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Cartoons: Obama over Libya

Politicians often claim that an earful from all quarters translates to a job well done. If that's the case, cartoonists must regard operation liberate Libya as a true resume-builder for President Obama. Liberal Chris Britt put the "W" in our latest war. Self-proclaimed independent Nick Anderson denounced the prez for winging it. And right-winger Lisa Benson chided him for a left-wing bailout. But hey, across-the-drawing-board criticism is easy -- that's why none of us will ever get a Nobel Peace Prize.

— Joel Pett


Editorial cartoon by Chris Britt / Springfield State Journal-Register

Editorial cartoon by Nick Anderson / Houston Chronicle

Editorial cartoon by Lisa Benson / Washington Post Writers Group


Tim Rutten: Does duty call in Libya?

Libya intervention: Praising President Obama

Kadafi's long reach

More bombs bursting in Libya. What for?

Libya: It's not our fight

Joel Pett is the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist for the Lexington Herald-Leader in Kentucky. His work also appears in USA Today.


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The Times is featuring anti-Obama cartoons? Wow. I'm stunned. I'm sure there are cartoons featuring the idea of protecting civilians from strafing runs by dictator's jets. But that would mean the Times would have to actually look for them.


It looks like the luster is off the pearl for even for the cheer-leading, awestruck, in-the-tank, Obama-drooling Left Angeles Times. Or maybe the CFO talked to the editor and asked for more revenue via more subscriptions with a more balanced approach in political viewpoints to obtain more normal readers. Just a thought. Even employees of a collectivist newspaper have to eat, I guess.

Pasquino Marforio

Obama is a Dictator. A tyrant. His use of force in Libya is Unconstitutional and Unauthorized by Congress.

He is the head of an Illegal Regime.

He is no better than Quadaffi, in ANY sense.

Civil Disobedience is the duty of every citizen, until this dictator is toppled.



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