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What do Obama and Reagan have in common?


Despite President Obama's low approval ratings, which are at 45%, he is still the most admired man in America for the third year in a row, according to a recent USA Today-Gallup poll. How can that be? Our columnist Doyle McManus weighed in Tuesday morning on KPCC's "AirTalk."

Doyle McManus_Bio "I think we need to disentangle these numbers a little bit because they're measuring different things and they're asking different questions," he said. "It's not a number that tells you an awful lot about the politics of the moment."

What the number does reveal is that Obama has a hardcore fan base. So why, then, does he have a fairly low job rating?

"That’s mostly, we think, because there's a terrible recession on and he hasn't fixed it," McManus said. "The same thing happened to Ronald Reagan in his first term when he had a terrible recession [yet was still] someone Americans admired."

As for the women, Hillary Rodham Clinton is the most admired of 2010, but trailing her closely is Sarah Palin. Here's the podcast for further analysis.


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-- Alexandra Le Tellier

Photo: Obama waves as he addresses troops during a Veteran's Day event at US Army Garrison Yongsan in Seoul on November 11, 2010 on the sidelines of the G20 Summit. Credit: AFP PHOTO / Jim Watson / Getty Images


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The only thing they have in common is when their names are brought up, I think of Communists. Difference though.. Reagan beat the Communists in a Cold War... Obama is friends with communists and places them in his cabinet.


They were both owned by billionaires.

Greg Maragos

"What do Obama and Reagan have in common?"

Three things:

1) Well-mannered

2) 6'1" in height

3) Dark hair

4) Happily married men

Aside from the above, not a thing.

Greg Maragos

sorry, 4 things

Robert J. Burkholder

I have followed the case of the Mojave Cross Memorial for some years now.
It seems @1934 a band of brothers erected a simple Memorial in the shape of a cross on Sunrise Rock to remember their own brothers who had given all in that War America was told was the War to end all wars. As common at that time Veterans erected local Memorials. The original caretaker,Bembrey ,passed the torch to a trusted friend ,Sandoz -who honored his friends request by erecting
a Memorial when one of the cross Memorials Mr.Bembrey had erected was
knocked down. That Memorial to the American Patriots who gave all in WWI --and to the dead of all wars was standing when the Federal Govt. created the
Mojave desert Preserve. A disgruntled and confused Park employee ,Buono--misreading the First Amendment began his private war against the Memorial at Sunrise Rock. The California Court led by the transmission belt to Soviet Communist dictatorship [ ACLU] agreed with Buono and ordered the Memorial removed. Congress agreed with the Caretaker Mr.Sandoz who offered at his expense a sweetheart land transfer where the Govt. would
aquire five acres of land next to the Preserve in exchange for one small acre of land surrounding the Memorial. The corrupt lower Court Ignored Congress
and ordered the Memorial Cross desecrated. When the US supreme Court agreed with Congress and remanded the errant lower Courts decision for proper remedy -some delusional soul stole the Memorial in an act of misguided vandalism. I suspect he later sobered up /came to his senses/repented for the Memorial was restored--Only to be taken down by
misguided zealots of the Park. The President who has honored only his promise to fundamentally change America --who has manifested his contempt for our US Constitution , and Our way of life in a number of ways-- This pretender ineligible for the Office was kindly petitioned by the Commanders of the VFW, the American Legion, and the Military Order of the Purple Heart
to act that our Memorial be returned to us, As the US supreme Court said was right. The "jackwagon " atheist in the Oval Office who edits out reference to Jesus, or to our Creator whenever he can. Not only Ignored the honorable
Patriots-- but sent his atheistic agents to petition the lower Court to deny the
Patriots any voice in the remanded case. And our Memorial is still held POW.
The same system that ordered the Memorial desecrated--the same Errant Court sits on its thumb in defiance of the US supreme Court and Veterans-for what greater good? and our Cross remains POW. An honest remedy would be for the Preserve-- and the Lower court-- and this Pretender in the White House be held accountable for the harm they have done --far more serious than the feigned offense used by the unbelievers like Buono and the lower Courts a honest remedy would be for Mr.Sandoz to retain all of his property and for the Preserve to grant the VFW five full acres surrounding Sunrise Rock and a fully restored Mojave Cross Memorial on Sunrise Rock -and a nice fence to surround the Veterans Memorial to protect the Memorial from any
future abuse by zealots no matter what they believe. . My remedy has not been
vetted by anybody-but the opine is my own.And I will contribute to the legal action against Obama for th eharm done caused by his animus and neglect.


Reagan beat the communists? Putin is pushing Russia toward another possible Cold War. The only thing Reagan did is spend trillions to oversee a name change from Soviets to Russians. The debt from his overspending is still here. We beat no one.

Todd Andrews

This clearly belongs in the April 1 column. It's a joke, right?

Used Cell Phones

I have to agree with Greg here



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