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March 23, 2011 buzz: A nonviolent, effective way we can all protest Wisconsin

Most viewed, commented and shared: Boycott Wisconsin

What's the best way to send a message to the Wisconsin Legislature that the rights of organized labor constitute an American birthright? Garret Keizer, author and contributing editor to Harper's Magazine, suggests a plan in Wednesday's Opinion pages. Boycott Wisconsin, he says, starting with what you buy at the supermarket.

The instrument of a boycott is not a "smart weapon"; it is only an accessible weapon, a nonviolent weapon and an effective weapon. In a consumer economy and a democracy held hostage by moneyed interests, it may be one of the most effective weapons we have. Taking it to the streets is good; taking it to the supermarket may be even better. When the pro-business sector discovers that disenfranchising union workers makes for bad business, anti-union politicians will be bad business too.

Although this Op-Ed has gotten a fair amount of resistance on our discussion board, as well as some tangential comments along the lines of Boycott Mexico! Boycott California! Boycott liberals!, reader "AlexSzele" helpfully offers this advice:  

Please just boycott the Wisconsin businesses that contributed to this mess.  List available here: http://www.facebook.com/BoycottScottWalkerContributors

--Alexandra Le Tellier


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Maybe those of us against what Gov. Moonbeam is doing should boycott his supporters?!?! Especially the unions that supported his election.


Maybe we should boycott the LA Times for publishing ridiculously biased opinion pieces disguised as "journalism." Oh wait, most people already do. When will LAT be filing for bankruptcy?

Mike Thomas

We don't all want to protest Wisconson. Many of us wish California would adopt Wisconson's tactics to save our state. In California, public employee unions sit down at the negotiating table to negotiate wages, benefits and pensions with state politicians to whom they are their largest contributors, by far and who sponsor massive get out the vote operations and who pay tens of millions of dollars for their own TV commercials to influence elections. Public employees don't need unions. Taxpayers are the ones who need representation...not public employees.

Jere Krischel

The so-called "rights" of unionized public works do not trump the rights of the taxpayer, period. When there are two competing parties coming to a compromise, such as in private companies where management and labor have distinct and separate interests, unions can be a good thing. When the only sides on a bargaining table are unions, and the people those unions elected, this is a recipe for corruption.


Richardo Longo

I've got an idea,....if you support the public unions, YOU pay for their lavish benefits.


It sickens me all the folks here thinking unions are the cause of all our problems. Never mind mega-corporations, influencing the government to change the laws and exploiting tax loopholes to pocket BILLIONS while not paying a dime in taxes. Never mind the thirty-year trend of all the new wealth created in this country going to the richest one percent. Let's go after teachers, and firefighters, and clerical workers in the courts!

When complaints arise that government workers are paid more than private sector workers, I reply that the problem is that private sector workers are paid less! You want to solve the problem by tearing down one group or lifting up another?

The Koch Brothers, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Finance all want you to think of someone else to blame for the fact that our economy has been driven off a cliff.


bimplebean-youre obviosuly union-good for you
In CA, teachers are the highest paid in the country-dont deserve it when you see the 45% drop out rate
In CA, cost per prisoner is twice that of TX and FL because of pensions-they dont deserve it
We have a full time legislature under the control of the unions-many states dont have full time legislatures-needs to go

Sorry, we pay your salary and we say enough-you dont get a better retirement than us-its just a matter of fairness-especially since youre not doing that great a job...


Thanks for the link for sending a message to WI. I plan to use it as a reference for any on-line purchasing possibilities to thank businesses who support the very fine WI governor.

James Morrison

Nonviolent? Might as well. They have tried everything else.

Eric Hedman

Here in Wisconsin we can thank our new Gov. for doing what needs to be done. People still don't understand how big of holes we have dug at the local, state and federal levels. No unions are not the only cause of our problems, but they are a big part. The bankers are a big part and I do believe they have been given a pass on immoral activity by Washington. Just because Obama and Congress won't do their part to fix Wall Street doesn't mean we don't need our governors to do their job and fix the parts they can.

As for those who want to boycott Wisconsin, we won't miss you at Summerfest (the world's largest music festival), we won't miss you at EAA AirVenture 2011 (the greatest week long airshow in the world), and we won't miss you at all the other events we have during the year. For those of you who do want to come, we can provide a welcoming good time to all of you who want something different and interesting to do. And by the way we have a better NFL team than any in California.

Terry Groves

What's wrong with eliminating collective bargaining?
We have many systems that do replace unions!
We have OSHA in place for the nation and we have a state OSHA . Why do we need both? It is happening because of the unions and nothing else.
I say get rid of unions whose only real interest is gaining dollars so they can pay-off congressmen.



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