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March 21, 2011 buzz: 'Outsourced,' Libya intervention, same-sex marriage

March 21, 2011 |  2:47 pm

Most viewed: Don't hate 'Outsourced'  

Is NBC's "Outsourced" one of your guilty pleasures? If so, Geetika Tandon Lizardi, one of the show's writers, says to stop feeling so guilty. In an Op-Ed about the sitcom that takes place at an Indian call center, she writes,  "My greatest concern is that 'Outsourced' is being judged superficially — on the color of its skin, so to speak, instead of the content of its characters." She continues:

"Outsourced" has the potential to celebrate our cultural quirks, to build bridges between communities and perhaps, most important, to prove that there is a viable alternative to the "one brown face in a white ensemble" model of "diversity."

Most commented: Libya: It's not our fight

Edward N. Luttwak, a senior associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, argues that the U.S. shouldn't have intervened in Libya and that it will be depicted as aggressive, predatory and anti-Muslim. Several readers wrote that they agree with Luttwak, including "launchme520."

Reader comment:

"Nobel Peace prince Obama launched his liberation of the good people of Libya with his own shock-and-awe bombing campaign appropriately on the eighth anniversary of Bush's illegal invasion of Iraq. This tyrannical intervention is so naked, so brazen in its hubris that whatever shred of goodwill America had left is completely gone. America is officially the most murderous, anti-democratic, terrorist nation the world has ever known.

And get this, on the very same day of this unconstitutional act of war, ethically-challenged Charlie Rangel reintroduced his National Service "Draft" bill. Do they know a 3rd world war is what they are creating?"

Most shared: Respecting all marriages

In an editorial about the proposed Respect for Marriage Act, the editorial board points out these stats and suggests some presidential leadership:

A recent Pew poll found that 45% of adults now support same-sex marriage, compared to 46% who oppose it. The same survey noted that opposition to same-sex marriage has declined by 19 percentage points since 1996, when 65% opposed it and only 27% supported it. As for DOMA, a poll this month by the Human Rights Campaign, a gay-rights organization, found that 51% of respondents opposed the law, while 34% supported it.

--Alexandra Le Tellier


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