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Editorial Cartoons: Joel Pett's political fantasy world and more on Dubya and Obama

November 12, 2010 |  4:52 pm

After the off-year voting and the pointless post-poll finger-pointing, there were plenty of non-election selections for pundits. Veteran cartoonist Signe Wilkinson proceeded to pen an endless procession. Jeff Koterba took a poignant potshot at the POTUS in his boyhood home of Kenya...er, Indonesia. And, in my political fantasy world, Dubya's "revision accomplished" barnstorming took him to the streets of Baghdad. Hmm... if that doesn’t go well, will he be deployed for yet another book tour of duty?

--Joel Pett

Joel Pett is the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist of the Lexington Herald-Leader in Kentucky. His work also appears in USA Today.


Editorial cartoon by Jeff Koterba / Omaha World-Herald.

Editorial cartoon by Joel Pett / Lexington Herald-Leader.

Editorial cartoon by Signe Wilkinson / Philadelphia Daily News.

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