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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s exit interview with The Times’ editorial board: Goodbye Hollywood, California and slow-moving legislators! Hello environmental policy and Washington?


Though Arnold Schwarzenegger's days as California governor are running out, it seems likely that his career as a politician is far from over. When the governor stopped by the Los Angeles Times for an exit interview Friday, Hollywood seemed furthest from his mind. "It's very clear there are a bunch of different options because of the different careers that I've had," he said. "From the health industry, to the environmental side, to the political stuff, to writing books, to giving speeches -- all of those kinds of things. There's a huge variety of different doors that can open." You'll notice that not one of those doors had to do with the movie biz.

What it seems Schwarzenegger would really like to do -- after his winter ski vacation with the family -- is work for the Obama administration in the realm of environmental policy. Our friends at PolitiCal posted the details here, including this gem: "People are very receptive when I talk about these things because I’m a Hummer driver … not a tree hugger."

That doesn't mean he's stopped peppering interviews with famous lines from his movies. It took him just 28 seconds to say, "I'll be back."

Some highlights from our conversation with Schwarzenegger:

Editorial Pages Editor Nick Goldberg asked the governor if he'd change his position on the Vehicle License Fee ... 

Vehicle License Fee

... and asked whether he thought public schools and universities had been adequately protected, to which Schwarzenegger offered a warning to the Legislature.

Public Schools and Universities

And finally, Schwarzenegger offered an explanation for why it takes so long to get things done in Sacramento. There are too many cooks in the kitchen, basically, though his analogy was far more entertaining to the roomful of journalists.

What takes so long


Save the date: Patt Morrison's Q&A with Schwarzenegger publishes Jan. 1 and will feature exclusive video footage of his visit to the Los Angeles Times.


Redistricting California

California's demise is greatly exaggerated

Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner: "California needs Republicans"

-- Alexandra Le Tellier

Photo: California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger meets with members of the Los Angeles Times and its editorial board. From left: Editor of the Editorial Pages Nicholas Goldberg; Times Publisher Eddy Hartenstein; Editor-at-Large Jim Newton; Times Editor Russ Stanton; Editorial writer Jon Healey; Assistant Managing Editor David Lauter; Matt David, Schwarzenegger's deputy chief of staff and communications director; and Schwarzenegger. Credit: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times


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Mitchell Young

Wow, the demography of that photo could be straight out of Mission Control during an Apollo launch.


What an idiot. Listening to this guy it re-amazes me that ANY Kaliforneean would vote for such a clueless & incompetent guy. He was against reducing the VLF then, but yet he was the one who decided to raise it (and all those PR stunts ranting about it)??? He says we would have spent the money anyway - well yeah but at least we'd have paid as we went and not created a permanent structural deficit. Maybe we should not spend the money but knowing we would, doing it pay as you go is by far the better option than debt & deficit.

Billy Bobbysmith

Because he's a Hummer driver and not a tree hugger?
We call them Tail pipe $uckers.

daniel cooper

This will follow you eveywhere. you signed a bill giving retroactive imunity for TYRANNY. (See YouTube videos) Judicial Benefits & Court Corruption Update / Evil Triangle of Court Corruption / Richard fine / SBX 211. To end this title wave of corruption in our country must start with the corrupt judges. We can not bring evidence of corruption to corrupt judges. Los Angeles Superior Court judges are illegally and unconstitutionally taking 50,000.00 each for a total of 23 million per year.


** CALIFORNIA REPUBLICANs NEED TO 'RE-THINK' ONE MANTRA in future recruiting of candidates for ANY public office = That 'name I-D' is the highest priority for successful candidacy! *** 'COMPETENCE' ALREADY DEMONSTRATED IN PRIOR ELECTIVE OFFICE SHOULD (!) NOW RISE TO THE TOP, IMHO! -30-


ON January 2, 2011 - ONE DAY AFTER my 71st Birthday - CA D-M-V shall be forced BY LAW to 'remove' a current HOLD on my Personal Driver's License! *** FIRST, the CA Highway Patrol "took custody' of that piece of plastic until my auro insurance carrier claim on totalling a vhiecle - used for a "midnhight house call' on homeless military veterans at a Flying J Truck Stop in Lebec - was resolved. *** SECOND, at that point C-H-P relinguished 'control' [NOT!] of "that piece of plastic to the CA D=M-V " ... until I then paid a bond > -- for more auto insurance on a non--existent, "totalled" prior vehicle! *** ON ADVICE of my insurance carrier's attorneys [who are fighting this CA law as a very expensive, potentially class action] straight thinkers continue realizing this sordid law -- aided and abetted by the bi-cameral CA State Legislature and an out-ging CA Governor == BOTH! == that this law and others CONTINUE to drive people out-of-state at some rapid rates] -- *** THUS and SO = I HAVE SIMPLY REFUSED TO BECOME PARTY to such wide-based documented & legislative 'EXTORTION'! Wake up, Golden State!


Times Editorial Board: All men, no women. Hmmm...


Yes, Hypatia, they ARE all men - in basic black suits no less. BUT who's the guy in upper right who's texting or whtever on his iPhone? He may seem rude at first glance but really, he's the only one who's got it right.

is a roomful of boring dull older self-important/ trying to look seriously important white guys (is the younger guy in glasses Greene, the conservative Republican from Met- News Enterprise, trying to look ESPECIALLY SERIOUS to make up for his relative youth?).

NO WONDER this bunch chose and did PR spin for the City Clown Carmen Trutanich "THE CLOWN" - WHO do they really represent though, except for a handful of also older, white conservative homeowner groups terrified their way of life might be giving way to something like in every other city in the world!!! That is, a metro central city COMBINED WITH the leafy suburbs they know and love.

Is Tim Rutten there? THE ONLY ONE with the guts go call out Trutanich for what he is, like on his illegal and unethical attempted power-grab going to the State Senate to get a Grand Jury knowing the City Council which are his bosses wouldn't authorize it for financial reasons. And OH because it's in sharp violation of the City Charter. But that's just legal stuff above the head of some guy who went to a quickly defunct and possibly never even accredited night law school in Carson with an absurdly grandiose name!

Great job, Editorial Board.



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