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Look for a 'Jerry Brown for Governor' bumper sticker on Rick Caruso's car

I spent Boxing Day afternoon, Dec. 26, talking with Rick Caruso, the billionaire creator of the Grove and the Americana developments, L.A. philanthropist and a man whose name is still bruited about as a possible contender for mayor of L.A. -- a sort of Schwarzenegger Republican is how he regards himself, a pragmatist, not a party guy.

How pragmatic? He’s endorsing Jerry Brown for governor. It was Brown’s performance as Oakland mayor that got Caruso’s attention:

"That’s what really got me focusing on the importance a mayor can make in a city. I think Jerry did a great job in Oakland. Great job. And that’s why I’m going to support him as governor. And I’m going to probably piss off a lot of my Republican friends, which is fine. But Jerry -- I’m eager to see him have a chance. He’s a great guy. He’s a fun guy. Very smart"

Read "Patt Morrison Asks," my Q and A with Rick Caruso, scheduled for this coming Saturday in the op-ed pages of the Los Angeles Times.

-- Patt Morrison



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Gene Zehnder

Jerry Brown did a GREAT job in Oakland? Oh, I guess that's why Oakland is such a safe place to live. Please Rick enlighten us about Jerry Brown's GREAT job.


I guess he wasn't here for Jerry's first terms in the 1970s. Jerry caused Prop 13 because of his policies, and the state has never recovered. He is worse than any other candidate.


Jerry Brown did not cause Prop. 13. The State is not where it is now because of Prop. 13. Prop. 13 is the one thing that needs to stay unchanged for the homeowners of CA. I am on the Jerry Brown band wagon. I would not want either of those multi-millionaires, who are pouring huge amounts of their respective fortunes into the campaign, just for the priviledge of weilding personal power over the lives of regular Californians. Go Jerry!!


Yes please fill us in on Jerry Brown's accomplishments as the Mayor of Oakland........please.


Jerry Brown's policies were the ones responsible for Prop 13. It was a necessary proposition. Seniors citizens were taxed out of their house and the State had a lot of money that was not being returned to the tax payers and not invested in improving the State infrastructure. However, Jerry Brown has gathered the experience necessary to manage run this debacle. Although I am not a Democrat, however, I am seriously considering voting for him a Governor. It's like putting a Trojan horse in Sacramento. He is smart enough to deal with the Unions and the full time legislation that have destroyed our State.

Gordon Potik

Look for a Bumper sticker supporting Gov. Brown on my car also. He has the experience and will be the Greatest Gov. since his Dad and Himself as Governors.

RM Edaps

Jerry "Governor Moonbeam" Brown is not what you juvenile California voters need to save your state. You need a grown up who will instill some fiscal, legal, and moral discipline back into government. Of course an old hippie like Jerry will probably be just the ticket for juvenile CA voters who demand "rights" and hand-outs without understanding the responsibilities that go with them.

Scott Johnson

Rick Caruso is doing some "forward" thinking here....to 2013, when hopefully an "Governor Jerry Brown" (for Caruso's sake) endorses Mayoral Candidate Rick Caruso, to succeed the "fail mayor" Antonio Ramon Villar.


What has Brown done? What business experience does he have other than fighting for unions?
We desperately need someone who understands econ 101 in actual practice, not another lib Dem who only knows how to tax and spend.

union mom

Moonbeam... we need you, we need you, we need you, we need you....
I don't care who you are or if you have money like Bill Gates, you cannot BUY the experience Jerry Brown has!
And Experience it what it takes to get California back to The Golden State!
i have lived in California all of my 40+ years... let's get back to being Californians. We should have it all. We were the envy of the 49 states, great economy, every climate, agriculture, industry, recreation, technology, and Gold!

Altruism is what makes a Democrat. We have endured and painfully survived a Governator... don't get me started!
It would be great to have Linda Ronstadt sing at the inaguration!
Maybe she could sing the *exit song* for Governator "you're no good, you're no good, baby, you're no good!"

nick schrier

I'd like to ask jerry brown if he really had only ONE plymouth. Being in Sacramento since 1970, I heard he had two--- one in LA one in Sacramento Also, from a former mechanic who worked for the state, the Cadillac was NOT sold (It was paid off) but hidden away The TWO Plymouths cost $5,000 each!! And the caddy was worth $5,000 BIG SAVINGS. I also sat next to a former lobbyist who said that she had gone to school with him and that he was "moonbeans" then!!! And when asked of his father, He said "He doesn't listen to me he listens to his mother!!" a momma's boy? 240,000 miles on the Plymouth why wasn't he walking or riding the bus or a bike. I can't think of aowrse candidate for Governor NO BUSINESS EXPERIENCE THAT I KNOW OF ? Ever run a company? Run a business? Met a payroll? this is governor material>????



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