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BP chief yachts while the Gulf rots?!

Anybody checked Tony Hayward’s hearing lately?

Because the BP CEO has to be completely tone-deaf: first, to go whining about wanting his life back, when 11 lives were lost in the oil rig explosion and millions more, human and animal, have been laid waste since then.

And now he’s been spotted out and about on the waters off the Isle of Wight, the place for boating in Britain, aboard his racing boat, Bob.

BP has stuck up for its chief’s first day off in two months, as tar blobs the size of softballs advanced on Florida’s beaches and as a Louisianan named Bobby Pitre told the Associated Press, "Man, that ain’t right. None of us can even go out fishing, and he’s at the yacht races."

But back to Bob, the yacht. Sounds like a children’s book name, doesn’t it? Bob the Yacht and the Great Oil Volcano. Bob the Yacht and the Mystery of the Dead Sea Turtles.

Why Bob? A family name? An inside joke about the slang term for the old English shilling coin, and later for a five-pence piece, both nicknamed "bob"?

I think it’s an acronym, and I think we should all have a crack at fleshing out what B.O.B. really stands for:

British Oil Boat … Befoul Our Beaches … Buzz Off, Buddy .…

Your turn!

-- Patt Morrison


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Big Dude

Bloody Old Bastard....This guy must be a plant...nobody can be that stupid and be head of a huge Oil company...Oh, wait...my bad...Forgot about Exxon and Chevron...Let them all rot in hell for their imbecilic and imperious actions and attitudes towards the Earth and mankind.


Obama and Biden were golfing...so what!


Obama and Biden were golfing....so what to both.


Is "Big Dude" utilizing nasty old oil or is he still traipsing around on his little Mattel plastic (made from petroleum) three-wheeler?
His simplistic and flippant comments reflect his inability to comprehend a complex industry. Really, he should get a life!

Jeb Bush / Lez Cheney 2012

Joe Barton & the GOP, well done sirs! How dare the kenyan born barry HUSSIEN obama speak up to, or even question the hard working BP executives. As a muslim, and a communist, he was already predisposed to attack the brave men from BP who were forced to attend this shakedown at the Oval office. GOP Congresswoman Michelle Bachman is RIGHT, this is simply a re-distribution of wealth to the "small people". It is long past time to take back our WHITE House as Dr. Rand Paul says. Lets all agree to hold obama responsible for this mess in the Gulf until he and his liberal cronies clean up the disater they made. Lets band together as Americans and demand that the US Military remove the kenyan. Then the Supreme Court can appoint Jeb Bush as President (just like 2000 <;-) and Mary Cheney VP. Jeb is a family values guy. Mary will fight like her Dad to keep gays out of the Army! And remember, even more important than the obama oil fiasco in the Gulf, call your congressman and get those Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy extended! It's that important. Even if your a small person.



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