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Pink's gets stuck up -- this time, it's personal

Talk about depravity -- knocking over a hot dog stand is it.

Pink's, the venerable and renowned Hollywood hot dog joint, got held up at gunpoint at 3:35 on Monday morning, which is one of the rare times of the day when he would not have had to wait in an immensely long line. And when the employees told the gunman they couldn't get into the safe, he made off with the tip jar. So low.

The reason this is personal is that I am happy to say that Pink's named a hot dog after me. The Patt Morrison Baja Veggie Dog is topped with guacamole, tomatoes and onions. All vegan, all delish. 

Bad as it was, I am bracing for something even worse -- that police find out that the guy who made off with the Pink's money spent his loot at In-N-Out Burger. Scum.

-- Patt Morrison


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Mitchell Young

"Bad as it was, I am bracing for something even worse -- that police find out that the guy who made off with the Pink's money spent his loot at In-N-Out Burger."

Lord forbid he spend money at the only fast-food place in SoCal that hires actual American-born kids at a decent wage -- and in so doing doesn't saddle us with the cost of 35-year-old burger flippers and their three kids in the school system.


Read the Police Blotter, Morrison. It turns out that when the erstwhile thief was told that the "Patt Morrison" that he had ordered was a veggie-dog he became enraged and demanded his money back. When told that it couldn't be removed from the safe, he grabbed what he could from the tip jar.

As he left, he quoted Richard Nixon's famous words: "We can't stand pat. I can't stand Patt!" and ran off. He didn't wind up at In-N-Out, by the way, but at the Wurstk├╝che, downtown.


The north coast is so much like Orcas. lots of rain, gloom, blackberry bushes everywhere, madronas (they call them madrones in NorCal), homely women with grey hair and liberals, liberals, liberals.

Tom Cotrel

Ideally, he went to Beverly and Rampart, hoping to blow it at the Original Tommy's. Alerted to what had just happened, the staff and customers there caught the robber red-handed.



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