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Bill Clinton's not-so-surprising Brown endorsement

Bill Clinton is nothing if not timely -- or at least mindful of enhancing his above-it-all elder statesman cred.  Jerry Brown's apology for his "I did not have taxes with that state" joke at Clinton's expense had barely finished being exhaled when the ex-president gave his endorsement to his 1992 Democratic primary foe. Reporter Seema Mehta reports on The Times' PolitiCal blog:

Former President Clinton endorsed Jerry Brown’s bid to become governor on Tuesday, saying he and Brown had put the ugliness from their 1992 primary battle behind them and that Republican Meg Whitman’s ad that featured him was misleading.

"I strongly support Jerry Brown for governor because I believe he was a fine mayor of Oakland, he's been a very good attorney general, and he would be an excellent governor at a time when California needs his creativity and fiscal prudence," Clinton said in a statement to The Times.

For all the ink spilled over the temporarily rekindled Brown-Clinton rivalry, I can't say I'm surprised by the former president's endorsement. Days before the 2008 election, Clinton had no problem (or at least appeared not to have one) sharing a stage with President Obama, a man who was far more effective than Brown in fending off a Clinton White House ascendancy. Plus, Clinton's announcement puts Whitman in an awkward position should she continue running an ad featuring her opponent's most prominent endorser. 

-- Paul Thornton


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why would this "endorsement" be awkward for Whitman to continue to run her ad?

She hasn't changed her stance, nor her words. Clinton has. If anyone should feel shameful or awkward it should be Clinton.

I love how the liberals try to unring the bell. Clinton said what he said, CNN said what it said, and no one back then recanted the truth, nor did anyone from the Times research Clinton's assertion, and claim it to be false back then.

Maybe the Times should feel awkward about this story and their lack of journalistic integrity. Why didn't they assail Clinton in '92 for his claims? Why did they now assail Whitman for using the same claim? Why wasn't there a rush to research then, and why is there a rush now?

It is just typical liberal media doing what they do...saying something with all the fervor and passion they can muster up at the time, and then when it turns out to be inconvenient, they then suddenly have a come to jesus moment and right their wrong, but only if a conservative uses their passionate assertion...so they can somehow discredit the conservative...but if you have any sense, and know how to critically think, it is easy to see through their subtrefuge


^ Yes, Thomas! The LA Slimes disappoints me every day. What a joke. I wish they would once reconsider what they do incessantly (i.e. their attempts at idiotic, shallow-minded liberal brainwashing).

margit olson

Acoording to the republicans posting comments here it doesn't matter that Whitman's ad has the facts wrong. The LA times should not have checked this out because it would help a democrat? Of all the ridiculous comments I have read that takes the cake. Facts are facts and Whitman's ad is not supported by the facts. Thanks LA times for checking.



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