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July 14, 2010 | 11:11 am

Here are a few of the blogs that commented on The Times' commentaries this week:

Rachel Walden of Women's Health News vehemently backed Marilyn Johnson's July 6 op-ed on the importance of libraries, saying that although she didn't particularly enjoy Johnson's book on the topic, she firmly agreed with all of the author's points in the op-ed.

Taffy Brodesser-Akner's July 7 op-ed on the added burdens pregnant women suffer at the hands of well-meaning neighbors was cited by Caitlin E. Borgmann on her blog, Reproductive Rights Prof Blog, who said that while she appreciates people's attempts at civility more than Brodesser-Akner does, she too finds the whole charade rather annoying.

Steve Benen of Washington Monthly responded to Jonah Goldberg's argument in his Tuesday column that Republicans have viable ideas worthy of congressional action. Benen disagreed, saying that Republicans have failed over the years to present a coherent agenda -- not because they fear they won't be listened to, but because they know it would be unpopular.

On his blog Donklephant, Justin Gardner commented on Doyle McManus' Sunday op-ed piece discussing the difficulties the Republicans face in creating a unified platform for the upcoming election in November. Although there are a number of different platforms the Republicans could take, Gardner argued, the party doesn't have to rally around a single one to succeed.

-- Emilia Barrosse

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