut for the rich. Never before in the history of Constitution, has there been a Congress where the majority has had to consistently needed a Super Majority to pass almost every Bill. The Republican Party is truly the Party of No. It is coming back to bite them.


Yadda, Yadda, Yadda............................

Blah, Blah, Blah...........................

The Media Whore does like to hear herself talk ???


Tom Birchfield, WE ARE BROKE! You're one of the morons that lie to people
and like to be lied to or you'd get it. WE'RE BROKE! Of course Pelosi's happy The POTUS runs away instead of fixing the budget. That's what Democrats do.
Run like the COWARDS they are.


Responding to MissMarple who spends much time on SFGate spewing leftist ideology.

Pelosi has done a great job of representing liberals, progressives, gays, females, blacks & Latinos and public unions but not the rest of us.

I can’t consider Pelosi a good Speaker because she epitomizes “arrogance of power.” Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and Pelosi didn’t clean the swamp.

She’s neither transparent nor bi-partisan and a bully. Pelosi is a hypocrite. As Speaker she undermined two presidents. No Speaker in recent history has caused so much division in the House as Pelosi under Bush & Obama. Because of Pelosi’s leadership style the right of center in the country purged moderate Democrats in the last election and will purge more in ’12. Obama has no chance of re-election because he wasn’t the “uniter” that he promised to be partially because Pelosi undermined compromise/bi-partisan ship. Republicans & Independents weren’t needed under her watch so she ignored them.

What caused the financial crisis isn’t absolutely certain. There’s some evidence that it may have been exacerbated by “financial terrorism” from some sovereign wealth funds. But the weakness of the banking system was in no small part due to risky loans that liberals forced banks to extend in the name of affirmative action in housing since the 60s. The financial crisis is much too complex to suggest that it was solely Bush’s fault.

A big part of the stimulus ($150B+) went to states to artificially prop up state & local public union employment & make payments to pension & healthcare plans for public employees. Little of the money went to “shovel ready jobs” although much money came to CA for massive projects. Yes, Pelosi sent billions to CA to pay her off her base.

Liberals like to ignore that Congress authorized the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan unlike the war just started in Libya.

No objective & reasonable person could possible agree that Obama and the Liberal Congress led by Pelosi & Reid isn’t responsible for a staggering amount of debt far exceeding anything Bush was responsible for and Democrats accomplished that in less than two years. It may take generations to pay off the debt Pelosi, Reid & Obama are responsible for and the count is still growing.

Pelosi’s legacy to future generations will be staggering debt, interest payments alone that will one day exceed the Defense budget; national health-care reform that will likely be declared unconstitutional and repealed if it doesn’t bankrupt us; the purge of moderates in the Democratic and Republican party because the right is getting more conservative & the left more liberal, etc. On Pelosi’s watch, Congress didn’t even pass a budget.

Our next president in ’12 will have a country much more divided because of the irrational idealism of Pelosi. She needs to retire.


Nancy Pelosi is the epitome of what is wrong with our government. She doesn't care about this state, this country or the American people. She cares about herself. The sooner is is ousted from government, the better. Stop re-electing this hag!



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