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The Conversation: In a thankful mood today -- well, mostly

November 25, 2010 |  7:30 am


On this Thanksgiving, The Times' editorial board would like to thank the newsmakers, news events and newcomers who have enlivened our year. (Yes, Kanye West made the list. What?)

Columnist Tim Rutten would like to point how Thanksgiving is a most American holiday. Why? Because we're a country of people simultaneously thankful and unsatisfied.

Meanwhile, editorial cartoonist Jeff Danziger warns against talking politics at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Though his drawn-out scenario would be amusing to watch.

On the subject of turkey, and Turkey, John Bemelmans Marciano, author of "Toponymity: An Atlas of Words," sheds light on the history of the bird. "Is it really a coincidence that the main course of our national meal shares its name with a large Muslim country that stretches from Europe to the Caucasus?" he asks.

Novelist Diana Wagman is not so fond of the bird -- eating it at least. She has written a vegetarian's Thanksgiving lament.

Speaking of turkey, author Deborah Blum asks, "Why is the carcinogen still allowed in poultry feed?" Oy.

And finally, a Thanksgiving editorial: Before you dig in today, take a moment to remember what this holiday is all about.  (No, not stuffing, football and pumpkin pie.) Tolerance, curiosity, shared appreciation for struggle.

-- Alexandra Le Tellier


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Illustration credit: Bob Daly / For The Times

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