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March 18, 2011 buzz: In L.A., paying for carpool lanes; saving puppies

March 18, 2011 | 12:46 pm

Most viewed and commented: If L.A. freeways aren't free

Is it fair to grant solo drivers access to the carpool lanes of the 110 Freeway south of downtown and the 10 Freeway east of downtown if they pay a fee? The editorial board weighs in Friday, saying they’re not entirely comfortable with the idea but that it’s an experiment worth trying for the revenue potential as well as the possibility for easing traffic.  Readers who’ve chimed in aren't so sure and offer some other suggestions. Here are a few of their comments, with the spelling corrected for clarity.

"Taxpayers have already paid for those roads through their Federal and State taxes. The gas taxes are supposed to pay for maintenance," says TKelley1.

"In Northern CA, the carpool lanes are only for rush hour traffic and vehicles can enter and exit the lanes at will. I think this should be done first before we turn the lanes into a toll road," says Leonardo.

"Get rid of the diamond lanes...they are an idiotic idea to reduce traffic.  There is no proof that traffic is reduced and my guess is that it makes it worse," says TO Perspective.

Most shared: L.A. County ordinance cracks down on 'puppy mill' abuses

The editorial board also weighs in on L.A. County's new ordinance that more closely regulates anyone -- breeders, groomers, operators of boarding kennels -- housing more than just a few pets. "The new law is still not as strong as some animal welfare organizations would like," the board points out, but "for now, the county's new law is a good move toward identifying and reforming neglectful breeding."

--Alexandra Le Tellier


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