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It's been a good weekend for the gals

It’s been something of a Great Dame weekend for me.

First was my Saturday "Patt Morrison Asks" Q and A column with Gloria Steinem, the ground-breaking feminist, which you can read here.

Whatever you think of her -- and judging from the e-mails I’ve been getting, nobody’s lukewarm about Gloria Steinem -- her influence on the nation’s 20th century social history has been substantial.

Then, I was tickled to spend Saturday evening in Palm Springs -- but not for the usual reasons that make people happy to be in Palm Springs.

I was there presenting a Palm Springs Women in Film and Television award to my friend, producer Gale Anne Hurd. She had earned the "Broken Glass" award, I said on Saturday, for giving a whole new meaning to "chick flick," with her fierce and fearless choices that have given us Oscar-honored movies and more. Among them: the "Terminator" films, "Aliens," "The Abyss," a couple of "Hulks" and "Aeon Flux," to the Independent Spirit award-winner "The Waterdance," along with a new film, "The Wronged Man," based on a true story, and one of my small-film faves of Gale’s, "Dick," a movie that Leonard Maltin lists as one of the 151 best films you’ve never seen. And I have. Twice.

And then the triple play: coming home from Palm Springs to see Kathryn Bigelow win not only for best director -- thank goodness it isn’t "directress" -- but also for another best, as  "The Hurt Locker" laid claim to being best picture.

Mark this weekend as one for the girls.

-- Patt Morrison

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I am thrilled that Bigalow won and that Streisand presented the award!!! And, that Hurt Locker won best picture. Well done Kathryn!!!!! However, I also LOVED Avatar and wanted to see that movie honored with best picture too. Pity two awards for best pic can't be awarded.


Hey MLS... why can't there be two best pic awards? Weren't there two best actress awards AND two best actor awards one year, I think between Katharine Hepburn and Barbra Streisand in 1969, and Fredric March and Wallace Beery in 1932? (The actors' awards weren't a literal tie, but both men were awarded Oscars because they came within one vote of winning outright, so the Academy deemed it something along the lines of "too close to call." I guess it was a kindler, gentler Academy back then! Hepburn and Streisand, however, the year they won, both actually received the same number of votes).


ooops.... meant "'kinder,' gentler Academy"

Maria Rojas

I was born and raised in Southern California in the 60s & 70s---to me, Steinem, Friedan, Sanger, etc, did us single (including divorced/widowed) hard-working women no favors in pitting "the gals" against ALL men using angry, bitter, defiant or 'victim' attitudes instead of supporting women's REAL power--their faith, strength and femeninity along with their key role in the EDUCATION and support of their sons AND daughters as well as 'demanding' (nicely)--and GIVING--real respect from (to) their boyfriends, spouses and coworkers, as well as any person on the street!

What 'products' did we get from their twisted version of 'liberation'? Madonna, Lindsey Lohan, etc--and Gloria's 'celebration' of Hugh Hefner's birthday a few years back? Wow, now those are role models to look up to! It all adds up to the deliberate establishment and blatant promotion of a raunch culture and our young women's being brainwashed about their 'equal right' to kill or abandon their own children while being as nasty, selfish and evil as the worst of men!

What does anyone (normal) wish for their son or daughter to find in life? Hint: It's a happy marriage & children (God willing)--or at least the enjoyment of and a positive attitude towards supporting ALL children and teaching them WELL to be good, respectful human beings.
That's my view as a single woman who's proud to be an aunt and godmother.



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