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March 3, 2011 buzz: Rolling in the dough

March 3, 2011 |  3:04 pm

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Get a grip, people. Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign isn't part of a socialist plot to control what Americans eat. In A feeding frenzy, Meghan Daum writes:

What's going on here (besides the last gasps of an increasingly irrelevant radio blowhard) obviously has nothing to do with keeping kids from being obese. Surely even the most obtuse tea partyers know deep down that Michelle Obama is not planning to force-feed you vegetables and hijack your desserts any more than Laura Bush, who advocated for reading, was interested in foisting books on people and carting away their televisions. Instead, Republicans are turning a patently apolitical issue into an opportunity to bash the president, suggesting that the first lady has wasted tax dollars with her campaign and that the president's budget proposal, which includes adding $1 billion a year for the next 10 years to fund children's nutrition programs, will ruin the nation because it caters to her elitist whims. (Does anyone remember that Nancy Reagan's anti-drug campaign "Just Say No" coincided with $1.7 billion in funding to fight the growing drug problem?)

Given how much sugar comes in school cafeteria meals, we ought to praise the first lady. Perhaps Jamie Oliver could help her in her cause?

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Cartoonist Ted Rall really struck a nerve with his Thursday cartoon about tax increases for the rich.  But really, how can we expect the wealthy to stimulate the stores on Rodeo Drive and the entire state of California?

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Speaking of the well-to-do: Some unpaid Huffington Post contributors have decided to ask for some reimbursement via this manifesto.

-- Alexandra Le Tellier

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