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Cartoons: Masters of disaster

Pity the 24/7 broadcasters, expected to chatter incessantly through cataclysmic circumstances. (God's truth: One actually asked if the reactors could melt through the Earth's core "all the way to China.") Cartoonists, though, can ponder in private and let understated imagery do the talking. Clay Bennett succinctly captured the flag. Pat Oliphant penned an unchained nuclear reaction. And Nate Beeler reminded us of relatively inconsequential stateside squabbles. When dealing with the unspeakable, sometimes the less said the better.

Editorial cartoon by Clay Bennett / Chattanooga Times Free Press

Editorial cartoon by Pat Oliphant / Universal Press Syndicate



Editorial cartoon by Nate Beeler / The Washington Examiner

 -- Joel Pett


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Joel Pett is the Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist at the Lexington Herald-Leader in Kentucky. His work also appears in USA Today.


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R Just

Shame on you LA. Criticize America and Japan, and scared to peep a word about Hamas and muslims sending rockets into civilian neigborhoods of our friend Israel who would lay their life down for us. You are gutless. Where is the sleezy stars when help is needed in Japan. Shame, shame. When Obama socialism takes Hollywood down, down come running to us for help.


As I read the almost incomprehensible comments above I am sadly reminded of two facts - first, that political discourse in this country has been largely co-opted by ignorant people who can neither spell nor reason, and second (and this is most tragic), that thinking people of all political persuasions have let it happen.

For the record - "where is the sleazy stars" and "down come running to us for help" are the kind of statements that mean nothing but say much - though mostly about the ranting right and their lack of education, thoughtfulness and grasp of the facts. When the country dissolves into a second rate nation with a third grade education don't come running to us for help.


Didn't the second poster violate his own sentiments? Implying of the first poster "ignorant people who can neither spell nor reason..." and "though mostly about the ranting right and their lack of education, thoughtfulness and grasp of the facts."

Perhaps the first poster is a democrat of the FDR persuasion that feels public unions are not right, perhaps they are on the right, in the middle, communist, socialist, or whatever. And how do you know they lack education and thoughtfulness? They have an opinion different than yours. does that make them ignorant. Seems to me the second poster is the one that needs some civility and to stop and think that perhaps all his ideas are not the only way to think.



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