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The most important proposition on the ballot (hint: It’s not 19 or 23)

November 2, 2010 | 12:14 pm

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Much has been made about Propositions 19 (marijuana) and 23 (global warming), but what about Proposition 25?

From our endorsements recap:

This measure may be more important to California than any other item on the ballot, including the governor's race. If it passes, it would permit the state to adopt a budget by a simple majority of the Legislature — and in so doing, it would make lawmakers more accountable.

From our original endorsement:

Proposition 25 would end the supermajority requirement on the budget but keep it in place for tax hikes. (Opponents of the measure falsely claim that it would do away with the two-thirds rule on taxes too, but their absurd legal arguments were demolished by the 3rd District Court of Appeal.)

A recent Field Poll posted Oct. 31 on L.A. Now showed that likely voters agreed, with 48% backing Proposition 25.


-- Alexandra Le Tellier

Photo: Residents turn out to vote in midterm elections at a polling place inside a luxury car dealer in Beverly Hills on Nov. 2. Credit: Mark Ralston /AFP/Getty Images

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