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Jerry Brown's rapid response to Sarah Palin

Untitled-1 That was quick: The Jerry Brown campaign released a video today using the comments by Sarah Palin I blogged about Thursday.

Brown is right to take on Palin over her fact-less punditry, but responding to her attack by touting the "$5 billion rainy day fund" (check out the screen shot to the right) amassed under his watch is misleading. Sacramento may have been awash in cash before the Howard Jarvis-led tax revolt, but the former two-term governor's insistence on setting money aside was a big reason voters fed up with rising property tax bills in the face of budget surpluses passed Proposition 13 in 1978.

And after Prop. 13? By the time Republican George Deukmejian succeeded Brown as governor in 1983, the rainy day fund was in the hole by nearly $600 million.

-- Paul Thornton


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When you begin to tout the champion public trough feeder of them all, from the worst family of politicians that ever lived, and yes I've considered the Kennedys, you've gone too far. I know that Liberals are against the death penalty but did you know Pat Brown, Jerry's father once killed a man, Carryl Chessman, for political expediency? And now you're promoting this Bozo, again. He, of course has nothing to say about solving your massive financial problems so, like a true opportunist, goes after Sarah Palin, America's eventual saviour. What fools you Californians have become. From our leading state, to the worst, in three generations. That takes some doing. Elsewhere in your paper you have a great article on the Mexican drug Cartels. These are some bad people, but when we Arizonans attempt to protect ourselves, from such monsters, we are called names, and derided. With states like your's next door to us, who would need enemies?

maya fenaux

Why not ask Santaclaus what he thinks of California, or the bees what they think of American politics, or Krauthammer what he thinks of Brad Pitt, or..........Sarah Palin what she thinks of .......about anything.
Well, Sarah doesn't think !


@studakota, I think you've been out too long in the Desert Sun.
The Browns are one of the Best "family of politicians that ever lived". Further, CA sent Bozo to the White House, or was that Bonzo?
But, on one thing you are correct. Yes, CA has seen a severe slide in its fortunes in the past 30 years whipsawed by one GOP bit of chicanery after another. Before Reagan, CA had an Economy, the elite university system in the Country and crazy people locked up. Before the Duke and Wilson, CA had a functional college and university system. Before Prop 13, which, by the way, benefited primarily commercial R/E, not common 'homeowners' as touted, we had budgetary tools like virtually every other State to deal with GOP Zealots.

@maya wrote: Well, Sarah doesn't think !"
Isn't it a shame that McCain allowed himself to be conned by some of his whacked hacks into dragging her in from the tundra? As bad as other of his actions in life have been, this was undoubtedly the worst for his Country.


Voters deserve the politicians they elect. If Brown's elected, after all the damage he caused before, no one has anyone to blame but themselves.

At this point, probability is on the side of someone who has never been in government.

No one can do worse then what the Democrats are doing now.


Brown's early political career reads like a red-carpet roll out. First a minor fiefdom -- a community college board. Then secretary of state. Then, still in his 30s, California governor in 1975.

Since Brown lost a U.S. Senate race to Pete Wilson in 1982, he has assumed the role of wandering prince -- continually reinventing himself, trading on his political connections and then, when convenient, shamelessly distancing himself from them. He can always return... So he went from being state Democratic Party chairman, the ultimate insider, to an independent whose "general thinking doesn't fit the mold of a party," to a Democratic candidate again!

Even as a candidate for Oakland mayor, Brown underwent a complete transformation. At first, he promoted a plan for "Oakland Ecopolis, a Plan for a Green Plan." The mayor's Oakland would mirror a new-age Italian hillside village, disdainful of "mere economic development." His Oaktown: "A baby smiles and a flower grows." And: "Oakland Ecopolis is both far away and very near," Brown said.

Enough of this guy -- whomever he may currently be!!

Fred T

I support Sarah "half-term" Palin.


Thanks for the LA Times enlightenment. I never realized Jerry Brownwas a fiscal genius.Your logic confounds me. Do you think Jerry could replace Bynum in the Lakers/Celtic game tonight too?



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