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Palin hands her critics an issue

PALINHAND Whatever you think of Sarah Palin's remarks to the Tea Party Convention -- and I thought they were an effective, if unfair, encapsulation of the conservative case against President Obama -- she shouldn't be criticized for writing crib notes on her left hand. Sure, it's embarrassing that Palin, who disparaged Obama as a charismatic guy with a TelePrompter, was caught using a low-tech prompter of her own. But Democrats who mock this foible run the risk of underscoring the complaint that liberals treat conservatives, and "ordinary Americans," with condescension.

Most of us need some help when we speak in public. In high school, I competed in extemporaneous speaking, an event in which you had to analyze a current-affairs topic for eight minutes without much preparation.  The rules allowed you to use an index card with a maximum of 50 words of notes, but my teammates and I prided ourselves on our ability to wing it without a card. (This worked against me at one speech tournament, when a judge ranked me last because a performance as smooth as mine "had to be memorized.")

Yet in my adult public speaking, I have used a few notes, sometimes scribbled in my pocket diary. After I delivered a eulogy for a former colleague, the family flattered me by asking for a copy -- except there was no copy, just those indecipherable (to them) notes. I  could have performed on that occasion without a crib sheet, and the same thing is probably true of Palin. So please: No jokes about her critics talking to the hand.

-- Michael McGough

Photo: Sarah Palin speaks at the Tea Party Convention. Credit: Ed Reinke / Associated Press


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Not Amused

I am not a fan of ANY politician. Sarah Palin QUIT her job as Governor of Alaska, and now criticizes our current president as a "charismatic guy with a teleprompter." At least he can use one properly! He also corrects his mistakes, and will go "off script" when he feels that his written script does not fully or acurately make his point(s). Are we not supposed to feel good about a speaker who has to write notes on her hand? Are we supposed to believe that everything else she said was not part of written material? Lets ask Rush Limbaugh, he's a great person and an expert on everything.


Lets not forget that Obama went into the Lions den at the GOP meeting in Baltimore with NO teleprompter, no notes, nothing and SCHOOLED THEN UP AND DOWN THE BLOCK!!


Our Dear Leader Palin Says "uh, can you move the bumper sticker to the right, I can't see it too well near the morons' heads, I'm trying to do a speech here, can you throw me a bone here?"

Tom Degan

I'm sorry, but if Sarah Palin is the candidate for president three years from now, It is going to make my life a whole hell of a lot easier. If she wins it will make my life a dream come true. As a blogger, I will never again have to touch my computer keyboard. These things will write themselves.

I know this sounds exceedingly selfish on my part and I am embarrassed to say it in so public a forum. I hope she never goes away. For the self-described political satirist, she is the gift that keeps giving and giving and giving....

I'm so ashamed.


Tom Degan
Goshen NY

Jeffery P. Segall, RN

Oh, let's see...

I can just see JFK reading off his hand during the Cuban Missle Crisis. I can see Reagan reading "Tear down this wall" off his hand (even though he did have dementia and Nancy ran the country with her astrologer). I can see Colin Powell reading off his hand at the UN when he presented Bush's lies about Iraq...and on and on...

Palin is the smarmy little school girl who is always tattling on somebody when she does the same thing but worse. She's the personification of "The masses are asses".

Jeffery P. Segall, RN



The argument that, "we have ALL used notes" has one drawback: We have not ALL been elected as Governor of a state, we have not ALL been one step away from being Vice President of the United States and we have not ALL been considered a serious candidate for the leader of the free world. THAT’S the difference!

And for those who keep harping on, “well she had notes in her hand for a speech, so what?” WRONG! She had note cards in her hands for her speech…she had crib notes written in her hand for a Q&A with ‘pre-screened’ questions from tea partiers. Excuse me, but that’s akin to cheating on an open book test given by your family!

I grew up always believing that we set higher expectations and standards for the proposed leaders of our country, not lower them.


I don't think the issue here is that Palin used some notes. That is understandable. We have all needed help like this at some point in our lives. The issue here is that she used notes on PRE APPROVED questions and she wrote them on her HAND like a kid cheating in 7th grade math class!!!!!

Sarah Palin is absolutely frightening. She is everything that is wrong with our country right now. Sure she is charismatic, "spunky", and outspoken but those are not prerequisites and/or qualifications to be in a position of leadership.

Eric Stoltz

It's certainly true that it's common for public speakers to use notes. I do.

However, you seem to miss the point. When I speak, I don't need notes to remind me of the central topic of my talk. I need notes for quotes, numbers, names and such. If you look at Palin's hand, you'll see it is the three overall topics she is talking about.

If Obama needs a teleprompter to carefully present multiple details of a 30-minute policy speech, I think that's very different from Palin being afraid she'll forget what she's there to talk about.


Republicans want Obama to fail because, as Jimmy Carter stated, deep down they are racists.


I'm sure Sarah Palin could do a much better Job then Obama.....Not.


Can American's fall any further from grace? How stupid do you have to be to think Sarah Palin is a representative of the Tea Party movement? She was picked by John McCain. She endorses crooks like Rick Perry. She is in deep with the corrupt Republican party that the Tea Party has rejected.

The Tea Party movement is a rejection of the thoroughly corrupted two-party system. Palin is just the latest ruse the likes of Carl Rove has cooked up. The last ruse was the "cowboy from Texas" George W Bush. Anyone with half a brain knows that George W Bush is an Eastern establishment, preppy, silver spoon fed, Yale University, Skull and Bonesman from Kennebunkport, Maine. He is not a frickin COWBOY and moose hunter Palin is nothing but a puppet!

When are we going to grow a brain and see how we are manipulated by the two party system as the crooks in DC destroy the Constitution, our rights and burden us with astronomical debts that can not be repayed and will sink this country and leave you utterly impoverished.

Not only is she a fraud - she is embarassingly stupid!


What?! DON'T mock her?! R U kiddin? Is this 3rd grade? Oh, please! Gimme a break! Go home! She's a dunce. I can see her as Pres, with note on hand--"nuke attack,red button". Here's the notes on MY palm--"vote Obama."

Paul Espinoza

Why did McGough not identify WHO the complaints came from? I trust these do not fall under the "unnamed reliable sources". Whenever I see this type of writing, I can't help but conclude that the writer is using this as a ploy for getting his/her article read. I suspect that the writer believes Bernard Baruch who would fill a need with a reason to gossip.


I'm confused: you're saying we should just ignore the hypocrisy and not take the opportunity to show how incompetent she is that she has to write down "tax cuts" and two other general points?


CanAmericansGetAnyStupider: Apparently they can. Because some of them can be fooled into thinking they are supporting a group that is 'against the two party system' even though two thirds of its members and nearly all of its financial supporters and supporting politicians are clearly members of one of those two parties, and the rest (libertarians) are just a more ideologically extreme version of that same party.


. To all those with the “I can't believe I ate the entire thing" syndrome, Sarah Palin should not be taken lightly. Don't do LOL LOL LOLs. She is serious. She is going after the Independents and those that are tired of Same Oh Politics. She is also working on the Fear Mongering aspect of Politics. She is also building her Fox News Ratings. You know ... say it enough and it becomes the truth. She and the other Fear Mongers continue to sing the same song … You know it is called the “Fear Monger’s Song”. The song includes some of the following …
1. The Security of this country is failing.
2. The prosecution of war criminals in federal courts is wrong.
3. Our captured terrorists are not telling us the entire story.
4. The Sky is Falling the Sky is Falling.
As Barack Obama was taken lightly by some and then became our President so to Sarah Palin should not be taken lightly.

Jim  Estes

If she'd painted a couple of eyes on the side of her index finger and added a blond wig, Palin could have channeled Senor Winces for all those mouth-breathers at the tea party pie throw.
Her life story should be entitled; "Requiem For A Lightweight."
I can't stop laughing.................

el chapulin

Obama "schooled" the GOP group in Baltimore? The same Obama who is now pretty much reduced to "inviting" the Republicans to televised discussions on healthcare, dat who? The same Obama who can't even tell Pelosi to shut her pie hole or risk sinking the Dems even further? Yeah, he "schooled" them. The narcissist, arrogant, it's-all- about-me, as in I, I, I, I, Obama, who tries to be presidential but is an empty suit? Now he needs the GOP, of course, to further his agenda. Good luck. Remember Pelosi's famous remarks (and I paraphrase): "We won the elections, so screw the Republicans"?


I love Sarah. She got the media back by writing "Hi Mom!" on her left palm while she was stumping for Perry. Hilarious! It just shows how clever she is and how stupid the media is. I love it!


I will keep my comments about Sarah to myself but there is no comparison between a few crib notes on the hand and the TOTUS. Every time they go after these non-issues they just give her a greater voice.


Dora, she shouldn't have bothered with her second note. We already know how stupid are the media. They are so stupid that other stupid people do not wish to be associated with them. Journalists today are all Jayson Blairs. pathalogical liars. So is their president. Light skinned negro, who doesn't speak with Negro dialect. Which is why he needs a teleprompter to speak in front of schoolchildren. Too stupid and too incompetent to deliver a simple speech to them. And this man is supposed to defend us against Iranians and Al-Qaida.


Amen Tom!

Nick Fortis

Einstein was right about a lot of things; and made a number of nifty remarks about what he saw in himself, science, and humanity. The "humanity" favorite of mine is: "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the universe."

Now, Dr. E. is my hero, and I love that quote, and I surely would love to apply it to Caribou Barbie and the Partyers. Ah, but I--and anyone else--that dismisses Ms. Palin and the TP does so at their peril. She is a force, and she is not going away any time soon.


Nick F. Los Altos CA


az66, the Tea Party movement began with Ron Paul supporters during the Republican presidential primaries when Ron Paul who is staunchly anti-war, pro-Constitution and pro small government was winning all of the Republican primary debates and gathering huge support. Yes, it was started by individuals you could label as libertarians but are more accurately described as traditional conservatives or believers in the original American values enshrined in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

They are not a "more extreme" version of the Republican party because the Republican party has completely lost touch with true conservatism even though they love to talk about less taxes and less spending their actions speak much louder than words. They are for foreign intervention. They are for big government programs like Homeland "Security" and massive military budgets. They have more in common with the Democrats who are also big government programs, massive military budgets and foreign intervention.

People like you love to criticize the Republican party when Obama is following exactly the same script as Dubya Bush was. There is no real choice between these two parties. It is theater.

The original intent of the Tea Party movement was to reject both the Democrats and the Republicans. That is my point. Now we have these phony conservative who is dumber than a box of rocks attempting to hijack and steer the movement. Unfortunately, we have millions of morons that are as easily led as sheep. And that holds for both the Obama-noids and the Palin-drones.


Sarah reminds me of my ex girlfriend I had. She used to write note on her thighs. My ex girlfriend was very hot. But she is not ready to be President.

Amber Berglund

It scares me to say this, but, she might run and win in 2012. She's got Karl Rove behind her. She's just attractive enough, and easily influenced by her handlers that she can hit her mark and repeat her sound-bytes as instructed.
The Republican party doesn't want someone who can actually think, or who does read newspapers, or has a general sense of what is happening in the world. They want a puppet...just like the "Dubya" puppet they won with last time. It would be a big mistake to discount her. Don't under-estimate the Republican Spin Machine that's behind this package that is "Sarah Palin." Dick Cheney is still there, he's still alive, and he's got his hand up her skirt, making her mouth move to speak. We should all be very, very concerned about Sarah Palin.

Gaby C

What about our fearful leader mispronouncing corpsman as "corpse-man" more than once in a speech recently?


sarah palin is a lot smarter than many people think and, on top of that, she has a support team that is a lot smarter than the present President's support team have shown themselves to be. add to that, openness, common sense, honesty and integrity and you have something i'd vote for ahead of the present crop of crooks in washington any day...and i suspect so would a whole wack of U.S. citizenry.

as for the President - and my mother always told me comparisons are odious - even with the teleprompter, the most frequently used words in his copious speeches are um, err, and i. and this man is deemed intelligent. give me break.


it is also indicative of the level of analysis and discourse pursued by the left leaning media that the topic of conversation from the tea party conference is sarah palin's "hand written" notes.

it would be nice if you could raise the level to something at least approaching intellectual.

caroline  Good

No one would be critical of Sarah's Palmprompter if she wasn't such a hypocrite.
I agree that there is nothing there when they criticize President Obama for using a Teleprompter, he has proven perfectly many times that he can speak off the cuff brilliantly with cogent and correct information. Sarah on the other hand (pun intended) is an ignoramus. But the writer is correct, we do need to take her seriously because we shouldn't underestimate the ignorance of the electorate.

Mike in SF

Robert says she's much more intelligent than people think, so it must be true! All of those hokey, ignorant responses to "gotcha" questions have mislead me to think she's grossly under-qualified for offices greater than Mayor of Wasilla. How could I be so mistaken?


If you can't tick off three things that you would do as president without referring to notes, don't run for president.


"it would be nice if you could raise the level to something at least approaching intellectual"? You mean like whether Obama pals around with terrorists and is the second coming of Chaiman Mao? Conservatives who remain silent over these questions have nothing to complain about here. She is a dimbulb and a hypocrite.

Dan H.

Has anyone noticed there is a significant difference between have notes that comprise 4 or 5 key words or phrases, and a teleprompter that provides almost EVERY word to the speaker? This is as apples-and-oranges as it gets. Palin's use of a few words to make sure she didn't miss any points she wanted to make doesn't compare to the entire text of a speech written by someone else being provided to the speaker.


"he has proven perfectly many times that he can speak off the cuff brilliantly with cogent and correct... "

you can't possibly be serious ? you mean like when he scolded the supreme court in his state address misrepresenting the impact of their decision on corporate sponsorship during political campaigns ?

you mean like when he quotes from the 'constitution' things that are in the declaration of independence documents ?

you mean like his support for the greatest hoax - anthropogenic global warming - regardless of the clear evidence that the whole 'scientific' basis is riven with corruption and deceit ?

for all his charm and ability to speak well - albeit with a the teleprompter - the man isn't terribly smart.

regardless, the nation should be discussing the issues, not whether the issues are written on a teleprompter or a palm. if the nation cannot get beyond the cult of personality - raised to a new height with this President - then i'm afraid the path is only downhill.


Palin always needs assistance. She could never hold a candle to a Harvard graduate. I could see this bimbo in the real world, looking at her hand for notes. Sarah has an issue speaking period. TelePrompTer or not. She is plain stupid, how many colleges did she need to go through before graduating? 5 Are there that many stupid people who want a stupid person in any office let alone President.


Look, if you any of you had bothered to watch Obama smack down the Republican house members, you'd have seen a man who spoke for 90+ minutes on a variety of topics and looked far more knowledgeable about them than the congresscritters raising complaints. He can speak off the cuff just fine, but there's a difference between speaking and "speechifying" and I, as the former speechwriter for admirals and generals know the difference.

Palin, on the other hand, needed to write down six words to remember what she stands for. Six words. Yet she thinks Obama using a teleprompter is some deep character flaw.

No wonder she's so sensitive about the word "retarded."


Main Entry: con·de·scen·sion
Pronunciation: \ˌkän-di-ˈsen(t)-shən\
Function: noun
Etymology: Late Latin condescension-, condescensio, from condescendere
Date: 1647

1 : voluntary descent from one's rank or dignity in relations with an inferior
2 : patronizing attitude or behavior

How else can you communicate with a woman who didn't recall her favorite news channels!? Does she even know who the East India Trade Company was or what the Tea Act in 1773 was?

Eric Bressler

Honesty and integrity aren't in the same galaxy as Sarah. See last week's nonsense in response to El Rushbo using "retarded" multiple times on his radio show and the weak kneed response from Sarah's press hack. She couldn't even call out Rush on her own by name. She's a joke, but you just don't get it yet.


I thought we were through with her. Can she just go away and learn how to give a speech? The nerve of her to talk about Obama and a tele-prompter! Excuse me, her hand had notes on it. My kids know better than to write on their hands. Why didn't she just use note cards? She is stupid and I have never liked her. She will NEVER be President. IF we put her in the White House, we will be in serious trouble and also the laughing stock of the rest of the world. Where is Todd? She doesn't read and thought that Africa was a country! My 7 year old is smarter than her. I hope she goes away!!!


"Sure, it's embarrassing that Palin, who disparaged Obama as a charismatic guy with a TelePrompter, was caught using a low-tech prompter of her own. But Democrats who mock this foible run the risk of underscoring the complaint that liberals treat conservatives, and "ordinary Americans," with condescension."

That's not fair. You're asking critics of Sarah Palin to indulge the conservative fantasy that they represent "ordinary Americans" to the exclusion of other Americans - and that Sarah Palin somehow represents those "ordinary Americans." I've had enough with that garbage.

I know plenty of conservatives. And they rarely have any hesitation to say the most hate-filled, condescending lies about moderates and liberals, especially when they are within earshot of such people. So why am I supposed to treat them with kid gloves? Sarah Palin is a talented celebrity to be sure, but when it comes to having policy ideas and governance, she's an ignoramous. And she has a uniquely nasty streak made more palatable to her followers by her "gosh-darn" baloney.

If the GOP doesn't want to hear that about their standard-bearer, perhaps they should think twice about who they pick as their standard-bearer. They shouldn't have the right to attack the messengers.

Madison Av

Comments by el chapulin herein are as concerning as the fear and
sneer tactics of Palin. It takes an over-abundance of narcissism
to dub another as narcissistic and then use the narcissist's favorite
weapon of "devaluing" to attack a president of the United States.
Believe me as one who has diagnosed and treated narcissists for
years, and no, there is no cure.


What are you talking about "ordinary Americans"? I'm a proud liberal/progressive and consider myself an "ordinary American." Who the hell are you to define "ordinary Americans" as only non-liberal? Does that also mean that "ordinary American's" are uneducated? Don't know how to read? White Rednecks?

If, however, "ordinary Americans" are people like you and Palin, then count me out. Looks like Palin isn't the only idiot in this story.


I'll keep that in mind.


Palin was fair game since she mentioned Obama's use of notes. What a hypocrite.

Michael Kennedy

This was pussy cat trap and the left stepped right into it. Obama uses a teleprompter in a 6th grade classroom ! The lefties, like those posting comments here, have made fools of themselves and they don't even realize it. The next day Palin had "Hi Mom !" written on her palm and everybody to the right of Mao Zedong got the joke. What a bunch of stiffs ! November is coming and Obama is down to 44% approval.


Wow, lot's of hate-monger posts here...
And from the so-called loving left. Surprise...


andrew nelson

Well, at least we can all agree that Mr. Palin's probably a happy man.

Molly Brown

Sarah Plain is an idiot. So is anyone who voted for her. Any fool who, like Plain, can claim that they are somehow “better equipped and well prepared for vice-presidency because they can see Russia from their backyard" as Plain claimed during her 2008 unsuccessful vice-presidential is an incurable imbecile.

And now Palin claims too that she has” a set of secret Washington advisors who regularly brief her on foreign policy matters.” Really?! And who are they? A bunch of Alaskan polar bears?! And even they, no doubt, have larger brain matter than Sarah Palin

People like Palin are laughable because, like pathetic clowns, they are incapable of seeing how ridiculously short they fundamentally are on all qualities needed in the top-notch governmental representatives. The morons who invite Palin to their red-neck gatherings are only fawning her baseless fantasy of running for a higher national office again. Her chances of being elected to any national office are minus zero.

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