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March 17, 2011 buzz: Preparing for a tsunami; why NPR seems to lean left

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Are we ready for a tsunami, should one hit America's West Coast? In Thursday's Opinion pages, Nathan Wood, a research geographer with the U.S. Geological Survey, urges us to prepare for future tsunamis.

--The nation needs a comprehensive assessment of tsunami risk to help prioritize funding for warning and education efforts. We also need better methods to increase community resilience to tsunamis.

--Tsunami preparedness must become part of the mind-set of everyone who lives, works and plays on the coast.

Most commented and shared: NPR needs a backbone

In her weekly column, Meghan Daum takes on NPR. Is it left-leaning or simply left-seeming?

It's the folksy music between segments (never mind that it's often jazzy or electronic or classical; the effect is folksy). It's the warm, earnest quality of the hosts' and reporters' voices. It's their exotic names — Mandalit del Barco, Lakshmi Singh, Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson, Daniel Zwerdling. Are these tea party names? No, they're soy chai latte names. It's obvious.

Face it, NPR, you could go content-free, relying only on those quirky music snippets and reporters saying their names, and you'd still come across as a granola bar disguised as a radio network.


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--Alexandra Le Tellier


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Bernard Forand

I must admit that as I observed individuals increase their researching abilities and communication they have left leaning gate to their posture. Not just here, all over the world and cultures. Perhaps we should put a warning decal on all informative systems in the world. Before you know it all may come to obtain intelligence and then what would be left for us to debate. RIGHT?


Only a Progressive main stream media outlet like the Times could dream up a statement such as "NPR appears to lean left." NPR is a free advertising agency for the left. If it was so for the right, liberals would be up in arms, as they should be. Time to stop taxpayer funding of NPR and PBS. Constitutionally, the free press is just that...free. It is not government funded press. That only leads to corruption, from either party.


I don't mind that the majority of American media are liberal (well truth be known, yes, I really do mind!), but I don't want my tax dollars paying to support such one-sided outlets. Let NPR and PBS make it own like the rest of the media without tax funding, lord knows the American public need their mighty liberal triad in place; the media, academia and the entertainment industry.



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