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Gingrich on the radical Islamist wing of secular atheism

By making the absurdly illogical prediction that the U.S. is likely to become “a secular atheist countrypotentially one dominated by radical Islamists” Newt Gingrich has yet again proven he will say anything to be elected president.

NewtPerhaps no other news lede better demonstrates how bloated modern presidential elections have become -- and how Newt Gingrich will say anything to fatten his base with those questioning whether Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) is too sane for their tastes -- than the opening sentence to this piece on CNN.com:

Hours after declaring Sunday that he expects to be running for president within a month, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said he's worried the United States could be "a secular atheist country, potentially one dominated by radical Islamists," in the foreseeable future, according to Politico.

Both clauses are disconcerting, but for different reasons. The first -- a declaration that Gingrich expects to declare something else within a month -- reflects the frenzy of today's "forever campaigns." Preparing to establish an exploratory committee whose task is to lay the groundwork for a decision to announce that an announcement will be made shortly -- while drawing a salary from Fox News -- has become a full-time distraction for GOP presidential wannabes.

The second half of the sentence really gets my goat. The implication, even unintentional, that radical Muslims and secular atheists share a common enemy in America's social order is so stupid that it fails to offend. But not to Gingrich's "tea party" audience.  Plus, he managed to insert the polar-opposite bogeyman into a sentence about destroying America -- a triple whammy for his base in so few words. Give him credit for political efficiency, tea party style.


Republicans: Why stop lying on the way to the White House?

Politicians: It's not the gaffes, it's the lies

Fact-checkinc Michele Bachmann: What good is it?

 -- Paul Thornton

Photo: Newt Gingrich walks on stage before speaking at the Conservative Political Action conference Feb. 10 in Washington. Credit: Mark Wilson / Getty Images


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Diz Pareunia

The people Newt's talking to don't care for fancy-pants distinctions like truth, or logic.
He knows his audience.


I'm worried that America could become a hypocritical cheaters country, potentially one dominated by numerous divorce seekers. Newt should fit right in.


I'm worried that America could become a hypocritical cheaters country, potentially one dominated by numerous divorce seekers. Newt should fit right in.


I'm worried that America could become a hypocritical cheaters country, potentially one dominated by numerous divorce seekers. Newt should fit right in.


I'm worried that America could become a hypocritical cheaters country, potentially one dominated by numerous divorce seekers. Newt should fit right in.

Greg W.

Newt must be getting senile. He missed a golden opportunity to tap into some other obsessions of the right. He should have warned about the "homosexual secular atheists, potentially dominated by illegal immigrant radical Islamists".


The author may find Gingrich's comments too outrageous to be offended by them, but I see this differently. The fact is, half of America actually listens to what Republicans just this crazy have to say, and that is a frightening thought because what they say is insidious and inflammatory, and it incites misguided and misdirected hate. It's the current attempt by Christians to turn America into a theocracy that will leave her vulnerable to takeover by a competing religion down the road. A secular government (in other words, a separation of church and state) is EXACTLY what we are supposed to have. These people are insane.

Jere Krischel

It's like worrying that the US might become a big small country, or a light dark country.

In terms of global warming, it's like saying that we're going to have a wet dry world thanks to increasing temperatures.

If we want to diminish radical islamists and radical christians, the answer is a secular atheist country.

Dwight Smith

It is not that hard to understand what Newt is saying. He is saying that America is creating a moral void by turning to hedonistic secular atheism. This void could well be filled by someone such as radical Muslims who have a strict moral code.

A good example of this was the Bali bombing in 2002. Radical Muslims saw that Bali had deteriorated to a playground for western hedonists. They saw mass killings as a way or redressing is moral decay.

As an example of western hedonism in his personal life, Newt is probably not the best person to make these observations.


I really scary part about Newt's people is not that "don't care for fancy-pants distinctions like truth, or logic" it the fact that can tell the difference.


This Deist has no use for either Christian or Muslim dogma. Read John Adams thoughts on the subject in his famous "A Dissertation on the anon and the Feudal Law" from 1765, then read James Madison's famous speech to the Virginia Legislature, "A Memorial and Remonstrance Against Religious Assessments" delivered in 1785.
These were no friends of organized religion, particularly Christianity. The notion that my rejection of Christian fairy tails somehow makes me liable to adopting Islam is ridiculous on it's face. Both religions are deeply immoral and I reject both utterly. It is time as a nation to speak the language or logic and reason rather than cling to religious fantasies for the answers to our shared problems. Gingrich is a spineless, pandering phoney. He doesn't believe a word of what he says. How many religions has this man claimed so far in his life? He has nothing to offer anyone on matters of faith, or honesty.


What a tool this man is.

A neocon hasbeen.

Most of the zionist intrusion into this country has rode in on the backs on the neocon powerbase, which is composed of conservative Christian types. His worry of an atheistic or non religious shift in society would unplug that powerbase.

And it would certainly make the argument for keeping Israel on our nipple more difficult.

The New World Order still isn't certain what to do with non religious people yet. We present a danger because we see through what the religious are blinded by.

Yeah, baby.


Dwight Smith


You have a distorted view of the religious beliefs of our founding fathers. Taking one speech or paper out of context does not reflect a total body of work. John Adams was a devout Christian - Unitarianism is still a Protestant Christian religion. James Madison was a church-attending Episcopalian as were George Washington and a dozen other US Presidents.

There are many non-believers in the world today whose moral code could be summarized on three words "don't get caught". My point is the lack of a moral code (it doesn't have to be religion, but at least most religions have a recognized set of rules) means others with a strict moral code can use it as a justification to look upon others as inferior.

Radical Muslims have much in common with the Spanish Inquisition - do it our way or die.


@Dwight Smith

You make some valid points amigo, which I will address individually:

* The spiritual vacuum created by the prevalence of secular atheism was not only exploited by those involved in the Bali terrorist bombings in 2002. It is also on display even today in the secular atheism of Western Europe, where militant Muslims close down PUBLIC streets in the middle of Paris, gridlocking traffic for NON-Muslims while they publicly "pray" in the middle of normally busy streets. Or in the streets of London where mobs of angry Muslim protesters literally chase unarmed British police through the streets during their "demonstrations", because the cops (and UK society in general) are afraid of "offending Muslims" and refuse to establish a line of defense.

* 21st-century fundamentalist Islam IS very similar to the Spanish Inquisition of 500 YEARS ago, but Catholicism has since undergone a Reformation that has stricken such brutality from their "playbook". Unfortunately, Islam has NOT undergone a desperately needed Reformation that would similarly strike the Draconian, barbaric system known as Sharia Law from the Islamic "playbook'.

Carl W. Goss

Uh, how exactly can Islamic extremists be considered athiests? I mean, how does that work?

Looks to me like Gingrich represents the crazy element of the GOP. Along with Palin and Bachmann.

Carl W. Goss
Los Angeles

Lawrence E. Alba

What? He gets more incomprehensible with each errant hyperbole.


This is scary. He'll say anything just to get elected. What is a connection between "secular atheism" and "radical islamist?" He's start sounding like a Nazi. Nazi is actually a German acronym for nationalist and socialist. Yeah it's technically a party that covers both left and right, or it simply includes everybody. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any connection at all.

Now Newt is trying to do the same. I really doubt he's a real devout Christian, just using it for his agenda for his convenience. Because I don't see his action being a Christian.


Smith and Verballistic deliberately distort facts. Unitarianism a Protestant religion? Hardly. Deists and Unitarians reject the trinity and do not acknowledge any divinity in Christ. Both reject miracles as fabrications, and the whole of Unitarianism is built on a rejection of the idea that God in any way intervenes in the lives of man. The Deist and Unitarian God built the universe on the unchanging "Laws of Nature", by that we mean the physics, chemistry and biology that underly everything, and the math that describes it, and the universe now runs itself. They reject miracles and revelation because they conflict with the known and immutable laws of the universe.
As for the religion of the founders, it was a mixed bag, but the first six Presidents of the US were not Christian, unless we accept the laughable contention that Deism and Unitarianism are somehow Christian. While Adams grew up in a Christian household, he had rejected it's dogmas more than a decade before the Revolution. The Inquisition, which still raged at the time, was only one reason. Read the full writings of Adams, Madison and in particular Thomas Paine. Our nation's revolution was a rejection of all that was European, including the dominant religion.
Catholicism has stricken violence from it's playbook? Hardly. Just ask the Irish. Catholic terrorism by the IRA, and it goes on still today. And our Tea Bag friends and their Pentacostle and Baptist cohorts? Give them enough power and they will replicate the Taliban right here in the US with a Christian theocracy. I have nothing for this nonsense.


We always hear about radical Islamist that want to dominate our country but I don't too many of them controlling the Fed, Wall Street, the media, Hollywood, advising the president or in politics.....


What is frightening is the number of mouth breathing knuckle draggers that buy this rhetoric. I work in construction and it is amazing to listen to the lunch time conversation with men repeating these lies that they have heard on Fox the night before.....and believing it.


Newt knows what he is doing. The Republican want leaders that share their prejudices. Just look at the other candidates. They are all pandering to the birthers, full mooners, and reactionaries. The real trick is how any of these candidates will be able to deal with the sane portion of the electorate after the Republicans make their choice in the "Crazy People's Party" primary election.

Karab Amabo

As a member of the Fascist Socialist Marxist Keynesian Kenyan Muslim Anti-colonial Death-panel Baby-killer Witch-doctor Job-killer Joker party, I welcome our new Secular Atheist Islamic overlords . Having been a Professor of Sharia Law, I am often consoled by the voice of my dead father, who has instructed me to pretend to be born in the U.S. in order to become president.


He's as crazy and unelectable as Palin and Bachmann and Huckabee. They all have enemies lists that include the majority of the population, for various failures to meet these demagogue's requirements for being considered real Americans/real Christians.

Gordon Hill

Mr. Getnrich... Radical politicians who accept millions in lobbyist cash, like yourself, that' s is the real problem in America.


islamists preaching secular atheism?

Dude mixed up his Cheerios and the crossword puzzle!


"There are many non-believers in the world today whose moral code could be summarized on three words 'don't get caught.'"

Dwight Smith, I think one could come up with many more "believers" who have the moral code of "don't get caught," than non-believers. It's exactly this pseudo holier-than-thou attitude that is the problem today.


Being an atheist, what really angers me is the idea that not being religious means I lack a moral code or ethic. Excuse me, but doesn't catholicism have an issue with their religious leaders raping children? Radical Islam has a problem killing those that don't agree with them. Being religious doesn't automatically give one morals, there are thousands of examples of amorality in religion.

I have a moral code, I learned it from my parents and the enlightenment of society. Some of those morals were learned from religion, but are also based on common sense. I would not steal or kill or cheat on my wife. I can live my life comfortably knowing I've done everything in my power to be a good, honest person and I never had to step foot in a church or pray to a god.

If you ask me, religion is a crutch. If you're a catholic, you could be as amoral as you want, go to confession, say a few prayers and feel clean because "Jesus died for your sins." What is moral about that?

John Cruiserj

Newt's comments are as intelligent as that idiot Republican senator yesterday who was telling a radio audience that Social Security is underfunded because of abortion. If all those babies had been born they would have been working and contributing to taxes. Yeah, right.

But the party of in-bred hicks eats all this stuff up, even as their paychecks, medical care, and retirement benefits are slashed to the bone to pay for Palin's private jets to India.

John Cruiserj

"* 21st-century fundamentalist Islam IS very similar to the Spanish Inquisition of 500 YEARS ago, but Catholicism has since undergone a Reformation that has stricken such brutality from their "playbook". "

Yeah, the Catholics went from outright brutality to simple child molestation. Best to destroy lives when they're young, right?

Religion serves no purpose in modern american life. You can find God without all the hatred and bigotry.

And I love if you don't accept right wing Christianity as your CHOICE of lifestyle you're immediately branded an atheist.


It's about time someone pointed out the obvious: Newt is psychotic and needs serious psychiatric help. He has passed from ignorance, hypocrisy, and pandering into full blown craziness, with a big dash of paranoia thrown in.

james johnston

well. if it's dominated by Islamics, is it technically still atheism? at least Islamics don't do all the slutty, money grubbing things that politicians do. at least they're not supposed to.
anyone who thinks that Newt even cares about religion or God has got a screw loose. don't believe everything some jackass or overweight elephant tells you.
politicians love to manipulate and con. everyone knows that.

brett a.

wow, shows how slimy the right will get to fan the flames of the most ignorant aspects of their base. trust me, secular atheists will fight the onslaught of islamic radicalism first and most intensely. We despise religous fanatism of all stripes, and will be on the front lines defending secular values, freedom of expression, and our country from religous nut jobs before the christains even get outta church. this is insane. and you wonder why the republican canidates have a hard time attracting intellectual conservatives and independents?


How serious a contender is this foot-in-his-mouth has-been? Really, wouldn't Dan Quayle have a better chance? I'm a Republican, and one who likes the Tea Party ideas. But I wouldn't consider this guy for anything!

Tim McGrenere

Here's a picture of Newt's policy-making, wife-choosing, religion-baiting, footwear....


downtown dave

There is reason to be concerned about atheism in our country. Read the most recent entry on my blog.


Anyone who doubts the oft-proven premise that the spiritual vacuum created by the prevalence of secular atheism in most of Europe provides a VERY conducive climate for the rise of RADICAL Islam needs to check out this brief but chilling video.

An angry mob of militant British Muslim protesters literally chase retreating, unarmed police through the streets of downtown London...seeing (and hearing) IS believing:


PARENTAL ADVISORY: You might want to watch this one without young children in the vicinity.

Between screams of "Allahu Akbar" these young radical Muslims shout such profanities as "Run, you F****** Cowards" and "You F****** Swine".

Don't dare think this couldnt happen here one day...

Dwight Smith

All of those who have chosen to attack me personally should actually study the 2002 Bali bombing. It was Muslim extremists attempting to wipe out western hedonism by mass murder. More than 200 people had their lives extinguished. The bombings took place at a sleazy nightclub and restaurant. This event was before Iraq, so there was no connection.

In many countries of the Middle East Muslim extremists have attempted to force their strict moral code on the population. They have attempted to enforce their values in the UK, Europe and Australia.

They see the west as falling into a moral vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum.


Well, Dwight...as the last 2 currently passionate enough to continue commenting on the issue of synchronicity between radical Islam & secular atheism, I guess we can at least agree on that:

That the prevalence of secular atheism (and the spiritual vacuum it brings) in a particular society creates fertile ground for the rise of tyrannical alternatives like Sharia-driven Islamism.



(An angry mob of radical Muslim protesters chase unarmed police through the streets of a SECULAR ATHEIST nation called Great Britain.)

Dwight Smith


If you are going to attack me on facts, get yours straight. Unitarianism is a Christian religion. My father is a Unitarian and he has Christian beliefs. Reading selective works as you do gives you a distorted picture. Talk with a real Unitarian.


@Dwight Smith

Just came across this at one of my favorite websites & thought you might be interested:




Not surprisingly, his arrest came with a PRICE, which seems to be the only way the Pakistani government operates in terror-related cases:


"The 2002 attacks on nightclubs in the Indonesian tourist hub left 202 people dead, many of them foreigners.

The US, which lost seven nationals in the attack, was offering a $1m (£625,000) reward for his arrest.

Umar Patek is the only major suspect for the attack who has not been killed or arrested, says the BBC's Kate McGeown in Jakarta."


Jon Stewart went after Gingrich's "Atheist Islamist" comments last night:


Gingrich has books to sell. He knows he has no chance of ever seeing a nomination by any party except maybe the Tea Party which already has its share of wackadoodles. Nobody gets much dippier or loonier than Michele Bachman. (denier of evolution backer of creationism for science curriculum.)

Newt knows that any publicity he raises incrfeases his sales. How many people do you think in Hagee's audience went out and bought his book afterwards. Well, maybe not that many because they don't even read the one book they claim to believe in.

Stephen Howell

In reply to "Verballistic":

You show a video of a violent disruption of a protest march in London and claim it's evidence of the UK being overtaken by radical islam?!? Have you been to the UK?

We have a thing called freedom of speech, and freedom of assembly. I think you have it in your country too. It's what allows the Wesboro Baptist church to picket the funerals of dead soldiers proclaiming that God hates America for tolerating homosexuality.

Are you equally concerned that America is on the brink of being taken over by the Westboro Baptist Church? No? Neither am I.

The UK and the USA are free democracies. In such places people often say, or shout, things that we find abhorrent. We live with it. Occasionally violence breaks out. We deal with it and prosecute the perpetrators.

Get a sense of perspective.

not a sheeple

I think Gingrich is secretly hoping that in ten years he can go to Mardi Gras and see women in burkas with dominatrix costumes on under that and the men yelling “show me your whips”.

Sorry Muslimas but this guy’s mind has to be warped. The phrase that best describes the disparity between his words and his actions is “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. “Wolf” having several meanings here.

not a sheeple

"* 21st-century fundamentalist Islam IS very similar to the Spanish Inquisition of 500 YEARS ago, but Catholicism has since undergone a Reformation that has stricken such brutality from their "playbook". "
LOL given the world wars, slavery as an international economic system, church installed kings with absolute power and ethnic cleansing of over half the inhabited continents, I think the correct interpretation is: It isn’t that the church has stopped burning people at the stake; it’s that they have better munitions. When the Muslims defending their countries from the Mosad and CIA get to the level of world wars and squattervilles in the Holy Land, and stay there for a century or two, then your comparison might not be ridiculous.


@Stephen Howell

Freedom of speech is one thing...chasing police through the streets of downtown London while PELTING REFUSE & BOTTLES at retreating police is QUITE ANOTHER.

If the Westboro church ever gets to that level where they chasing & pelting police with garbage, they TOO need to be charged and punished just like these RADICAL Muslims should have been. Part of the problem is that only 10% of UK urban police are armed (only 5% in rural areas)...but the main problem is the same limp-wristed tradition of APPEASEMENT of RADICAL Muslims, much like spineless UK Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain appeased Hitler.

The Holocaust is not even allowed to be mentioned in school history classes because it "would offend Muslims" & that is only the tip of the iceberg of British (and European) appeasement of RADICAL Islam.

So really it is YOU & your spineless secular atheist countrymen who need to MAN UP. Maybe a copy of the "Manning Up" book mentioned in the article above would be a good place to START.



I'll start off by agreeing you are NOT a "sheeple"...you're actually MUCH closer to be an apologist for RADICAL Islam. Terrorist sympathizers like yourself love to blame 9/11 and other Islamic terrorist attacks on the "US invading Muslim lands".

But you conveniently ignore the disturbing (to you) fact that the US Embassy terror-bombings in 1998, USS Cole terror-bombing in 2000 AND the 9/11 terror attacks that killed 3,000 innocent people all took place BEFORE we invaded either Afghanistan or Iraq.

In point of fact the US military had 3 SEPARATE MILITARY CAMPAIGNS DEFENDING MUSLIMS IN THE 1990s:

* 1991=Defending Kuwaiti MUSLIMS against a megalomaniac named Hussein only AFTER IRAQ INVADED KUWAIT. Bush senior resisted pressure to follow Iraqi forces to Baghdad & depose Saddam, because it wasnt part of our mission.

* 1992=Defending Somali MUSLIMS from fanatical Somali warlords and granting MASSIVE numbers of Somalian refugees asylum here in the US. Significant numbers of the children of Somali refugees have returned there to fight FOR Al-Shabab (the AL-QAEDA affiliate in Somalia). Osama Bin Laden has stated he was EMBOLDENED by our subsequent withdrawal from Somalia in 1993.

*1995=Defending Bosnian MUSLIMS against a genocidal Serbian maniac named Milosevic. Our bombing of Serbian infrastructure brought an end to that GENOCIDE and spared countless MUSLIM LIVES.

* 1996=Osama Bin Laden & his fellow CUTTHROATS in Al-Qaeda show their "appreciation" of US defending Muslims by DECLARING WAR ON US. Dont bother trying to play the "Palestinian oppression" card because if you bothered to read either the 1996 and 1998 fatwas issued by Osama, you would KNOW that the Palestinian issue was conveniently added on LATER in order to gain broader support for AQ in the Arab/Muslim world.

BOTTOM LINE: RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS STARTED THIS & apologists like yourself would be well-served by brushing up on your recent history before you start your anti-American blathering.


To Verballistic above,

I hope you do realize that tensions between the West and the Middle East have long since existed well before 1990, nitpicking a couple of examples from 1990-1998 isn't exactly going to help your case of how Islam is some harbinger of doom. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.


Verballistic, could you please define a "spiritual vacuum"? Is that the kind that only exists (and cleans) if you believe in it?

If more people realize that religion is a tool for the powerful (as Newt is demonstrating here) and a general scam, there will be less fundamentalists of all kinds; Muslims and Christian alike. I guess you aren't too familiar with the secular movement in the middle east that is undermining religious fundamentalism through education, philosophy and discussion. But as a religious fundamentalist in the US you are probably also against all of those things.

Your video links take the entire situation out of context, it is the type of manipulative scare tactic I would expect to see in this new hijacked Tea Party movement (formerly a libertarian, now Neocon movement).

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