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Soundings in the echo chamber

Here's a sampling of the blogs that have riffed on the Times' editorials and Op-Eds lately:

Persevere: Leith Community Portal pointed its readers to John Bolton's July 1 op-ed, "We must crush the Taliban and Al Qaeda in a 'long war' in Afghanistan."

Bloggings by boz gave a shout-out to our July 2 editorial, "Guatemala at risk," which urged the Obama administration to scrutinize Guatemala more carefully, as it is in an extremely precarious position politically.

A post on Attack Machine disagreed with Doyle McManus' choice to use President Teddy Roosevelt's progressivism in his July 1 op-ed as a counter to Sen. Jeff Sessions' (R-Ala.) argument that Elena Kagan's progressivism isn't conducive to her being a successful Supreme Court justice. Attack Point went on to say that "progressives" a century ago held much different values than the "progressives" of today, making a comparison like McManus' obsolete.

Advice Goddess Blog mentioned Michael Shermer's July 2 op-ed on the application of game theory as a means of understanding why doping among cyclists is so widespread.

The New York Times included our July 3 editorial on Kagan in a roundup of opinions on her nomination that accompanied a blog post on Republican opposition.

Finally, conservative blogger Randall Smith at Perlstalker's Ramblings found our July 4 editorial "troubling" because it portrays the Constitution as a changing document; he sees it rather as a finite document whose original meanings remain intact regardless of the passage of time.

-- Emilia Barrosse


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en la nota donde critican a México de RACISTA...creo que deberian voltear primero hacia su pais, donde en Arizona cazan a los inmigrantes y donde los MinuteMan hace un trabajo de racismo contra todos los hispanos, no pueden solo porque eres latino pararte y pedirte, tu pasaporte o tu ID, la policita te ve como criminal solo por ser Hispano, yo lo vivi en mis vacaciones y creeme que es denigrante......Creo que ven la paja en el ojo ajeno y no ven la viga en el propio.....



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