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Rep. Ron Paul gets his dream job

The Wall Street Journal reports that Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) is taking over the House Financial Services subcommittee that oversees the Federal Reserve -- an entity that Paul would like to, well, eradicate. Isn't that a bit like the Democrats putting Dennis Kucinich in charge of Pentagon oversight? Not that it won't be fun to watch....

-- Jon Healey


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Jason Harlow

Regardless of political affilication Democrat, Republican; etc. this is a very positive changing of the guard, Bernie Sanders had the option as Chairman of the (HFSC)to audit the federal reserve inreferance to H.R. 1207 and Mr. Sanders decided it was a good idea to continue to allow the Federal Reserve to operate without oversite, the federal reserve has devalued the Americal dollar through inflation sence its inception in 1914.

Although I am not a "Blue Dog" Democrat, I do belive Mr.Kucinich would be an excelent politician to oversee Military funding etc. at the Pentagon; Please note: The American people voted for an anti war Candidate that stated he would bring the troops home in six months, I am still waiting for that Campaign promise to be fulfilled... Respectfully, Mr. Jason Harlow

Native Angeleno

Paul must now put up or shut up. "End the Fed" has been his campaign cry for years. There are good reasons to delete it altogether while replacing it with an entity that serves the American people, not banks and bankers.

The Fed is a private consortium of for-profit banks, not a federal agency as politicians in cahoots with it pretend. Some of the banks are foreign-owned and controlled, and run the American economy for their purposes.

The Fed charges the taxpayer for printing money simply by adding zeroes on computers. The actual printing of the money is another process charged to the public. The Fed then charges the taxpayer again for the zeroes it creates out of thin air.

For all its profiteering, the Fed has never been taxed, as if it is a religion.

The Fed has never undergone an audit as to what it's doing with the public's money since it was created in 1913.

The Constitution states printing money and coinage is the purview of the House, elected by the people, not a profiteering gaggle of bankers, tho the federal amendment to the Constitution that created the Fed now supercedes the House. This is the fount of Paul's ire. Now it's up to him to tear it down, propose an overhaul, improve it and put it back under original constitutional control. A tall order, but his goal for decades.

This is the first occasion he has had the opportunity to impact the Fed in any way.


Let's see, American are fed up with the wars and with the fed. Perhaps these are good ideas?

Marty Ce

Paul and should do just fine. Its the "change" the electorate wants.



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