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When readers write

LeBron James? Lynne Stewart? Bristol Palin? The Grim Sleeper? The Times' Opinion Manufacturing Division wrote about them, and so did you!

The author of the eponymously named Ruth's Report followed up on Petra Bartosiewicz's July 15 Op-Ed on Lynne Stewart, saying Stewart's sentence is unjust and that Stewart's treatment is a sign that President Obama's policies are a continuation of those followed by the two previous Bush administrations. Echoing a lament that's becoming familiar from the left, she writes, "Remember that is Barack Obama's Justice Department. Not George W. Bush's. We were supposed to get a change. Where is that change?"

A blogger who goes by Andromeda Perseus linked to our Bristol Palin blog post on her site, Busty Superhero Chick, advising Bristol that she should be wary of her upcoming nuptials and remain skeptical of her husband-to-be -- who, Perseus suggests, may only be in the marriage for the money and the fame attached to it. Evidently, Perseus doesn't see much in common between Levi Johnston and her Greek namesake when it comes to rescuing damsels in distress.

On his blog, Lead and Gold, Craig Henry took issue with Elizabeth Joh's July 10 Op-Ed on the Grim Sleeper. Henry argued that there were no downsides to the methods used to find the Sleeper's alleged true identity, saying that time spent researching other methods only means time for murderers and rapists to "find more victims."

Finally, Emma Trotter of Be in the Game agreed with Rick Wartzman's assertion in his July 13 LeBron James Op-Ed that James is part of a generation more interested in maximizing their paychecks than in remaining loyal to an employer or a community. Trotter offered this advice to employers hoping to attract and keep young workers: "A sense of social responsibility, challenges and new opportunities, a sensitivity to work-life balance and ongoing development and training programs are all appealing to recent graduates."

-- Emilia Barrosse


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Some time ago I remember the Times doing a nice piece about the Workers Compensation system and how, as the article stated, most people were treated ok. Well I can tell you of a group who are not treated ok, that is the "seriously injured, " like me!. I can tell you that the workers compensation is like being a criminal to the insurance company and the defense attorney. Go to any site, blog, where the seriously injured go to talk, and you will hear story after story of horrible treatment. The system was never set up for people like me, and the others who suffer in this system, and the payouts for a lifetime of disability is poverty levels, for giving up your health. I also have a D.A. who wants to be a hero for her company, which makes things even worse. People need to find out what happens if you get seriously hurt, it's not a pretty picture!



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