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March 23, 2011 buzz: A nonviolent, effective way we can all protest Wisconsin

March 23, 2011 |  1:25 pm

Most viewed, commented and shared: Boycott Wisconsin

What's the best way to send a message to the Wisconsin Legislature that the rights of organized labor constitute an American birthright? Garret Keizer, author and contributing editor to Harper's Magazine, suggests a plan in Wednesday's Opinion pages. Boycott Wisconsin, he says, starting with what you buy at the supermarket.

The instrument of a boycott is not a "smart weapon"; it is only an accessible weapon, a nonviolent weapon and an effective weapon. In a consumer economy and a democracy held hostage by moneyed interests, it may be one of the most effective weapons we have. Taking it to the streets is good; taking it to the supermarket may be even better. When the pro-business sector discovers that disenfranchising union workers makes for bad business, anti-union politicians will be bad business too.

Although this Op-Ed has gotten a fair amount of resistance on our discussion board, as well as some tangential comments along the lines of Boycott Mexico! Boycott California! Boycott liberals!, reader "AlexSzele" helpfully offers this advice:  

Please just boycott the Wisconsin businesses that contributed to this mess.  List available here: http://www.facebook.com/BoycottScottWalkerContributors

--Alexandra Le Tellier


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