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Sarah Palin's bizarre cheap shots at Michelle Obama

Governor-turned-gadfly Sarah Palin goes after first lady Michelle Obama for encouraging Americans to -- gasp! -- eat healthier:

Sarah Palin is again taking aim at Michelle Obama over her anti-obesity campaign, taking the opportunity in Sunday's "Sarah Palin's Alaska" to land a diss against the first lady's efforts to improve nutrition. While making s'mores at one point during Sunday's episode, the former Alaska governor proclaims the marshmallow and chocolate treat is "in honor of Michelle Obama, who said the other day we should not have dessert."...

Palin's comments Sunday appear to be in reference to a speech Michelle Obama delivered in July, during which she described her own upbringing when it came to food and exercise.

"In the afternoon, there was no way we'd be allowed to lie around the house watching TV," she told the NAACP in a Kansas City speech. "Our parents made us get up and play outside."

As the CNN article notes, this isn't the first time Palin has slammed the first lady for her anti-obesity advocacy. She previously brought cookies to a school and suggested, wrongly, that Obama wants to remove parents' decision-making power over what they feed their children; she lobbed the same accusation in a radio interview with Laura Ingraham. Perhaps most tastelessly, she recently invoked the memory of slain soldier Pat Tillman -- whose family has made abundantly clear its disgust with using the former NFL star's selflessness and courage to score cheap political points -- to yet again conjure Michelle Obama's nearly 3-year-old quote that she was, for the first time in her adult life, proud of her country following a primary election victory by her husband.

In case you forgot (as most of us probably have with such trivial episodes), Obama explained away her moment of candor, and the country moved on and elected her husband president by a convincing margin. Yet Palin, who styles herself as uniquely in touch with the concerns of Joe Six Pack American, has very mean-spiritidly taken aim at one of the country's most popular public figures. Her obsession with the first lady's supposed insufficient patriotism borders on pathological. If there's a better indicator of poor political judgment, I'd like to know.

-- Paul Thornton


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She is a huge source of entertainment. Could you imagine the first dude doing better?????? He would be a laughing stock to the whole country. At least only Sarah does not like the first lady.


Wow, this woman is having serious delusional issues with the First Lady. I would like to take this time to give my thanks to John McCain and the GOP, who foisted this fame hungry woman upon us and now we have to be assailed by her and her Palinite minions on a daily basis. And to think, I used to believe in the GOP!


Palin has nothing to offer herself, so she takes swipes at the President, the First Lady, and anyone else who dares to cross her radar. She is showing herself to be mean, bitter, and jealous, none of which is endearing her to anyone. Keep talking Sarah, you are taking yourself out of contention before the race even begins. Whining is not becoming, as you pointed out when Hillary got weepy ONE time. You whine daily...and nothing is ever your fault. You sound like a three year old...but then, I bet Trig has a better attitude than you do. I am so sick of you and your narcissism. Please go home and raise your kids and stay out of our faces. Don't your falling book sales tell you that even your fans have had enough of you?

Sharon Joyce

Based on the information provided, sounds like Sarah Palin was making a cutesy comment and perhaps the author failed to grasp the female-style humor. She was talking about a cookie, Paul.

I fail to see how the comment is mean-spirited, obsessive, or pathological. The decision to call it all that, however, seems a bit obsessive, bordering perhaps, on mean-spirited or pathological political biases, and my advice is that the writer refrain from gritting his teeth while writing. My teeth hurt just reading the final paragraphs. Focus instead on wrapping up an otherwise interesting news article by referencing your opening paragraph, and correct any spelling errors (ie; spiritedly, not spiritidly).

Pamela Wages

Sarah Palin is not what she claims to be! I HAVE had leather boots on and also tanned hides and made my own! We used every part of the animal and disrespected NOTHING (like Ms. Palin!) I raced in the North American Championship Dog Sled Races and lived off of the land when I was young. Sarah Palin needs to be shunned! We never killed anything we did not need to kill. We respected the land and all that is in it. Again, Ms. Palin is using it for personal attention, not for her NEED.


Half the blogosphere is either making fun of or in mock horror at the federal government dictating diet. You remember when this used to be the "free" world? Trillion dollar defict, and in between trips to Spain we get lectured about diet.

Whats next, how many folds of toilet paper you use? (sorry, shouldn't give a bureaucrat any ideas).

What the article really goes to show is that the MSM will remain obsessed with demonizing Palin until they become obasessed with demnonizing someone else. So boring.

Dee Butler

Sarah Palin is a complete idiot, the people of Alaska should be hiding with shame that this woman from there. I would love for her to go against the First Lady in an open debate. Wouldn't that be funny inteligence versus stupidity.


There is nothing cutesy about Sarah Palin. She has brought disrespect to a new level, picking on the First Lady. It shows her insecurity. It shows her complete lack of integrity. It shows what a narcissist she is. It's incredible that there is anybody left who will make excuses for her.


If anyone is mean and bitter it is the President. he called fellow americans the enemy.

David O'Connell

Please tell me when this idots 15 minutes will be up.

Pamela Wages

Sarah Palin should be ashamed! She makes a mockery of the last frontier! (and of women) I am a blue collar worker, worked on the Alaska Pipeline, and did non traditional work all of my life. I worked on dam as a high scaler, did roadwork and building trades out of my union not only in Alaska, but in Montana and Washington State. Members of my union hold me in high regard. I do not know what John McCain was thinking! I never saw an honest thank you to him for his invitation, just her disrespectful attitude of "I want to be President NOT VICE PRESIDENT! Wow!!! She makes me embarrassed to be female! She is just another little game player to me! Not a very smart one. She will disrespect the entire United States just like she does Alaska and everything she "uses" there.

Sharon Joyce

Sarah Palin is like a breath of fresh air, representing not only "Joe Six Pack American" but millions of female Americans who are like-minded, whose conservative views are often under-represented in both the media and the government.

Laura Carrera

Really? We are still talking and writing about this woman (including myself!), I wish we could just delete her from any media and move on to really important issues; obesity is a real issue and we should not only support Michelle in her efforts but do whatever we can as individuals to eat healthier; I am. The best we can do to boycott Sara is please... do not talk or write anymore about her, she is crazy and really mean... I could say some more adjectives but why waste more time on her?

tracey b

you go sarah---i'm with ya 100% --we need to get the obama's out of office and the sooner the better... god help us all---and the real funny part will be when the annointed one realizes he's a 1 term pres. lol haha lol. thank god for the gop...you can tell this page is all liberals and dems.. oh my....


Palin never ceases to disgust me


Why or why do we entertain this woman by paying her any attention. I can't believe that anyone would elect this woman to do anything. She quit her job as Governor of a state that pays people to live it in, what does that tell you about her abilities to do anything.


"Wow!!! She makes me embarrassed to be female!"

So change your sexual orientation.
The lady was completely within her rights to speak up for American families who have been taking care of their own for decades, and who don't want their rights taken away by some obsessive moron (yeah, I said it...so sue me.)

Nobody needs someone like Obamamama to tell them what to eat! If they want to dine of leafy green leaves out of their yard, let them, but they have no right to make us eat them, too! It's almost like the cook in your house going on a diet. Everybody in the family has to eat the garbage just so they don't feel left out.

The witch lady needs to get a real life. She's been high long enough.


Cheap shots? OMG, this has to be the most insecure woman in the universe,(might I also add just plain stupid)?
Her voice drives me insane. She really needs to get behind the mush team, and keep on going. She is a disaster waiting to happen.


I think Governor Palin will make a great Commander in Chief. I can't wait to vote for her in the Republican Primary. Her support of common sense traditional American values is a breath of fresh air compared to the Democrat's always knocking America and the Judeo-Christian values that this country is based on. Thank you Governor Palin for continuously sticking up for American values.

Merryl Goldman

Palin is in serious need of a shrink. She is the most obnoxious woman I have ever seen. Paris Hilton actually seems like Einstein compared to Palin!
She shouldn't even be allowed in the same room as Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama has more class in her little pinky than Palin has in her whole body.
Someone needs to put a sock in her mouth!


Have you seen the size of Obama's ass latley. Don't be preaching about what people eat lady.

Merryl Goldman

Sharon Joyce this article about Palin should only be used for the bottom of a birdcage. By the way, maybe the person who typed "spiritedly" made a typing error. At least give him a chance to "repudiate" his mispelling!

Merryl Goldman

Oh sorry Sharon, misspelling... another thing the only air coming out of Palin is hot,stinking air!

Merryl Goldman

Hey Bigass...there is nothing wrong with Michelle Obama's behind. It is you that is the BIGASS!


When is Michelle going to start worrying about her husband's cigarette smoking rather than telling the American people what or what not they should feed themselves? She can also tell Axelrod to stop smoking in the Oval Office.


Sarah Palin's words and actions are very predictable. What does surprise me is the TLC channel giving her the opportunity to make snide political remarks in what WAS billed as a travelog show about Alaska--guess it's really about far right politics. Shame on TLC!


Truga: President Obama has not had a cigarette since last March, so go smoke your errant remark.


To: Chuck @ 6:02 pm. When President Obama used the word "enemy" he was talking to a Hispanic radio station. It was a few days before the election. The Rupublicans had been running an ad suggesting to Hispanic that they should not vote on Nov. 02. that they could sent a message as a protest for promises being made and not kept. President Obama was advising the Hispanics that by not voting they were rewarding the "enemy". A few days later President Obama apologized for using the word "enemy". Suppression of the vote is a serious manner. The Republicans real motive was to keep the Democratic vote down. Some stations refused to carry the ad.
Numerous people on radio & TV repeated that Obama called his critics "enemy" without putting the word in content.

Michael Flynn

I believe in Sarah Palin. She is tired of too much Gov't in the lives of Americans. I do believe we need a President that is proud to be an American, I am still proud but very disillusioned at people constantly defending the couple that moved America fron 1/2 billion in debt to over 13 trillion. That is what we received. Debt and a president that won't salute the flag or honor the National Anthem. If Palin runs she would get my vote.

Patty Beiner

Sarah Palin needs to stay up north with her 'smile' on her face while she guts the fish on tv...and decide if she could smile everyday of the year while doing this fishing for a living. It is easy to do this for a tv show...try doing it for thirty-five years day in and day out!

She might also try keeping her nose out of the White House since she didn't get voted in there...nor does she live there! Who does she think she is? I think she is a woman who thinks her smile will get her anywhere and I hope to God men and women both won't suck up the crap that comes out of her mouth. Ms. Obama is the Lady of the House...the real White House, and until Palin gets her foot in there for four years...(I hope never)...she needs to shut up her face and keep smiling up there in Alaska while she is fishing on a daily business...which will bring us all some peace and quiet, less of her on tv and I like that idea!!!


chuck and karen are right on you left wing egg sucking dogs should be slapped by your uncle fred

louis e. burt

She sure does connect with joe 6-pack. Uneducated, illiterate, out of work, idiot who will vote for anyone who invokes god and gun in the same sentence.

R. Edwin Dennis

Way to go Sarah, I appreciate your forthright comments - your conversations are wholesome and refreshing. I would vote for you in a minute I hope you run for the presidency with vigor. I believe you are one of a few honest candidates, you have a great ability, hard work ethics and would be a great example for Americans to follow. We need a true honest leader. We need to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. With your past record I believe you have the answers for the delimas of this country - we are broke and near bankruptcy. Only someone who will say what they need to do and then do it will turn the economy of this bankrupt nation around. We certainly don't need another term of Obama who says what he thinks people want to hear and then turns 180 and does the opposite.

Pamela Wages

I cannot believe that any of you really think that Ms. Palin cares about anything in this country but HERSELF!! How could some of you miss it. She does not care about GOVERNMENT, or any particular party! All she cares about is the advancement of herself and anything that supports that advancement!! What is wrong with everybody!! She will game all of her friends and America, just like she did Alaska!!! She does not care about any of you or the starving people, or anyones hardships! ALL SHE CARES ABOUT IS HERSELF. Get that??!!!!! What ever floats HER boat!!!!

Sharon Joyce

Merryl Goldman; point well taken. Does anyone have a good cookie recipe they would to share?


John, what were you thinking?

Sharon Joyce

Merryl Goldman - The point well-taken is your first point about the bird cage liner. Not the second one. I like Sarah Palin and think she would make a great first female president of the United States! Go Sarah!


By what stretch is Sarah Palin's TV show going to convince anyone that she is competent to hold any kind of political office let alone become President of the US? Someone please tell her that she is not running for high school class president. Her comments on the television show only highlight how shallow her thinking is---even her kids and husband hide from that squawking voice and inane chatter. I pity them all for being trapped in the same snowbound home. Please America---do not nominate this woman for anything above study hall monitor.


palins public publicity must be dying off so now more cheap shots to regain publicity . Cant sell a book if palin doesnt continue some stunt .


Sarah, you have worn out your welcome! It is time to go home and take a home course in etiquette. YOUR cheap shot about the First Lady shows how much help you need. Your remarks make "you" look like scum of the earth. Everybody deserves respect, even you.


@Gypsy: In March 2010, doctors told Obama to quit smoking & to continue with "smoking cessation efforts." On Dec 10th, the US Surgeon General said that Obama has made progress in quitting his smoking but "still has the habit." Then, Robert Gibbs said that he hasn't seen any evidence of Obama smoking (he's a great source of reliable information). Not my problem. He can smoke, if he wants to as long as I don't have to pay for his cigs.


It's mind boggling - when is encouraging kids to exercise and eat healthy a bad thing. Oh yeah, when it's a Democrat...married to Obama. I'd love to see Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin go head-to-head....on Jeopardy. Now, I don't make it common practice to watch anything associated with Sarah Palin, but I would watch that!


This lady needs to go far, far away. She's an idiot who doesn't ever know what the hell she talking about. And her voice makes me want to scream....it's like fingernails on a blackboard.

Don Jackson

palin can't mock Mre Obama, Mrs.Obama's a poet

Grammar Nazi

"Yet Palin, who styles herself as uniquely in touch with the concerns of Joe Six Pack American, has very mean-spiritidly taken aim at one of the country's most popular public figures."

It's "mean-spiritedly."


Are they cheap shots? Maybe the comments were directed to expose the government intrusion into our lives. I should choose what my children eat, not the government! I do not need the government or Michelle Obama telling me what is good for my children and what is not. If school lunches need to be revamped I am all for it, but in California most of the kids get free reduced lunches and are already regulated for nutrition.

Pamela Wages

Some of you still do not get it!!! Ms. Palin has just started a "diversion". She wants to get us off of her back and on to Ms. Obama's!! Sarah Palin, like I said is just another fame (oops, I mean "game") player. She will tell you anything that will advance her own self. She will trample the spoils! She will get all she can, and GUT AMERICA!!!! Very few people actually make original judgements regarding their choices. Most people have NO CLUE, as to what magnitude of ignorance Ms. Palin is gathering for the KILL!! She is gaming the game in Alaska with NO REGARD, and gaming the very clueless here in America the same way. Watch out!! She is stalking you!! And when she is done she will trample you like spoils!!!! What is symbolic for "HARLOT" in the bible???? She is neither loyal to the republican or ANY OTHER PARTY! She is loyal only to herself...and she will not be loyal to those who serve her or her purpose (which, again, is "herself").

Sharon Joyce

Pamela Wages: Whats your point? Is the sky falling?


Palin has borrowed a page from the Michele Bachmann's Book of Paranoia, seeing phantom government boogeymen in America's pantries and freezers. But it's certainly a relief to know that she will battle Michelle Obama to protect the rights of children to acquire Type II diabetes by the age of 30

Pamela Wages

Yeap! Just like your misguided "idol", Sharon Joyce, you cannot understand what you read? Have you ever been out of your house? What is your point besides the one on top of your head? Go ahead and fall in love with Sarah Palin! The sky wont fall on you, it already has!!!!!

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