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President Obama's news conference: All in a president's day


It seems like a good job:  Nice big house on several acres, a limo, a personal staff, your own 747 with your own helicopter to take you to it, plus a nice weekend place in the country.

Pay's pretty good too: $400,000 a year.

And, of course, you get really good seats at any sporting event.

However, on days like Friday, I'm sure breakfast at the White House is a bit different than yours and mine.

"Good morning, everyone. What do we have going today?"

"Well, Mr. President, Kadafi is still slaughtering his own people, and your loose-cannon director of intelligence told the world that the Libyan rebels can't win. Then, for good measure, he labeled China and Russia as America's biggest threats."

"Hmm. OK, guess I'll need to talk to him. What else?"

"Oil prices are going through the roof; gasoline prices are sky high; some people want you to tap the Strategic Oil Reserve.  Republicans hate your budget, and so do some Democrats, so the government is facing a possible shutdown."

"Wow. Tough day. Gotta get busy. Guess that's all?"

"One more thing, Mr. President: Japan has suffered a devastating earthquake and tsunami."

"Geez. It can't get any worse, huh?"

"No, sir, except for the fact that everything we're talking about is either your responsibility, or your fault, or both. More coffee, sir?"

And to think I was irritated this morning because my kids wouldn't do their homework.

At President Obama's news conference, he addressed all of the above topics. He even got a question about the prison treatment of Pfc. Bradley Manning, the soldier involved in the WikiLeaks case.

Surprisingly, he wasn't asked if he could do anything about the weather. And he didn't have to defend his wife, Michelle, who's pushing the controversial notion that America’s kids should eat better and exercise more.  

Through it all, Obama displayed his customary poise, intellect and humor. 

Of course, if you're a Republican, you'd probably say that he displayed his usual lack of leadership and lack of understanding of, well, everything. And you didn't like his suit or that tie either.

But what it makes me wonder is: Why in the world does anyone (including about a dozen Republicans who have lined up so far) want this job?

Apparently, Air Force One is one sweet ride.


The high cost of oil

Hands off the oil reserve

-- Paul Whitefield

Photo: President Obama speaks during a news conference at the South Court Auditorium at Eisenhower Executive Office Building of the White House. Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images/March 11, 2011


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Dan Jeffs

Paul Whitefield's 'President Obama's news conference: All in a President's day' is humorous, but hardly appropriate journalism considering the gravity of our current circumstances -- particularly regarding oil, gas and energy.

President Obama's remarks at his March 11, 2011 news conference touting the increase in oil production under his watch is what "… doesn't match up with reality." The president is simply attempting to take credit for what the Bush administration managed to accomplish against decades of reduced production because of unreasonable restrictions from the environmental left.

Skirting the truth is bad enough. But playing politics as usual by making and breaking campaign promises in the face of instability among Middle East oil-producing nations, exacerbating our failing economy with rising oil and energy prices, is an unconscioable fraud against the American people -- who contrary to popular political belief, are not that naïve.

Indeed, President Obama's promises to boost domestic oil, gas and energy production is a deceptive reversal of what he is actually doing, which is delaying existing production, prohibiting new production, and pushing green energy. I'll believe the president is sincere about ensuring our national security and helping the economy, when he takes a shovel and personally breaks ground for a new coal mine, drilling in ANWR, and opens all of our resources.



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