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White House gate crashers: We are not amused

Reactions to the crashing of a White House state dinner have run the gamut from A (for alarm at the security breach, such as it was) to Z (zingers aimed at arrivistes Tareq and Michaele Salahi).

The idea that someone would assault the president with silverware strikes me as improbable. In fact, that scenario reminded me of the state-dinner scene in "Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear," in which Leslie Nielsen's dimwitted detective commits mayhem against Winnie Mandela. As for the tastelessness of the national home invasion -- well, social climbing is as American as cherry pie.

Another angle: Should the leader of this country be holding invitation-only fancy-dress affairs at all? A friend reacted to outrage over the crashing with this populist post on Facebook: "This is an outrage. The next thing you know, the public will be thinking it's THEIR government."

I don't think Obama should follow Andy Jackson's example and invite the rabble to trudge through his house. On the other hand, this is not a monarchy, and so a little restraint and republican virtue might be in order. Black tie shouldn't be optional at a state dinner in a democracy -- it should be forbidden. Then maybe the crashers would stay away.


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quitmakingmountainsoutof molehills

Some people I see are overreacting. The Sahalis are just social climbers, not terrorists! They were never at any time a danger to the President. This has been verified. So enough of the hysteria. Maybe your concerns should be directed toward vulnerable law enforcement officials sitting in coffeeshops!

As for the comment re: not allowing invitation only events at the White House and how they think they "own" the White House...what absolute utter nonsense. EVERY PRESIDENT in the history of this nation has had state dinners and private events with no incident and no one ever complaining or criticizing, but now it's just an issue with the current president? All that whining is just a lot of ridiculous sour grapes coming from sore loser conservatives! Why shouldn't he have the same things other Presidents have had over the years? Grow up...and get over it.

Hedd Wyn

If there is any sort of law applicable to prosecute the Sahalis, I am all for it. Oh, I don't want them doing hard time. I am thinking something like 24 months of community service and a 10-year prohibition on appearing on any sort of television/cable/motion picture programming. And any profits from books, websites, direct mail et al would be turned over to a Washington D.C. food bank.

In other words, these rich freeloaders will have to work .

As for the idea of state dinners. I am all for them. Anything that can bring the countries of the world closer to where wars are less likely to happen, I say go for it. Black ties? Sure why not.


First, prosecuting the Sahalis for more than a misdemeanor is like "shooting the messenger" of bad news. If it turns out that they had every reason to believe they were invited, there should be no action against them. If a real terrorist had done what they did we would be having funerals.

The real crime was the organizing and implementing of security, but that involves government individuals so I suppose they will be forgiven.


It is really odd that the Sahalis said they are not party crashers and were officially invited to the dinner but cannot show anyone their invitation.

I don't have a problem with black tie and don’t think that more casual clothes will stop the party crashers from coming. Especially now—when it looks like a reality T.V. show might be interested in your instant celebrity. Only the Secret Service and the White House social secretary can protect the President from uninvited guests. I think they realize that even terrorists can play dress up.


Pretty amusing stuff and as usual the hypocrisy lies thick on peoples tongues. In Hollywood the want to pass a law that prevents "gate crashing" and here people are indignant and enraged because these two people crashed a White House party. FUNNY!!! I find the incongruity of this "law", rather amusing as most of these people have no problem with ILLEGALS CRASHING THIS COUNTRY!!!! It is O.K. for illegals to come to this country in the manner in which they, but it is NOT O.K. if you crash a Hollywood event or one at the white House, for that matter, and if you do, you can be jailed and /or fined. Makes a lot of sense....NOT!!!!!!!!!!!



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