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Abortion. Again. Still. Always?

Curious, isn't it? Conservatives in the "tea party" and beyond are ardently committed to undoing the healthcare law that passed Congress and was signed into law by President Obama about a year ago. Watch out, they warn! It comes between doctors and patients! It takes away choice from patients! It lets politicians and bureaucrats dictate treatment! How un-American!

Well, looky here, America.

Conservative legislators in a score of states are trying to do exactly what they profess to despise: to step between doctors and female patients, to take away choice from female patients, to dictate treatment to female patients.

South Dakota's politicians are about to require women to wait 72 hours after they see a doctor before they can go ahead with an abortion. Women will have to have mandatory counseling at a crisis pregnancy clinic that, in all likelihood, is one of those places where women are only "counseled" not to have an abortion. No, no, says one influential supporter of this law. This isn't pressuring someone not to have an abortion. It's just a free second opinion!

Ohio is debating whether to prohibit women from having abortions at all if there's a detectable fetal heartbeat. And in Texas, pregnant women seeking an abortion could be required, ordered, mandated -- choose your word -- to look at fetal sonograms and listen to doctors' in-depth description of them before they would be permitted to have an abortion.

Texas GOP state Rep. Sarah Davis sees the, shall we say, inconsistency of what her fellow Republicans are trying to do. As she said in a statement, "To me, the issue at stake was not about abortion, but about the role of government in our personal lives. I was compelled to seek office following the passage of 'ObamaCare,' as I am vehemently against the government involving itself in our healthcare decisions. The Sonogram Bill does just that -- government interference with the doctor-patient relationship.''

Across the aisle there in Austin, Democratic Rep. Marisa Marquez gigged the opposition by introducing an amendment mandating that if a woman who is forced to watch a sonogram decides to go through with her pregnancy, she can get a court order to require the father to get a vasectomy -- if he's already fathered at least two other out-of-wedlock children.

As the Dallas Morning News reported, female legislators on both sides of the aisle applauded.


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-- Patt Morrison


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I am opposed to abortion except to protect the life of the mother or in extreme cases such as pregnancies resulting from rape. I find it extremely sad that it is being used for birth control or to select the sex of children. I find it even sadder that women suffer consequences of guilt and depression that they did not expect nor where warned of before submitting to the procedure. I also accept that prohibiting abortion is not an option. Indeed, I am adverse to all forms of prohibition seeing as how the societal consequences are almost always far worse than the behavior being prohibitied.

That being said, I object strenuously to having my money being confiscated through taxation to support abortion. If there are people who support unfettered abortion, let them pay for it. Their "charity" can be made tax deductible, and even though this will force me to pay more taxes to offset the loss of tax revenues, I at least am comforted that I did not pay directly for something that I find to be morally objectionable.


Thanks Jack for your opinion! As your opinion is so important it must be interjected into the doctor's office. That way those floozies will know just what you think about them. That will show them!

BTW. I didn't support the Iraq war. Can you mail me a check for the tax dollars I wasted on that boondoggle? It seems when conservatives/republicans want tax dollars they always get it. However, when it goes against their oh-so sacred opinion then all of a sudden they turn into deficit hawks. There are words to describe people like you...


Rather than going one extreme to another because, it is a question between life and death - one asks: Are you Pro-Life or Pro-Death? The choice is one of the other.

I myself am Pro-Death. I'd much rather have a "it" terminated rather than be subjected to parents or a system which does not cherish or nourish.

I am split on how it's paid for. I figure, if the first one is taxpayer paid, OK. Second one should also include sterilization at taxpayer expense. That way, there's no 3rd, 4th or 5th.


I SO SO wish some millionair/billionair would offer to pay for vasectomy's for men who they offer- from 500 to 1,000 cash if they get one. AND men can do this as young as 15. That would be awesome and stop so many children being born into dysfunctional places, with ill parents, and poverty.
They could work with Planned P. and then none of these right wingers would have to worry about abortion!
They never, ever put their money where thier mouth is.
I have heard of one women who payed for women on drugs to be steralized if they CHOSE to be-she is a hero.


Ok all those in favor of this brutal practice why don't you off yourselves and let the new born live.


Jack43- don't worry the dime you save for your morals now will cost us all a tidal wave of crime and every cost that goes with it. Read Freakonomics-edgumicate yourself.
Did you not want to pay for jail? How about lawyers and judges? How about public school? How about medicare?
The cost for unwanted children will bury us. Are you going to care for them? Their parents sure arent- they can't even figure out birth control! We are LUCKY we have planned parenthood. They do not in India- should they all live on trash heaps here? Brilliant!!! I see as usual, Jack has no alternative or solution, just moralizing- how tedious.

Been there

To all the men posting here: if you don't have a uterus, you don't get to have an opinion about abortion. Keep your pants zipped and your mouth shut.
Secondly, I could not agree with this article more. I've had a couple of abortions and I definitely DO NOT feel guilty or ashamed. I raised two brilliant, happy children and when I wasn't ready for parenthood I knew it. The aborted pregnancies were a result of birth control failure. This is between a woman and her doctor. Anyone else she chooses to bring into the decision is her own.
end of story.


To Uterus Woman:

No problem butting out as long as my tax money is being used efficiently.

If you pay for your own, have at it. If I gotta pay 2,3,4 abortions or pay for welfare babies it becomes my business.

So sit down - get over the post partum.


Rep. Marquez brings up a largely ignored issue; it takes two to make a child. Reproductive choice should be between a woman, her doctor, and the father of the child. Currently, fathers have no voice -- if her choice is to bear the child, he is forced to support the child. If she chooses not to bear the child, he has no option to raise the child. There should be some measure of input from the man rather than simply obligation based on the woman's decision. But I agree that politicians should have no say in the parents' decision.


"Conservative legislators in a score of states are trying to do exactly what they profess to despise: to step between doctors and female patients, to take away choice from female patients, to dictate treatment to female patients."

Except that you fail to recognise that the prolife movement does not view abortion as a "treatment" for the woman but the ending of human life. Therefor there is no hypocracy or inconsistancy.

Also...asking a woman to reflect on this decision for 72 hours and showing her a sonogram so that she fully appreciates the gravity of what is going to happen is hardly draconian.


There is only one issue here.

Is the unborn child human?


David: How can you comprehend the word hypocrIsy if you can't spell it. AW: When men can carry a fetus to term they might have a righteous voice in this.


I guess if you can not refute my point you have to attack the spelling/grammer. Lets focus please on the issue and not on the literary errors.

By the way...the whole "if you don't have a vagina you don't have a say" arguement is the tool of people who can not defend thier position.


Been There, I too had an abortion two decades ago. I have never felt shame or guilt about my decision. I had been told by doctors that I could not get pregnant, due to a medical condition. I was not careless about, or indifferent to, the possiblity of pregnancy. I have felt sadness over the loss of a potential child at times. But I know it was the right decision, for a variety of reasons. I do not regret my decision. Prior to the abortion,I discussed the decision with my doctor; my family; my therapist; woman who had undergone abortions; woman who had children; I prayed; I read extensively on the topic. Contrary to what some assert, I did not take the decision lightly; I don't know any women who do. This idea that many woman are using abortion as birth control is absurd.

B. Lawless

For all of you who do not want their tax dollars to go for abortions then let mine do it. This will save you and me millions in welfare, health and other social service support for those who are forced by your short sightedness in preventing them from exercising their free will and right to choice. When you walk in the woman's shoes then you can make your choice. I have not had an abortion and have six children that I love, cared for, supported, educated and gave them good values and ethics, what a good parent should. The girls choice should be between them and their doctor. Abortion is a religious choice, Politics should not be involved. Politicians should use their time, energy and well funded back accounts to solve the problems we elected them to do and avoid woman's health issues. We can take care of ourselves.

P J Evans

It's about people who need to be in charge of everyone else's life, regardless of law, ethics, and morality. If the anti-abortion people were *genuinely* pro-life, they'd favor sex education and contraceptives, and support Planned Parenthood. What they really are, are people who think all sex is dirty and that women who get pregnant deserve whatever happens to them. And most of them are men, who will never have to face the risks of pregnancy.



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