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What's really new about Arizona's new approach to illegal immigrants [UPDATED]

Boosted by the attention from other bloggers and KFI-AM's John and Ken, our online poll about the City Council's boycott of Arizona drew an overwhelming response from supporters of the Grand Canyon State's latest crackdown on illegal immigrants. Take the results with a grain of salt; the poll wasn't scientific. But the clear message from legions of commenters was that council members and other opponents of the law had it misconstrued; it is, as one put it, "the already established federal law!"

That's close to the truth, but not quite.

The main difference is that SB 1070, Arizona's new law, gives state and local law enforcement officers the same authority as federal immigration officers to stop a person and determine his or her immigration status. Specifically, all that's needed is a "reasonable suspicion" (a well-understood legal standard) that the person is in the country illegally.

Like every other state, Arizona has long had the ability to check the immigration status of inmates and detainees, and to turn over to the feds the ones determined to be in the country illegally. SB 1070 extends the immigration-enforcement functions to cops on the beat, whose interpretation of "reasonable suspicion" may be quite different from that of a Border Patrol or Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent. The only guidance provided in the law is that officers "may not solely consider race, color or national origin" when enforcing its requirements.

The new law would also make it a crime in Arizona for noncitizens to be in the state without carrying the proper federal registration papers. And it effectively sets up a swift route to deportation, requiring that federal immigration officials be notified immediately when anyone found guilty of a state law (e.g., the new lack-of-registration crime) is ready to be discharged. Once in federal custody, the detainee would be deported voluntarily or by court order, although he or she could contest the deportation in court.

The stage thus would be set for deporting more nonviolent but illegal border crossers, something that law enforcement agencies haven't placed a high priority on. The federal government in particular has focused its enforcement efforts on felonious illegal immigrants who've broken laws beyond the immigration codes, and has shifted its workplace sanctions from illegal workers to the companies that employ them. But under SB 1070, local agencies wouldn't be free to set their own crime-fighting priorities. It would empower citizens to sue any state or local official or agency that "limits or restricts the enforcement of federal immigration laws to less than the full extent permitted by federal law."

Whether such an effort will reduce the state's rate of violent crimes or crimes against property is subject to some debate. According to the Immigration Policy Center, a harsh critic of SB 1070, crime rates have been dropping in Arizona in recent years despite the number of illegal immigrants; in fact, they've been falling faster in states with the highest number of immigrants than in the rest of the country.

Update, Monday, 1:16 p.m.: As several commenters pointed out, SB 1070 wasn't Arizona's last word on the subject. The legislature subsequently passed HB 2162, which bars state officers from checking a person's immigration status unless a) the person was legally stopped "in the enforcement of" a state law or local ordinance, and b) the officer had reasonable suspicion that the person was an illegal alien. HB 2162 also flatly prohibited officers from considering race, color or national origin when enforcing its provisions.

The new limitation in a) raises the bar a bit, effectively barring officers from striking up a conversation with someone and asking to see his or her papers. Now, they can't ask that question unless he or she changes lanes without signaling, jaywalks, loiters or commits some other infraction. I wonder, though, if it might also allow officers to detain everyone in a car that's stopped for an illegal lane change. If so, the chances increase that citizens and legal residents will be detained because they failed to carrying their papers -- think 15-year-old students or people getting a lift to the gym. Whether that's a realistic risk depends on aggressively the new law is enforced and how the courts interpret the "in the enforcement of any other law or ordinance" clause.

Commenters have also noted a provision in California law requiring state and local authorities to determine the immigration status of the people they arrest, then alert the feds of any apparent illegal border-crossers. Significantly, however, the law does not apply to routine traffic stops, nor does it require aliens to carry their immigration papers at all times. In essence, it does what other states typically do, which is focus California's enforcement efforts on illegals who commit other, non-immigration-related crimes.

Of course, many of the commenters on this post have argued that every illegal immigrant is a law-breaker, and none of them should be spared the consequences. Mitchell Young offered an interesting analogy on Saturday to the "broken windows" theory of policing in high-crime areas: tolerating some illegal immigration (say, by those who pick crops) encourages permissiveness toward other forms of criminality. I'm not persuaded by that argument, but read it for yourself on the second page of comments below.

-- Jon Healey


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Jose Sotolongo

Here are a few thing you can do as a concern citizen:
Dont buy anything new in Arizona.
Dont fly US airways
Boycott the Suns (basket ball team)
If you fly make sure your plane does not land in PHOENIX. You might go to jail if you dont have papers.
Dont buy a new car.
Dont buy a domain at Godaddy.
Dont go to petsmart
If you must travel through Arizona make sure you buy enough gas and food prior entering.
If you are Mexican from Sonora DO NOT BUY at any outlets. Go to California instead. It is cheaper and better.
Any ideas please leave your comments…
Si eres Mexicano y quieres a tu GENTE no VISITES ARIZONA ni compres NADA!!!

Jose Sotolongo

White America is going fanatical because they see that American society has finally evolved into the multicultural melting pot that our Founding Fathers envisioned. Progressive Americans have done away with most of the laws that were used to oppress and exploit the minority people. Now, as these anachronistic White Americans pass to the wayside in the ash heap of bigotry and xenophobia, their last visions will be of a country full of beautiful multicultural people living and working together collectively. Should I dare say, in a more perfect Union. ;)


Soviet Union, maybe. Lex Luthor had the right idea.




Soviet Union, maybe. Lex Luthor had the right idea.


The word in question here is "Illegal". Is it or is it not illegal to enter the United States without being documented? National Security says yes. Federal law says yes. Arizona State Law says yes. Many Americans say no. So we need to either take the Federal Law off the books or we must allow law enforcement to enforce the law. The Federal goverment should have addressed this issue long ago and now we pay the price because entering the country illegally is currently not considered Illegal by some.


Illegal is Illegal


thank you Arnold for ending the free spending spree for illegals and their families.


Jose please we do not need you or your money in Az.

Aníbal Cáceres

Way to go Arizona! Now we need a similar law in Puerto Rico to kick out all the Dominicans poisoning the neighborhoods around me.

José Sotolongo:

Take you and your Mexican friends back to Mexico where you belong. This Puerto Rican doesn't want you or your filth here!

Quiero decir a tí que tú ni tu "hermanos mexicanos" no son mi gente. ¡Vayasen del país y coge a los dominicos para te acompañen, jodio comunista


I wonder if Arizona should boycott California, and more specifically The City of Los Angeles, when the fire season starts up again and half the state is on fire and they need firefighters from adjacent states. Would the City Council feel sorry if Arizona didn't send firefighters or any other kind of aid??

The point is that an illegal alien is ILLEGAL. Period. They have NO rights to be here. America is a Democratic Republic, if you want socialism, as does the High School teacher at Santee HS in LA does, then I would recommend going to a Socialist country like Venezuela. Im sure Hugo Chavez would welcome you with open arms, pay for your housing and feed you.
American citizenship is a priviledge, not a right. If you want to live and work in this country do it the right way, the LEGAL way. The LEGAL way is the American way.


Where is a monster San Andrean earthquake when you need it?


The U.S. is no longer a melting pot. I think that's what the problem is. People coming here now are not melting into the U.S. First of all a large number are coming here illegally and demanding they have rights, wrong. They are not learning the language which is English. They want to benefit from living here in this great nation but do not want to respect it and become part of what makes it so great. They want to be here living our American dream but at the same time keep their loyalty to their country. I see it a lot where I live, mexican flags are flying everywhere. So that is the problem. This wave of immigrants from the south are disrespectful if you ask me but we're the bad guys because we don't appreciate the way they are trying to bring their country with them to the U.S. No. This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. There's a reason you left your crappy country we don't want it over here. We already have our own values and beliefs we don't need nor do we want yours. I truly believe that this is their own fault. If they would show they actually want to be part of this country and show some respect maybe their wouldn't be such a backlash. You can't expect to go to another country and just take advantage of their generosity and expect them to keep quiet. After a while people are going to object and that's just what's happening.


Who cares about the boycott. At the same time there's a buycott. Our governor said she wasn't backing down so what you're doing is useless. The law will eventually go into effect and life goes on. The law is the law, get over it. We're not in mexico you can't get what you want by intimidating or making threats. Remember the majority of the United States supports this bill and last time I checked the legal U.S. citizens still run this country.

cheryl brown



Right on, "Downtown" Cheryl Brown!

Marilyn Elexpuru

This is absolute insanity. What's worse is it is no where on the television or radio. People have no idea what's happening in Arizona. What happens to the illigal's children born here when their parents are jailed and deported. I hate to know that those kids are stipped away from their families and sent to foster homes. After deporting people and children to Mexico they have no where to go, no home, no transportation, no money. America is killing people as they send them away. What is this contry comming to? Everyone has to carry documentation if they are not a citizen,or they go to jail? What a waste of taxpayers money to send innocent people to jail, for doing no crime. That is absolutly a violation of human rights, people shouldn't have to show documentation to anyone if they have done nothing wrong. Everyone needs to learn more about what is going on in Arizona and help to get it stoped. For the people that it is hurting and their children.


Maria Elexpuru - you wouldn't have to worry about deporting children of illegals IF THEY WEREN'T HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Marilyn Elexpuru

President Polk stole the West from Mexico. People speek Spanish in the West because Mexicans were here first not White people. Minorities do all of the laborous work in this country. Go to any farm, factory, restaurant, constuction site, all hard labor that Americans take for granted is coming from minorities. How can one dare say minorities do not respect this country. This country was built by minorities and is still held up by them. How can one throw away a life, esspecially the life of children. Minorities come here to work and prosper just like every American. Most work, and work, and work, and work. They don't have a chance to learn english and who can blame people for clinging to their own heritage. When Americans go to other countries we want them to cater to our needs, and speek English to us, and treat us with dignity. American's don't appriciate what we have. Or who is making all our cheep materials...China. Facotry workers in China, who make pennies a day. Working without labor laws. People suffer horrible hours and reched conditions so Americans can save a few bucks at walmart and buy another shirt we don't need. Illigals who make a life here and raise a family here, have a right to stay here. They don't need to live in fear of being deported and left at the boarder without anything. They are sending children to die across the boarder based on their race. If murder is against the law then so too should profiling and deporting inoccent people. Because it is a death sentance for them sending them back. If you are agains murder, you are against SB1070 and should speek out to stop it.


Mexico wasn't stolen, it was bought for quite a sum of money. Get over it!

Marilyn Elexpuru

If one is against murder then you can not be for law 1070. It is criminal taking people and children from their homes and dropping them off nowhere in Mexico without food, shelter, or money. What happens to the families that have children as American citizens, but their children are illigal. These families are broken and their children are sent to foster homes. Think if you were broken from the family you loved and you had no idea what happened to them. If they lived or died. No person should have to go through that pain. The comment the immigrants take this country for granted is absurd. Most immigrants don't speek perfect English because they never had the opportunity to learn. Go to any farm, restaurant, construction site, all hard, manual labor done in the United State is completed by Immigrants. They do the labor that Americans take for granted. Immigrants built this country and it is absurd to say America doesn't need them. The West speeks Spanish, because the was was owned by Mexico before it was owned by America. Polk stole the west from Mexico it is only right for them to be a part of this land and for it to be a biligual country. Stop taking immigrants for granted, like we take all our material possessions for granted. Factory workers in China make pennies a day and are forced to work without labor laws. Horrible hours and wreched conditions so an American can by one more t-shirt from wallmart they don't need. Please open up you heart and see that we are all people, no one should be treated as garbage. If you are against murder you can not send people to face devistation when all they want is to be part of America and work hard to make strong country.

Aníbal Cáceres

Marilyn, cry me a river. Their fault they are here illegally, I wish the children could be deported as well. The Constitution needs to be amended so that children born here of non-US citizens do not automatically become citizens. By the way, Marilyn, study history more. Read about the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, we fought Mexico and gained their territory by winning the Mexican-American War. Not only that, we didn't just take it for free despite Mexico having to give it up, we PAID Mexico for the land even though we still won it by winning the war! Get off the bong pipe and stop shouting about things you don't know or understand, typical liberal


I am probably already paying for her groceries and her health care. Get it through your incredibly thick skull - if you are illegal, then you have no home here; you are here illegally and need to get your self back to where you came from. We did not ask you to be here, we don't want you to be here and we HATE paying for you and yours.


The illegal Mexicans are coming over and they get to use our health services without paying. I know one illegal that gets assistance from the government because she doesn't make enough income. How does this happen, if I went to Mexico illegally I would be held in a scuzzy prison. We treat them far to well, why would they want to stay in Mexico. Very soon the US will look and feel like Mexico. Arizona and California feel the pain as they have major crime because of the illegals. Don't boycot Arizona! Start voting in your area, get active, fight for our rights because the change that everyone wanted is killing the US. People wake up or you will be waking up with no rights.

Arizona is behind Governor Jan Brewer we are finally getting help for the border issue. Send the Mexicans back to Mexico where they belong!!!! Don't allow them to get a stronger hold on Arizona and California. The children in high schools have turned the US flag upside down and placed the Mexican flag on the flag poles outside their schools. This is just from the children of Mexicans, so what does that say about their parents.


I'm proud of Arizona.

The only people who defend this law are either guilty of breaking the law themselves or have friends who are breaking the law.

Even if boycotting Arizona costs 250 million in lost revenue, this is still a huge step in improving the billion plus that illegal aliens cost our economy.

Don't like it? Then leave. Go back to California. LA is a perfect example of what happens when illegal immigration is encouraged and tolerated. The city has turned into a dangerous and disgusting slum that has bankrupted the state.


All you who support " illegal" immigration let me refresh your memory of what "illegal" means.

"Illegal" or unlawful, is used to describe something that is prohibited or not authorized by law
"Illegal immigration" the movement of people across national borders in a way that violates the immigration laws of the destination country..

Go back to your country whether your from the north, south, east or west. Learn what it means to be "legal". If you want respect you need to respect the countries laws you want to come into to.. Remember you make your choices..And your choices make you.


I am still amazed that the LA city counsel is so out of touch and separated from reality that it actually thinks anyone would approve of them wasting time and money to protest another state that actually cares about its citizens. AZ is not doing anything new; it has chosen to enforce a federal law to protect the people from the problems that have been caused by the federal government’s failure to secure the border.

AZ is NOT rounding up all the Mexicans just the ILLEGAL aliens. You, know ILLEGAL, as in breaking the law, not to be confused with “Legal Aliens” or “Immigrants.” Not all Mexicans got here by sneaking across the border. Some do come here legally and most are citizens or are at least here legally. You can’t blame the people in Mexico for wanting to come here but they still should do it legally, I want a corvette but it is not ok to steal it.

Why does the LA Counsel and the federal government think is their choice which laws they will enforce? What ever happened to democracy, or the will of the people? When did it become acceptable to cater to the people that are breaking the law at the expense of law abiding citizens?

joe mour

Jose You are a IDIOT! What does a cop do if you dont have a id??? What happens if you are in mexico illegal? you go to prision the first time for 2 years! the second time 10 years... And its no us jail hommie.... If had to show my ID everyday yes it would be a nuscence but I would not complaine, because I am legal!! If you dont like to laws of this country go find a new one

joe mour

If Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are against 1070 you know it must be a good law!

Captain Howdy

Maybe if the Feds did do their jobs and took care of the illegals (law breakers) there would be no need for this job.
I am a former Angelino, who move to AZ about 10 years ago. Primarily due to cost of living. I like it here and I will stay.
The thing that i do not understand is this. I came here legally with my family in 1979, it took 8 years for us to gain citizenship. Why than can't others wait their fair turn, by following the rules too?
If that was the case, we would not be where we are now.

Hozell C. Francis

Don't all law enforcement officers swear to uphold the laws of their juridiction, their state and the United States of America? Maybe not!


....Bought the whole familia Cold Stone the other day, and I don't even like ice cream....GREAT JOB ARIZONA and we will be visiting you soon!!

AZ rocks!

AZ you have so much support! It is so upsetting to see how the government is siding with people who break our immigration laws. But if one of us legal Americans did NOT pay taxes they would be all over us! Americans will stand together in November and let them know we will not stand for this anymore!!!!!


You have to look at this and wonder how a illegal can call themselves Americans and tax paying citizens

James Jackson

The Immigration Policy Center referred to above is a pro-immigrant organization, so their pronouncements and findings may be considered as biased and unreliable as those of La Raza. Though the LA Times poll admits to being not scientific, the huge positive response to the AB1070 threatens the media, politicians, religious characters, and those businesses which wish to exploit illegals. Arizona merely brought an unpleasant subject to the fore by acting on the will of the people. The media has been unable to shape public opinion with its biased articles such as these in the Times, and politicians have been unable to control illegal immigration by their political cowardice. Statistics mean nothing to those affected by crimes of illegals, and very many have been affected in some way. This bill will survive legal attack. We must wait to see how it works in practice.


"That's close to the truth, but not quite. The main difference is that ...." If that's the main difference, then I would say the AZ law is essentially the Federal law, because naturally the state law cannot govern federal officers and Federal law cannot govern state officers. Basically, the author is just saying "The main difference is that the AZ law is state law, and the Federal law is Federal law." That's not a very meaningful analysis.


Fact is, a minority of people---mainly illegals don't want any enforcement of our borders whatsoever.

The US Immigration Law needs to be enforced---immigration law is enforced in mexico and every other country on earth.

The fact that the federal government--contrary to the will of MOST Americans, has ignored enforcement for decades, and to this day refuses to enforce the law forced the hand of Arizonians.

The issue of enforcement will NOT go away--but, become louder and louder; the majority voice of the people WILL be heard in November.

Talking about boycotts--seems to me that Arizona exports power to California...perhaps a power boycott by Arizona against California is in order.


Let's imagine the situation were reversed and millions of poor white or black southerners were pouring across the border into Mexico. Imagine them marching in the streets of Mexico City waving American flags, demanding citizenship, refusing to learn Spanish and burdening schools and hospitals.

Then imagine they had the audacity to insult the entire Mexican population by declaring that they were lucky to have them there. That they were just doing the work that the Mexicans are too lazy to do. Don't tell me Mexicans wouldn't be resentful.

The difference is, normal Americans would look at that and be ashamed of their countrymen. They would rightly be called arrogant and disrespectful. Plus, it could never happen, because Mexico's immigration laws are 10 times stricter than even Arizona's. In Mexico, illegal alien's have no rights and cannot interfere in politics.

Marilyn Elexpuru, you're a disgrace. The reason why so many people want to come to America, legally and illegally, is because of the opportunities and relative security that we enjoy. The reason we enjoy the quality of life that we do is not because we have a bunch of minorities as you say doing all the hard work, it's because the culture here is one that respects the rule of law. We respect law and order. We expect everyone to follow the same rules. That, plain and simple, is what allows prosperity and freedom. Corruption does the opposite.

So, what we are seeing is a very large group of people coming into the country illegally and demanding different treatment. They feel they are entitled to break the law because they pay sales tax or whatever. A large percentage of them maintain loyalties to their own culture and homeland (not the USA). We see political elites tripping over themselves to cater to this new expanding demographic for votes and to maintain power. And the rest of us law-abiding citizen's are scratching our heads, frustrated and resentful. We're called racists, bigots, and xenophobes for standing up for our laws and our country. We're pissed. I'm pissed.

isaac lebron

I love AZ. I plan on sending money anyway i can. The truth is there is no law against illegals that these people will support other than amnesty. This is unfortunate but it lets you know where there allegiance is. This law is fair i read every word in it. No one should have a problem with this law unless they do not recognize our right to have immigration laws. Im tired of the rhetoric. I am not a racist I am a latino who loves our country. I believe we should control our immigration. Keep up the good work AZ. Maybe the illegals can go to LA oh wait they have already overrun that place.

Mitchell Young

"The only guidance provided in the law is that officers "may not solely consider race, color or national origin" when enforcing its requirements."

Not quite. First, the law starts out by stating that it applies in the case of a 'lawful contact'. Now I suppose we can discuss what that means -- its often said that if a cop really wants to stop you he or she can find some sort of probable cause. But I read the law to read that Arizona cops will still have to have some valid reason, other than immigration, to begin begin the 'immigration check' process. At any rate,it is beyond dispute that 1070 doesn't *mandate* that local and state cops be looking to make stops just to start the immigration check process.

There is an even stronger guidance built in to the bill -- it says right up front that if a person stopped, and suspected of being an illegal, possesses a valid Arizona license or ID, or a valid ID from another state which requires proof of citizenship for such documents, then the person is *presumed* to be in the country legally. That is a vary strong bit of guidance.

As for the 'crime' concern, it seems to me neither here nor there. 1070s preamble is about 'security' and the interests of the state, not crime per se. Having a large undocumented population is a disaster for general security -- and no, amnesty won't help because we know from experience that amnesties just lead to more illegal immigrants. Ignoring immigration violations goes against the whole 'broken windows' theory of policing which some credit for decline in crime rates in New York and elsehwhere. Under this theory, cops enforce even minor violations (graffiti, turnstyle jumping) because such enforcement shows that order prevails. Having our law enforcement officers, and even courts, look the other way in cases were there are obvious signs of illegal residence in the US simply creates chaos -- shows the 'broken window' of our immigration enforcement.

Moreover, the state has a compelling interest in making life better for its residents. I suspect that even LAT editorial board members would narc out a neighbor who decided to, say, open up a custom cycle shop in their garage, or to offer rooms to a significant number of borders. Neither activity is violent, and the only 'crime' committed is breaking zoning rules. But those rules help preserve the quality of life in residential areas.

Not enforcing immigration law violates collective decisions made by the democratic process about level and criteria to immigrate. And it sure looks like in most cases lack of enforcement leads to a decline in the quality of life--look at California, the most immigration-impacted state. Its perpetual budget crisis and net outflow of native-born citizens indicate that quality of life in the Golden State is deteriorating.


I certainly hope that the "resounding majority" of legal Hispanics do not condone and support illegal immigrants.

That in itself would be the ultimate form of racism.

Imagine a "resounding majority" of whites supporting drunk driver offenders if they happen to be white. Imagine a " resounding majority" of blacks supporting identity thieves if they happen to be black.


Have you all seen the stunning rant by some Latino teacher at Santee High School? He rants about the racist white people. He's against capitalism and is proudly a socialist. He wants La Raza to retake California for his people since the whites stole it. WAKE UP CALIFORNIA. You have a serious problem if people of this mentality are allowed to teach your children. Arizona is doing what it can to save itself because Obama's administration won't do a damned thing. They don't want to offend minorities in any way and are willing to sacrifice the country for their ideology. At least AZ has the guts to do this and it's something CA should have done many years ago. But there are too many liberals in CA who are so out of touch with reality. Maybe it was too many drugs back in your hippy days.


What is the argument here? every single alien "BROKE THE LAW!" Our Government, Republican & Democrat, have allowed the invasion of 30 million criminals and is the largest invasion of any Nation, in direct violation of Article IV, Section IV of our Constitution.

This refusal to abide by our Constitution should be classified as Treason as grounds for impeachment & trials for Treason!

Not only have they allowed the invasion, they force American tax payers to pay Billions of dollars to provide Welfare, Prison, Educate the invaders children,free medical care, at the same time the invading horde break numerous laws, massive document fraud, & are destroying our schools, hospitals, communities, culture and standard of living while Robbing, Raping, Killing & Assaulting American Citizens WAKE UP PEOPLE! They walked,rode,swam and drove over here, they can do the same going home! taking thier anchor babies with them! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Btj6IeOFkis&feature=player_embedded


California has an illegal immigrant detection mandate law under Penal Code Section 834(b). It mandates full cooperation with Federal authorities and demands verification of the legal status of anyone in custody who is suspected of being here illegally. Any reader or public official can read that for themselves and decide whether we should single out Arizona. It is better to be informed, always.


The way the poll question is worded--that we should mind our own business--is an incomplete statement of what many of us think.
The Arizona citizens are besieged with illegal immigration, including drug crime, and they have had enough. The federal government have not done anything to help them. The death of the AZ rancher was the last straw.
I am not supporting the law because it is not my business but because it is my business as a US citizen.

Americans can help

Americans can also help:
Please call 1-866-DHS-2-ICE to report immigration or customs violations or Suspicious activity.

Steve, Chino Hills

Your opinion page concerning the poll about Arizona's law misses the mark. The poll did not ask whether the L.A. council had misconstrued the law or its intent. It asked if it was any of the councils business. Resoundingly NO. You then cherry pick a comment that is essentially accurate and go on to malign the ability of Arizona's local and state law enforcment to have the brains and integrity to do what the federal border agents are already charged with doing.
What a joke your paper has become. You add insult to injury by throwing in the IMMIGRATION POLICY CENTER as an impartial evaluator of the law. They are LA RAZA with a coat and tie. Go to their web site and see the "whites only" sign parody for Arizona.


As a native of the great State of ARIZONA, I would like to thank the city Council of Los Angeles. We were having some doubts about this law and how we would rightfully enforce it without some overzealous Cop ruining the whole thing. You have helped us in need, all of our Illegal population is now heading for your great sanctuary state. We won't need to enforce the law, they are as we speak, heading your way. In that regards there will be no racial profiling to speak of so you can breathe easy.
Thank you,
GySgt Marquez

Let me ask you this....would you racial profile an Arab on an Airplane? YES! Of course you would! Is the "Illegal" population coming from Sweden? No. Why are you so worried about being racially profiled if you are not doing anything wrong in the first place? Grow up. We live in a new time and place, racial profiling "is what it is".

Jon Healey

@Mitchell -- "Lawful contact" is the legal equivalent of displaying a badge and striking up a conversation. No suspicion of any kind is required, let alone probable cause. Same rules as for the Border Patrol, basically, but outside the border zone.


Jon Healy, you are grossly misinformed. Take some time to put down your bean sprouts and read what the law actually says.

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