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Rally 'round the what, Glenn?

Beck I'm no apologist for Glenn Beck, but I think it's a bum rap to say he has hijacked the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech by scheduling Saturday's "Restoring Honor" rally at the Lincoln Memorial.  Beck has praised King, if not the "social gospel" that King's son insists is part of his father's legacy.

Moreover, the criticism of Beck is based on the idea that he seeks to substitute his view of race relations (and other issues) for King's. But that assumes there is a clear Beck view on offer, other than that we should honor U.S. military forces. So far the larger meaning of the event is elusive.

Don't go by what I say. Read Beck's stream-of-consciousness description of the purpose of his much-demonized rally. Some highlights:

"[H]opefully, we will mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor. At least we will begin to look at those things, start to maybe challenge that we haven't valued those things high enough — honesty, integrity, merit, personal responsibility, family and God. That is why we call it the 'Restoring Honor' event."


"It's the same story whether you call it Atlantis, New Jerusalem or Zion. It is the shining example of a place where people work together in peace and friendship and worship God and make things better together. Have we even been striving for that? Have we? Make no mistake, the flame of freedom is dwindling. The shining city on the hill, the sun is setting. If you don't want it to go out on our watch, then you must stand in the blaze. The fire of truth that does not burn those who stand in it, but consumes everything that is not. Point others to the truth."

It's hard to take offense at this spiel, because it's hard to make much sense of what, exactly, Beck wants to happen in the United States of Atlantis. Maybe we'll find out Saturday.

-- Michael McGough

Credit: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images


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Dan H

If you want to see just how dysfunctional Beck fans are, and just how dangerous Becks lies can be, go to this site > http://bit.ly/bs5DPm. It compares King and Beck's achievements and has a poll on what you think Beck's motives are. The link got posted on the Restoring Honor Facebook page and are they PO'd. They're flooding the comments (and the poll) and some of the comments are UNBELIEVABLE. Here is an example of what a Beck backer believes based on what Beck tells them, taken verbatim “If they were progressive… they wouldn’t be Christian in any way shape or form. Dr. Alveda King IS a Christian just like her uncle. And in TODAY’S sense of being a christian you HAVE to be conservative.”


Tune in, and let's see how it goes.

Klatu Berata Nicto

Beck is a classic sensationalist. I can see where this is going. Will not be many people there. The people who believe his jive will be busy watching a rerun of "The Golden Girls" during that time.


The Koch brother are paying too bus in supports and handlers.
So a few will be there.


In other words, they're going to have a big group hug and sing kumbaya together. Funny how that sort of stuff is only verboten when liberals do it.

Michael in CA

So Klatu, are you prepared to eat your shorts when 100,000 or more show up to his rally. What exactly do Liberals have against Honor, Faith, hope and charity? I don't practice any religion and regard my faith as the faith in fellow men. The angry, spiteful Left gives me no such faith. BTW...I voted for Bill Clinton twice so I'm no Conservative hack.

Michael in CA

Hey Dan...Your website was a total joke. Let's see how the numbers for the Anti-Tea party event compares to Becks rally. Beck has said on multiple occasions he is no MLK and his rally was not scheduled with MLK in mind. Unless you are one of those conspiracy guys which I suspect. I listen to everyone and make my own opinions. From what I have seen I don't trust ACORN and the organizations like them...I also think those who are overly religious and push their religion on others are troubled. That is my one criticism of Beck though I admire his message of hope and honor. His shows are filled with historical lessons and the best of America from the history books. His opposition takes clips out of context and sticks to the same old worn out talking points. Get your facts and put up a real argument instead of linking irrelevant clips and taking things out of the frame of context trying to make your point. Again...Let's see how many show up for that October 2 anti Tea Party rally. I for one will laugh on that day thinking of you.

Oberman can only dream of the ratings Beck gets.

Bryan Upton

Beck is a moron who somehow found a way to get paid to stand on a soapbox and spew right wing propaganda. If we ignore him maybe he'll go away... probably not though.

Robert Gilbreath

Glen Beck has taught me so much about history...in school I fell for the liberal "blame whitey" indoctranation that tried to blame us for all the shortcomings of the black race. I am not a rascist, but black people should thank God that their ancesters were brought over here from Africa. Would they like it better if they were now living in Africa, starving, and many unredeemed by Christ? Martin Luthor King was a communist and was being monitored by the FBI. The Democrats has always been the rascists in the country but if you believe the liberal media, I dont judge anyone from their race...but you can sure tell that Obama does...The way he sneers and hold up his nose on TV you can tell he thiks he is better than anyone else.
There is an interesting book by Steven Baldwin (NOT the libtard actor) called the case for impeachment. You can read a sinopses on world net daily and it shows the MANY impeachable crimes of B Hussein Obama.


Judge thee by those who follow thee?

I'm sorry, but I have never known of the existance of such unpleasant, dogmatic people as I've learned about since Glen Beck talked them out of the woodwork.

I truly hope (and pray) that the media does its job here and interviews some of the attendees...and remembers that an interview means asking relevant questions and demanding relevant answers.


Robert Galbraith's comment below illustrates exactly what I mean: Judge Beck by those who follow him:. How unpleasant can you get, Bob. Your comments are hateful AND irrational.

Andrew Masset

Beck's vying for the religious right zealot award. He infuses metaphors, parallels, nonsequitors and blathering to bolster a paradime that completes inifficiencies...got it? He must have terrible breath to spew out all that garbage.


"It's hard to take offense at this spiel, because it's hard to make much sense of what, exactly, Beck wants to happen in the United States of Atlantis."

And therein lies the problem. Nice rallying words that get people worked up before they have any idea what they're fighting for.


King: I have a dream.

Beck: I have a scheme.

What greater dishonor could occur?


I love it! Everytime Beck comes out of the woodwark, along come all his cronies - the semi-literates, the retards. I hope some people at the rally in D.C. today are actually teachers, and teachers of history god forbid, who can give the churls a few lessons in what really occurred in American history. Can they at least get the morons to use spellcheck?


BRAVO to Michael in CA... And for Bryan Upton, Beck and ALL of us so-called propaganda spewing right wingers are going NOWHERE. You would think that by now you would realize that "NORMAL" Americans are pretty sick of your hatred towards anyone who seems to disagree with your twisted view of an entitlement based society.

Jack C NYC

Beck's "I HAVE A SCHEME!" Rally for the WTP - White Tea Party (KKK).

Anti-black, anti-hispanic, anti-moslem... not really the teaching of Jesus.


Glenn Beck the male Sara Palin....They only want to embarrass the President. It is really sad that ANYONE would follow them.


Great rally - and considering the grotesque monoply claim on dr. King's memory, we can see that the left is really spooked by the positive transformation this nation goes through. We'll see how this will work in November - bye-bye -

Mit Allen

"It's hard to take offense at this spiel, because it's hard to make much sense of what, exactly, Beck wants to happen in the United States"

That's exactly why this "movement" and this rally are so insidious. It has two purposes: 1) To make its instigators more famous and wealthier, and 2) To fill its participants with impotent rage, which causes them to watch Fox News even more to find out the details of why they're so angry.

The problem is, that type of impotent rage will cause violence to occur to innocent parties in the future. THAT'S the problem.


I love how condencending some of you are. Glenn is saying "No" to those "progressives" and "socialist" and "cloward and pivin beliving radicals" who are attempting to destroy our country as we have known it. He is saying to not be dismayed to those of us who wonder how do we turn the country around. He is saying look around, you are not alone. Stand up and be counted.

We must stand for a political process this is honest, Something we can trust. A process that wants America to be great. A process that will allow God to be a part of the process.

The United States as we have known itis on the brink of destruction. I read of lot of "hate" America in some of the post. Glen is trying to tell me how I can help combat those
America haters.

I believe in tolerance, and charity and taking care of those that can't take care of themselves, Finding a way to accompish the any things that need accompished can be achieved thru a "free market" type economy and fiscal responsibility. Government is not the answer, Government is the problem.

Granted, Government has it role and is necessary. But having Government to try and direct the major areas of our lives is just not right. Self reliance, individual responsibility, a strong work ethic, belief in God, and caring for your fellow man will take one a lot further closer to a great country than having the "Government" provide "cradle to grave"

Marxist, Communist, and haters sof the USA have been trying for years to cause us fall from within.

I stand with Beck in an attempt to not allow that to happen. The rally today emboldens me. I am not alone.

truth to power

The first few times I listened to his childish, bizzare rantings, I honestly thought it was a joke or spoof or satire of some kind.
It still amazes me that anyone in their right mind could take anything Beck says as real. He is like Professional Wrestling.
It turns out alot of people think this guy knows his history and is a rational thinker.
The appeal of Beck and other anti-illectual know-nothings is laughable if it weren't so dangerous.
The Tea Party and others who consider Beck as a legitimate voice of converatism (or reason, for that matter) should perhaps read up on the writings of William F. Buckley, he was a true conservative who had a very gifted brain. . . Beck, Palin , Limbaugh, and others lie them practice nothing but demagoguery, feeding on those as mean and ignorant as themselves . . . and by appearances, that's alot of Americans. . . far too many.

Saint Subversive

It's not hard to decipher at all: he's a Mormon, and they believe that "New Jerusalem" aka "Zion" will be a real "shining city" that will exist in Independence, Missouri. He's mixing that theology with whatever pops into his warped mind, but one has to wonder why it is Atlantis of all things, which of course, ended in a catastrophic disaster.


President Obama has restored honor to America. This was stolent by Dick and Bush and the RNC. It's obvious that the message he sends is a clock for facism and hate. Come on restoring honor, retaking civil rights on this day by Glenn Beck? People you cannot be that naive! The same way the German people were not that naive durring Nazi rule. Come on America lets not become this and lets go forward not backwards! What are Glenn Becks credentials for restoring honor??


Lets try this again LSM...

Join the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and many more for this non-political event that pays tribute to America’s service personnel and other upstanding citizens who embody our nation’s founding principles of integrity, truth and honor.

Our freedom is possible only if we remain virtuous. Help us restore the values that founded this great nation. On August, 28th, come join us in our pledge to restore honor at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.

Dr.  Peter Evans

Very, very good, Mr.Michale McGough! A great piece of work. Thank you LATimes for publishing this great article!

Dr. Peter


Well, despite what most of the commentators here, describe, the rally of possibly 2 million, that covered all of the mall, were just normal decent folks who work hard everyday and pay taxes.

They literally picked up any trash and cleaned the Capital up before they left.

I can see a revolution coming in November from my window.


I can't believe anyone would think that Glenn Beck did this rally out of the 'goodness' of his heart. Another scheme to show the African-Americans that Martin Luther King Jr.'s Anniversary was second to his rally. Glenn Beck has his own agenda on putting the blacks in their place and with Sarah Palin at his side only strengthen his rhetoric. If he is losing his sight, if he loses his voice it will be a God send.

Bob Andres

One similarity to that event 47 years ago:
King faced haters expecting a Communist rally.
Beck faced haters expecting a KKK rally.
In both cases the haters were disappointed.


Beck doesn't need a message - this is about his star power and ability to make $$$. Why else would Palin so eagerly jump on-board? A public appearance that promises to be politically issue-free? The ultimate attraction is nothing about messaging; it's bottom-line projections and their fantasies about filling out deposit slips on their way to the bank. Beck's probably also filling out a request for tax-exempt status now that he's gone evangelist. That GOP congregation - they got exactly what they paid and continue to pay for: an opportunity to spend intimate time with megalomaniacs that capitalize on regular folks' ignorant fears while rummaging through their wallets. The darkest side of Democracy and Capitalism veiled in the history of one of our greatest orators. Perhaps the statement of 'having wandered into the darkness' is a shared projection for both of them...



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