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Debate? Arizona's fill-in governor would rather not

Brewer It strikes me as a little childish to pick on a nervous candidate for stumbling over her words in the high-stakes environment of a televised debate. But Jan Brewer is no ordinary chief executive. Since taking over in 2009 for the elected Janet Napolitano, who left her post to become President Obama's Homeland Security secretary, Arizona's fill-in governor has signed into law some of the most mean-spirited, race-baiting legislation of the 21st century. Over 20-plus months and counting, she OKd Arizona's transformation into an immigration police state, banned ethnic studies in public schools and took away domestic partner benefits for gay and lesbian state employees.

And she'd rather not talk about it:

Incumbent Republican Jan Brewer said Thursday she has no intention of participating in any more events with Democrat Terry Goddard. She said the only reason she debated him on Wednesday is she had to to qualify for more than $1.7 million in public funds for her campaign.

"I certainly will take my message in a different venue out to the people of Arizona," she said....

Anyway, Brewer said, she believes the debates help Goddard more than they benefit her.

"Why would I want to give Terry a chance to redefine himself?" she said.

Brewer conceded that her performance in Wednesday's debate, and her refusal to answer a question from reporters afterward, was not well-handled. That includes an opening statement when she lost her train of thought and went silent, and walking away after the event rather than answering questions about her prior statements about headless bodies in the desert.

Brewer doesn't need much more exposure to win -- she has a nearly 20-point lead over her Democratic opponent. But elections aren’t just about deciding which candidate wins; they’re an opportunity for voters to decide what's best for their state. Brewer, one of the more consequential governors in the country, evidently wants Arizonans to make up their minds the way she does: easily and without much information.

-- Paul Thornton

Photo credit: Matt York / Associated Press


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C. Castillo

Go Jan Brewer!!


zombie woman needs to eat more brains!!!!
god that woman is a scrunged up skeezer

Mitchell Young

Cheer up, Paul. You'll be happy to learn she wants to raise the sales tax in Arizona. 'Course, only to 6% -- which we old timers can remember was the rate in Cali before the immigration (legal and illegal) deluge.

dom youngross

"But elections aren’t just about deciding which candidate wins; they’re an opportunity for voters to decide what's best for their state."

Reread the above a couple times. Only someone who believes elections are just about deciding which candidate wins would write such.

I'd rather have someone in elected office who pauses after losing her train of thought than one who keeps barreling forward. And remember, George Stephanopoulos wasn't there to quickly help Jan Brewer the way he retracked Barack Obama to talk about his Christian faith.


She only did the debate for the money? Kind of says it all, doesn't it?


LOL. This is the Journolist thread of the week. The Journolist site has moved to another location.

And guess what? Brewer will still be governor of Arizona. Twenty Two states will pass laws like Arizona's this year.

And this issue, alone, will be the downfall of the Democrat Party.

Yolanda Miranda

If that happens, american citizens might as well say goodbye to freedom, because this would mean the beginning of Jan Brewer's communist style gov't. Where you are not free to walk on the streets without being harrased by law enforcement.
I hope americans are smart enough to see it.

Steve Richards

What about the Health Status of Illegal Immigrants ?

For those who are championing work permits that circumvent the immigration processes, they should give serious thought to the impact on public health; particularly for infants and small children, who are not of age to having received their full regiment of vaccinations. Fundamental components of international travel and legal immigration are physicals and immunizations. A Person must provide verifying documentation as a condition of acceptance, that such Person has received all of the immunizations/boosters needed to protect the Citizens of the destination Countries and Their Country of residency upon return.

If, work permits for those who have crossed into this Country illegally were to become a reality, the conditions for having acceptable levels of health and immunization must still apply. These Applicants must also be financially responsible to pay for these examinations, vaccinations or any investigation to verify vaccination and health; just as those who visit (Vacationers, Students and Business Travelers), or Persons who immigrate legally do. The Tax Payer and Public Health Care System cannot be held financially responsible.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are responsible for providing the technical instructions to Civil Surgeons and Panel Physicians who conduct medical examinations for immigration. These instructions are developed in order to implement the Immigration and Nationality Act regulations regarding the health-related grounds for inadmissibility of persons into the U.S..

Health-related grounds for inadmissibility into the U.S. - include persons who have a communicable disease of public health significance, persons who fail to present documentation of having received vaccination against vaccine-preventable diseases, persons who have or have had a physical or mental disorder with associated harmful behavior, or those who are a drug abuser or an addict.

The medical examination procedure consists of a physical examination, an evaluation (skin test/chest x-ray) for tuberculosis, and blood test for syphilis. The vaccination requirements recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

What are the communicable diseases of public health significance that would cause an applicant to fail a medical examination or be inadmissible? Tuberculosis, Syphilis, Chancroid, Gonorrhea, Granuloma, Inguinale, Lymphogranuloma Venereum, Hansen's Disease (Leprosy). And the following two disease categories—(1).Quarantinable diseases designated by any Presidential Executive Order. Current diseases include: cholera, diphtheria, infectious tuberculosis, plague, smallpox, yellow fever, viral hemorrhagic fevers, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), and influenza caused by novel or re-emergent influenza (pandemic flu). (2). Reportable public health emergencies of concern to the World Health Organization under the International Health Regulations (currently polio, smallpox, sars, influenza, and other public health emergencies of international concern.) If necessary, CDC can deny ill persons with these diseases entry to the U.S.

Vaccines protect against a disease that has been eliminated or is in the process of being eliminated in the U.S. What vaccines/boosters are required for immigrants in the U.S.? The following vaccine-preventable diseases: mumps, measles, rubella, polio, tetanus and diphtheria toxoids, pertussis, haemophilus influenzae type B, rotavirus, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, meningococcal disease, varicella, influenza, and pneumococcal pneumonia. Persons already in the U.S. applying for adjustment of status for permanent residency, including refugees, are also required to be assessed for these vaccine-preventable diseases.

The Food Industry is a prime example of how circumventing the immigration process is unsafe behavior. The USDA and Public Health Departments continuously inspect fruits, vegetables and meat products; wholesalers, retailers and restaurateurs - facilities and processing equipment for bacteria and disease. Once accepted, many Food Processors, Marketers and Preparers have Illegal Employees handling these products, who may not have proper immunizations. Are the Employers who hire Illegal Workers willing to pay for these Workers’ physicals and missing immunizations? Or is protecting Their own family’s, workforce, customer’s and community’s health being overlooked for profits.

I am surprised with the near-silence about this subject by Health Care Providers! What incurred cost of treating un-immunized Immigrants and the illnesses that they spread are being transferred to other Patients, Insurance Providers and the Public Health Care System?

Mitchell Young

It bears another query? What America are people like Yolanda Miranda and Paul Thorton living in? Certainly in my America, you pretty much have to produce valid ID on any occasion where a cop comes in contact with you.

A few years ago I got stopped for 'jay walking' while on a jog. Despite the fact that I wasn't driving, I had to produce ID. I suspect if I hadn't complied, I would have been detained, or at least 'called in'.

Dr Gerald L. Holloway

Isn't it interesting that the big bully called the United States has now turned on one of its own - Arzonia - with law suits, bashings, their own President attacking them and ordering law suits? "United" States???? Maybe states should start exerting their states RIGHTS. Or maybe we don't have any. May be Arizonian are not Americans any more. Maybe they are part of Mexico. Oh well. The die is cast.

Ramon Sombrero

“Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.” (Abraham Lincoln)

I don’t think he meant it as the Republican party platform.



Yolanda Miranda apparently doesn't live in the same America as the rest of us.


In the last four months Jan Brewer has been caught lying, three times and counting.

The comments made on June 16, 2010, and June 27, 2010, clearly indicates that the Brewer says that immigrants are beheading people in the United States desert. She first ran away from the question and the press when confronted with the question. She finally when to FOX/ FAKE News to recant her lie.

When Brewer was confronted with the fact the two of her top Advisors (Paul Senseman, Chuck Coughlin) are lobbyist for “Private Prisons” giant CCA she first ran away from the question and the press.

In an attempt to gain sympathy, she first said her father had died in Germany fighting the Nazi in World War II (which ended 1945) but of course we find out the truth that her father was never in Germany and died in California in 1955. Do you see a trend here?

Brewer signed into law SB 1070 Bill (Did she even read it?), lied about the crime rates in AZ (even Janet Napolitano knows that all crimes rates went down), and now we find out that she is in the pockets of PRIVATE PRISONS who stand to benefit with the increase Federal jailing, and thus they will pay her back, I wonder if it has to do anything about the fact that her son was transferred to a brand new prison, he was convicted for rape and sexual assault, I guess the fruit does not fall far the tree.

“Private Prisons Lie”

“AZ Crime Rates”

“Father Lie”

Yolanda Miranda

Mitchell Young & Brett:

A valid ID or DL is not what they're asking in Arizona, they're asking for proof of citizenship (passport/birth certificate) to all american born citizens, without any crime commited (not jaywalking or anything), if they don't bring them, patrol follows them home to see those documents. I guess that's the way you want to see your child come back home one day.
Give more power to law enforcement and they will abuse all american citizens. People in Arizona already are being abused, but I guess you prefer not to acknowledge that, you prefer to be in the moon.

Tom from Long Beach

Jan Brewer knows that the best way to win is to keep her mouth shut. The Republicans have proven time and again that they see will vote on looks over substance. Besides, as a Republican the only word she really needs to know is "no."

Marcos El Malo

Of the 15 comments here, only one brought up the issue that Thornton was arguing, which really should be non-partisan. Brewer is dodging not just journalists, but refusing to answer questions from concerned voters. She's refusing to debate her opponent.

Is this the new strategy of the GOP? I hope it stops working for them.



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