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In today's pages: Immigration, global warming and Afghanistan

Toles Departing Police Chief William Bratton prods immigration culture warriors today with an op-ed explaining why the LAPD doesn't, and shouldn't, participate in the controversial 287(g) program, which gives local law enforcement officers the powers of federal immigration agents. Turning police into de facto Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents harms community policing and discourages witnesses who might be illegal immigrants from coming forward.

Also on the Op-Ed page, columnist Jonah Goldberg argues that trying to limit carbon emissions to fight global warming is a pointless waste of money because it can't solve the problem; better to invest in technological solutions and adjusting to a warmer world. And think tank scholars Leo Michel and Robert Hunter argue that U.S. allies are already doing plenty of heavy lifting as part of the NATO contingent in Afghanistan, so American officials should do less lecturing and more listening if they want more cooperation.

Speaking of Afghanistan, the Editorial page says the country can't be pacified simply by sending more troops. That has become abundantly clear in the face of increased suicide bombings in Iraq, which like Afghanistan has been slow to build a credible government.

We also send a rare love note to the California Legislature, pointing out two genuinely worthwhile bills that will help cities make better use of water, an increasingly precious resource in this dry and crowded state. And we weigh in on Operation Gatekeeper, the federal effort started in 1994 to tighten border security in a five-mile stretch from the Pacific Ocean to San Ysidro. Though the program has been successful in reducing crossings in that area, it has had an unintended consequence that must be addressed: Deaths of people trying to cross the desert farther to the east have skyrocketed.

Editorial cartoon by Tom Toles / Washington Post


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Bratton is nothing more than VillaLaRaza's lapdog. How many crimes would be prevented if illegal aliens were deported when found? How many American victims would be alive today? When will our immigration laws be enforced? Since when do police decide which laws are enforced? I'm glad to see this idiot leave office. LA deserves much better!

Mitchell Young

Chief Bratton is being deeply ingenuous here. He must know that nothing in 287(g) requires police to contact ICE regarding witnesses to crime. It offers the opportunity for local police to cooperate with the Feds when they have in custody a *suspect for another crime* who seems likely to be in the country illegally. Bratton also contradicts himself. As he states, Special Order 40 has been in place 30 years, but somehow, the police are still hindered by illegal immigrants who are afraid to come forward. And again we get the "in the shadows" rhetoric. Funny, I seem to remember a huge march in 2006 of completely unafraid illegal immigrants and their supporters. Drive by any southland Home Depot. The "undocumented" are in anything but the shadows. Most unfortunate of all is Bratton's implicit criticism of the law enforcement officials who choose to cooperating with ICE -- the apparent motivation for this piece is that ICE was able to sign up more agencies. What is Bratton afraid of, that 287(g) will actually be shown to work? It would be interesting to see how things are working out in LA County or Costa Mesa -- are their "solve rates" going down?

Gordon Potik

Take a deep breath -- more bad news on air pollution
The consequences of breathing bad air is linked to appendicitis and ear infections, new studies indicate.
By Jill U. Adams
October 12, 2009

This is another reason why I will repeat and repeat the following …

Why am I qualified to share my remarks about Global Warming with you?
I have lived in Los Angeles California a good part of my 67 years. Growing up in East Los Angeles we used incinerators to burn our trash. Watching the smoke rise and pollute our air. We thought nothing of this process. Then I watched the transition to freeways in order to speed up our ability to go to work. Laughingly all it did is create … as we now know … long parking lots. Wait and wait to move a couple of blocks. During this time there were days we played and after an hour or so depending on ones health, we had burning eyes and our throats and chest hurt from the burning sensation. This was air pollutions greatest moments the beginning of what we now call SMOG!!!

So to ask me, are you qualified to talk about Global Warming and the environment … You are damn right I am. I don’t need a degree in Environmental Pollution when I can see it, smell it and taste it, feel it, and hear it!!!

The problem with the Cap and Trade legislation isn’t the underlying reason but the approach.

We are basing this legislation on a concept that is arguably affecting our Earth … Global Warming. Even though we have seen a Noble Prize, and an Oscar about Global Warming, that does not mean we need CAP and Trade legislation to stop this impending dume day’s situation. Global warming for some is still a debatable item. In fact in an Editorial in the Los Angeles Time dated 8-26-09 we can read that the US Chamber of Commerce is seeking a “Scopes monkey trial for the 21st century” appointing a judge to hear evidence on the question of does global warming endangers Americans’ health. Since then we have seen numerous editorials about Global Warming and Cap and Trade legislation needed because of Global Warming.

How do I feel about Global Warming and its affects? Don’t give a damn. It is all hot air and goes against the real truth. The real truth is as follows …

I believe the approach should be similar to the way we might handle our own home environment. That is to say … we would not want our kids to play in a filthy toxic back yard, drink dirty water, breathe polluted air, swim in toxic or dirty water, and plant a garden in toxic soil … would we? I think not. Hence we need appropriate legislation to prevent the pollution of our air, land and seas. This is similar in fact to our military that protects us on land, on seas, and in the air.

In fact, if we can secure ourselves militarily in the air, on the land and on the seas and rivers, then why can’t we secure ourselves environmentally in the air, on the land, on the seas, rivers and lakes?

The Global Warming discussion and influence disappears when we have as a goal to remove the toxic influence in the three major environments that are Global in nature ... Air, Land, sea, rivers and lakes?

Sooooooooo, like the financial deregulation that lead to the bursting of the financial bubble thus leading to regulation, that to some seems extreme; we need to regulate the pollution of our air, land, seas, rivers, lakes and other consumables that effect our quality of life. Perhaps in this way Global Warming will slow down or disappear.

By the way, opponents to Cap and Trade along with proponents, have not considered the impact on our economy let alone our health from the toxic pollution in our environment. Go ahead and compare the costs. You can’t. Who can set a dollar value on time lost at work, jobs lost, and health consequences that were created by a toxic environment?


I find it funny that Mr. Stephen points out this comment " How many crimes would be prevented if illegal aliens were deported when found? How many American victims would be alive today?" There is nothing more than a nice racial comment. I just had my car, broken into 5 times, by the same white male. Some how illigal immigrants do all crimes. Maybe we should have them all leave so we can have a better America! wow, but some how even when immigration was not an issue when the civil war started we still had deaths... Oh that's right Americans didn't come from USA... they came from Englend! This guy is full of crap. How can he say such a thing. Like if all illigals killed! Maybe I illigal should not be accounted for all illigals, like my white, car jacker...


Someone should help Abraham learn how to spell, Illegal is not illigal, and England is not Englend. Why can't police ask people if they are legal citizens or not ? I have seen southern Ca. change, and not in a good way. People throw trash anywhere , graffiti all over , the in thing to do is run red lights. Where is the police ? If Ca is broke, get rid of the burden on this state. Illegal immigrants. I don't want to support all the people. Go home. Fed up.

Gordon Potik

Afghanistan and Pakistan ...

Remembering … Sept 11 2001 … how quick we forget. Talk about Dithering …
We remember those who were taken from families and friends. The horrific moment of the airplanes flying into the Twin Towers will never be forgotten. The deaths and destruction have not ever been seen since the attacks at Pearl Harbor. We won’t ever forget.
We promised ourselves to get those that caused this murderous attacks and destruction. But we seem to have forgotten this promise. “How quick WE forget”. We went into Afghanistan not to save the women, children or anything else with respect to Afghanistan’s internal needs; we went in to get Osama Bin Laden and destroy Al Qaeda. Do you remember Bush-Two’s words of getting the individuals that killed so many in New York, of getting Al Qaeda and its leaders?
Don’t you remember what happened? Has time diminished the impact? Don’t you remember September 11 2001? We were attacked when the Twin Towers were attacked.
We were warned that over time we would forget. We must never ever forget. The real problem was that Bush-Two did forget and attacked Iraq instead of putting our military power into Afghanistan. So like others who like to blame Bush-Two for our many problems, I blame Bush-Two on this one also. Dithering Dithering Dithering.
We must continue to withdraw from Iraq while continuing to increase our forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan. We must seek out Al Qaeda and its leaders. We must seek and destroy Osama Bin Laden.
This is not a Vietnam. We were not attacked in the United States by the people of Vietnam. We went in and then pulled out.
With Afghanistan we went in but as was typical of the Bush-Two boys, they got cold feet and stopped. Instead they decided to go into Iraq, a country that did not attack this country.

It appears that the President’s administration is deciding what it means to win in Afghanistan. In the past it was simple … to get Osama Bin Laden and destroy Al Qaeda. Our current President should take it to our true enemy … Al Qaeda and its leadership.

Things to think about ....

1. Political …In the current situation, such as Pakistan and Afghanistan, where there are tribes, that don't like each other, some other form of governance might possibly evolve ... one where, perhaps each tribal area is independent of the others and represent themselves in the national assembly for that country. Admittedly, this could lead to other situations, where each territory wants to protect itself in terms of not sharing resources … that can be worked out … that has to do with creating an economic system that fits with the political system.

2. Nuclear …Also, consideration for the following must also evolve …The Middle East and surrounding region is a dearth of explosions waiting to happen. We see as a result of going after Iraq, that Afghanistan and Pakistan are now involved in being taken over by the Taliban and the Al Qaeda, the original military of the terrorist group that attacked this country. Not only that, the nuclear capability of Pakistan is about to be taken over by the Taliban. We must show these two countries that we are at one with them in the protection of their Nuclear weapons. We do this by not being critical but empathetic.

3. Military …During this moment, where we are trying to stop the Taliban and Al Qaeda, we must also devise a military plan that traps the enemy between the two armies of Pakistan and Afghanistan along with our countries military.

4. Economic …We must come up with a plan to assist the tribes in general and the countries in particular with a creative economic plan. This last step is going to take a lot of out-of-the-box thinking.
5. Nuclear ... Set up a Middle East Nuclear Non-Proliferation Powers Partners Act. Wouldn’t that be interesting??? Wouldn’t that be exciting???? Wouldn’t that be amazing???? Think about the possibilities, when, not if; but when, it is accomplished, and finally come the establishment of peace in the Middle East …!!!!!!! The reason I bring this up, is that when we look at several countries … Israel, Pakistan, Afghanistan, possibly Iran and I am sure … other countries in the immediate area … as they continue to refine their capabilities to produce a bomb and a delivery system … we see an ongoing, very dangerous, and volatile situation in the Middle East.



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