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In memoriam: Paul Conrad, Richard Holbrooke and Don Meredith [Editorial cartoons]

We said goodbye to a who's who of notables in 2010. The sports world mourned John Wooden, Bobby Thomson, Manute Bol, Don Meredith, Les Richter, Merlin Olsen and Bob Feller, among others. The entertainment industry bid adieu to Dino De Laurentiis, Mitch Miller, Lena Horne, Jill Clayburgh, Gary Coleman, "Scar" Lopez, John Forsythe, Barbara Billingsley, Dennis Hopper, Tony Curtis, Eddie Fisher, Ronni Chasen, Satoshi Kon, Art Linkletter and many more. Journalism's Daniel Schorr, Paul Conrad and Edwin Newman signed off, and Elizabeth Edwards, Alexander M. Haig, Daryl F. Gates, Charlie Wilson, Richard C. Holbrooke and Robert C. Byrd left the political stage. A few were memorialized by cartoonists, but all will be missed.

-- Joel Pett


Editorial cartoon by Steve Greenberg / greenberg-art.com

Also: Tim Rutten: A fierce advocate of decency and Patt Morrison: Paul Conrad: ink, well



Editorial cartoon by Jack Ohman / Portland Oregonian

Also: Doyle McManus: Richard C. Holbrooke's last mission and Richard Holbrooke: 'He was drama all the time' in a 'no-drama White House'


Editorial cartoon by John Branch / branchtoon.com

Also: Remembrance: For Don Meredith, the party never ended


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Joel Pett is the Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist for the Lexington Herald-Leader in Kentucky. His work also appears in USA Today.

editorial cartoon by John Branch / branchtoon.com

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Anthony sejda

Beside the objective losses of notable Americans, let us not forget Those who unremarkable in words or deeds. They too count in the history of the Nation. R.I.P.



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