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Immigrants and the uninsured

As Dr. Robertson explains in my previous post, a key factor in the rising cost of health insurance is the expenses shifted from the growing ranks of the uninsured onto those who have coverage. Several of the comments to that post blamed illegal immigrants for the increase in the uninsured. That doesn't appear to be the case.

According to the Center for Information Studies, immigrants -- legal or illegal -- are indeed more likely to be uninsured than native-born citizens. Although immigrants made up 12.5% of the population in 2007, they represented about 27% of the uninsured. There are two other factors, however, that suggest it's wrong to pin the healthcare inflation problem on border crossers. Separate studies of data from 2001, 2003 and 2006 showed that immigrant children and immigrants in generalconsume significantly less medical care per capita than native-born Americans. Noncitizens also make significantly fewer visits to the emergency room, on average, than citizens do. Second, Health Affairs reported that citizens without insurance accounted for 75% to 80% of the growth in the ranks of the uninsured from 2000 to 2006.

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.), a newly notorious member of the congressional peanut gallery, has used his 15 minutes of fameto argue a different aspect of the issue: that the House versions of the healthcare reform bill would enable illegal immigrants to receive taxpayer-subsidized insurance. The bill flatly prohibits subsidies to go to undocumented immigrants, but as Wilson correctly noted, there is no specific enforcement mechanism to guard against illegals from fraudulently obtaining subsidies. Still, that doesn't mean administrators of the subsidies would make it easy for that kind of fraud to take place. If illegal immigrants make disproportionately low use of the care they can legally obtain, what are the chances of them trying en masse to defraud a program they're not eligible for?

Although I haven't seen the Republicans' proposal for an enforcement mechanism, I think it's worth debating. I suspect, however, that many of those clamoring for a more airtight approach won't be satisfied until the laws that make emergency care available to everyone, regardless of immigration status or ability to pay, are repealed. People who feel that way -- and you'll find at least one in the comments on Dr. Robertson's views -- are letting their cost-cutting zeal (and perhaps their resentment of immigrants) cloud their judgment. It doesn't take much imagination to see what a public health nightmare such a move would create.

-- Jon Healey


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How does someone like Healy sleep at night. The wealthiest nation on the earth. There is no proposal for illegal immigrants and you still persist. Have you no shame? And enough already! It's disgusting that you and Lou Dobbs go on about immigrants, legal or non legal. I mean, what is the real issue here. Many undocumented workers pay their taxes and are here working in jobs most of you, even in the wake of the recession, wouldn't life a finger to. Picking on the least of these, the most vulnerable in society and making such a large stink out of it disgusts me. Enough already. Just call it like it is, it's not about money, it's not about insurance, it really boils down to the "us and them" issue and some people feel a bit bigger when they can pick on others who have no voice and no way to really defend themselves. They are human beings. Enough said.


Have you seen any reports about Parkland Hospital and the billions they lose each year due to births of illegal immigrants? When a hospital loses money, they renegotiate with the insurance companies for higher rates. These higher rates then are passed onto the consumer.
If health insurance is the constant theme in anything the President says (number of uninsured, insurance costs, payment fees, people losing their jobs, etc.) then why take over the whole medical system?
Our Medicare system is going bankrupt. Can you say truthfully that illegal immigrants aren't enrolled or committing fraud in that system?


The only way President Obama has any possibility of passing health care reform, is a commitment to remove illegal immigrants from gaining entrance to any public option? In the health care bill they must--PROVE--to the majority of the American People that--NO ILLEGAL FOREIGN NATIONAL--will be able to bleed the government extension in the package. An amendment to the 1000 page reform bill, must guarantee--IN THE WORDING-- that a very thorough background identity check is performed on any applicant who applies? E-Verify would be a progressive identifier, with an initial examination of Social Security number in conjunction with Homeland Security Databases.

To complete the operation of E-Verification this PC application, must branch out across the country as a permanent tool in business and industry for every worker newly hired or long time employee. Thousands or even millions of illegal workers could be hiding in plain site in the workplace, as they have never been checked as a citizen or legal residency compliance? It also seems that the auditing of 1-9 forms around the country, that the federal authorities forget to mention that irregularities by employers only allows them to dismiss the applicant? The fact is that ICE raids have trailed off, so that any illegal workers--ARE NOT DEPORTED--they can move onto yet another workplace. Anybody who is suspected of being in this sovereign nation illegally should be detained and held for ICE inspection, not released into the public mainstream?

We all know that Fraudulent ID is so prevalent, that all security systems have been compromised, with even al-Qaeda murderers who brought down three passenger jets. On 9/11 these terrorists had in their possession numerous authentic drivers’ licenses and other picture ID. E-Verify is not perfect and can be cheated, but as it's modified, collecting more tools to compliment the enforcement program it success rate will become exemplary. Those hired workers who then find themselves under suspicion, can have errors resolved through any Social Security agency. That special interest groups have remained silent about this matter, doesn't need any explanation? most Americans want enforcement at our borders, the workplace, so contact your reluctant politician at 202-224-3121 MORE HONEST INFORMATION AT NUMBERSUSA & JUDICIAL WATCH. REMEMBER NO MORE BLANKET AMNESTIES!

By the way, I'm for an introduction of a public option in health care reform for Americans, but not for illegal foreign nationals. THEY BROKE OUR LAWS AND SHOULD BE REMOVED?

Pro America

Get several big busses round up the illegals and send them back where they came from. Californians need jobs and more federal money, flood the neighborhoods with federal border enforcement agents until all of the illegals are sent home. Then we can talk about insuring the uninsured without a government option or any new punitive laws.


So it's ok for people to come to this country illegally so that we can get 2 heads of lettuce for a dollar but it's not ok for these same people to get some benefits for the work they do? Is it not enough that they come here to work for less than minimum wage in 100 degrees for 10-12 hours a day 7 days a week?

My solution for the 50 million with no insurance is for the government to set up a public hospital system modeled after the VA system that stresses and provides free preventive care. For those who can't afford it, it would be completely free. For those who's income is above the poverty level and on a sliding scale up to a certain income, it would be a high deductable plan with a maximum out of pocket expense of $2,000 a year. That way, it would discourage people from abusing the system by going to see their doctor every time they had a cold since they would have to pay out of pocket for non-preventive care visits. But no one could ever complain that they were "bankrupted" by healthcare since the most they will pay in a year would be $2000. This program would be paid for by creating taxes on junk food and increasing taxes on those who make over $1 million. This public hospital system would not automatically attract everyone because it will not be better than having private insurance. Under this system, only generic meds will be offered, it will take much longer to see a specialist, the buildings will be older, and the doctors may be from foreign countries. This is true of the current VA system. But it will be 100% better than not having any insurance. And patients will still have generally good outcomes(better in some measures), just as with the current VA system.

Those who are happy with their insurance can continue to go to their doctors using their current insurance.


why hasn't california spent the 140 million dollars that the federal government has given to them for emergency medical services for illegal immigrants?..it is called section 1011 money

Joanna Jenkins

We go back and forth on healthcare, we all agree there needs to be a fix, but "HOW"? First, repair the tort laws, Put a cap on how much a doctor can be sued for mal-practice. Given the fact, that there are some doctors that need to have their licenses revolked (which will never happen, most quacks get their fingers smacked), there are millions of good doctors paying for all the quacks. Secondly, about the un-documented aliens, we need to stop giving "automatic" citizenship to their children. If they are citizens of another country, that's where their children's citizenship should be. Not ours! If you disagree, go to any other country and have a child and see if they will give them citizenship. Yes, when it comes to my Country, I'm very prejudice. J Jenkins


As states and counties around the nation are cutting benefits to illegal aliens, hospitals are reporting an increase in the use of fraudulent documents and id theft to gain coverage.

It is just recently that Dems have started to delete requirements for citizenship verification for obtaining social benefits. What is to stop 12 million illegal aliens who are already engaging in document fraud and id theft to get jobs illegally, from using their fake documents to get social benefits illegally?

Why won't the Dems, if they mean what they say about not having coverage for illegals, re-instate the citizenship verificastion requirement and put in strick enforcement measures?


Of course illegal immigrants will use the system. the same documents they purchase at MacArthur park for a job will be used to get subsidised health insurance.

Further....Obama has made it clear he will push for legalization of all illegal immigrants....as soon as they're legalized, they (and the 10s of millions of family memnbers they'll bring here) will ALL get subsidised healthcare.


there is no 'debate' over whether to enforce barriers to illegal access to tax payer subsidised insurance....you start with enforcement...and if you want to debate removing enforcement then do so.


the arrogant attitude of this author and O are the exact reason people don't trust the government to overhaul healthcare. we ALL know the goal is to create yet another huge government agency that controls aspects of our lives so that a federal employees union will buy off congress...so that congress will increase the size of the agency...who will use its additional power/money to further buy off cogress. exactly what happened here in California with the teachers union....and we all know how well education is doing here....

..imagine the same failure, overspending and bankruptcy ...with your healthcare.

Mitchell Young

Boy, I hate to give you stick after "S" comparing you to Lou Dobbs -- just goes to show the irrationality on the "other side" , so I'll start with a semi positive...

Some of the linked studies are interesting (or there abstracts are) . It is quite believable that immigrants -- who tend to be young -- aren't driving up the cost of hip replacements, and since they tend to work physical jobs they probably aren't gobbling down the Lunesta. Unfortunately the linked academic studies rely on self-reported information. This might lead to quite a bit of error. For example, does the average Mexican immigrant (legal or illegal) make the distinction the authors think they are making when they ask about 'physicians visits' versus emergency room use? In my limited contact with Mexican medical care -- quite good, but cash for service, btw -- a 'polyclinic' model seems to be dominant. That is, all sorts of front line medical service are delivered at clinics pretty much indistinguishable from emergency rooms. It's a good bet that many Mexican immigrants, if they went to a US emergency room for a 'normal' ailment and got seen by a physician, would consider that a 'physician visit' versus an emergency room visit -- the latter being having a heart attack or something rely 'urgent'.

Now, the Kaiser study, which seems to be a favorite on your Opinion Manufacturing Division , is just about worthless. Unlike the academics, they didn't even bother to disaggregate US born citizen (due to birthright citizenship) children from immigrants. This is a particularly pernicious oversight.

An example-- 80 Americans lose their insurance over the seven year period covered by the "study" and another 20 uninsured illegal immigrants enter the US -- then citizens would be responsible for 80% of growth in the uninsured, and illegal immigrants 20%. However, if those illegal immigrants give birth to 20 children, we now have a total uninsured population growth of 120, 83% ([(80+20)/120]) due to citizens, 17% (20/120) due directly to illegal immigrants. This swing of 6% points is not earth shattering, but still enough to affect people's perceptions. If I were cynical I might think Kaiser was intentionally ignoring the effect of American-citizen children born of illegal immigrants.

Finally you ignore the effect that immigration -- legal and illegal -- is most likely having on the numbers of US workers losing their insurance. For example, it might surprise some of you editorial guys from 'back east', but there was a time that Southern California residential construction sites were dominated by US born, mostly "anglo" workers. You'd see trucks with "Live Better, Work Union" bumper stickers commuting on the 91 and 5 at ungodly hours of the morning. Those guys had a medical plan, and a pension plan. The developers managed to break that union, mostly with immigrant labor -- legal and illegal. So again its the double whammy -- US citizens, children of citizens, lose benefits at least in part because of the flood of inexpensive labor and they become statistics supposedly showing that immigration isn't a major contributor to the health insurance problem.

Jon Healey

Mitchell, once again you bring the fresh air of rigorous thinking to the comments field. Your complaints about the methodology are duly noted. My one push-back to you is that the number of people losing healthcare insurance each month has been increasing during the recession, even as the number of immigrants (particularly illegal ones) appears to be dropping. See http://www.reedconstructiondata.com/jim-haughey/post/exodus-of-illegal-immigrants-deepens-recession-and-slows-recovery/. That appears to undermine your point about immigrants and native-born uninsured.


The incident that occurred in Congress by Rep. Joe Wilson R-NC, illustrates the consequences of a blurring line between illegal immigration and health care. Our politicians have been alerted to the angry voices of the American people. For once they have disregarded the business campaign contributors and all the cloaked gifts given for services rendered by special interest lobbyists. Millions of US citizens are enraged with the status quo buying favors from our representatives that has led to our wilting economy. Today speaking on behalf of Washington committees on health care, the lawmaking emphasized that illegal aliens cannot access the new health reform package, that any person applying will be checked through government databases.

E-Verify might be implemented for this very issue, that it has shown in the majority of cases remarkable successes in remove illegal alien workers from the working environment. E-Verify can solve this problem and bring sanity back to immigration enforcement. E-VERIFICATION OF EACH AND EVERY AMERICAN WORKER MUST BE MADE PERMANENT? NOT JUST VOLUNTARY POLICY, BUT AS A FULL FORCE OF OPERATION CARRYING STRICT PENALTIES. This operation will work under federal policies? But what about state laws? California as an example is a Sanctuary state for millions of illegal immigrants and their families? Other border states are also occupied by large proportions of unlawful populations of foreign nationals?

This last year has culminated in huge financial losses in California caused by millions of low income illegal aliens, which has created a third world community within the United States. There must be federal measures to bring under control, massive spending benefits for people who have no right from benefiting from those who come here legally or were born here. How can any public health care option work at a state level, when states like California ignore federal law, regarding financial refuge to indigent people? Our own people remain homeless and in many cases without hope, when legislators have prioritized, health care, education an overloaded jail system and easy welfare money for illegal immigrants?

The once golden state has been using taxpayer money, to support illegal aliens, when the same expenditures should have been adopted for a collapsing infrastructure. Highways, schools, tunnels, bridges and dams in a dangerous state of disrepair? Our legislators in many cases have been seduced by lobbyists and should be banned from any contact with our politicians. This will never happen, but something must be done? Millions have been spent on derailing the health care reform currently and in the past, as has immigration enforcement. Rescinding 287(g) federal training for local police enforcement of immigration laws, the NO MATCH LETTER and the cutting back on ICE raids on obnoxious businesses using foreign workers.

The order to crush E-verify was given to Sen.Harry Reid, Speaker Pelosi, Janet Napolitano, but narrowly survived in the Senate chambers. Both political parties are equally to blame for not enforcing the 1986 Immigration Control & Reform Act that was inundated with fraud and a desire to weaken the laws. Now they want to rescind that law, offering yet another reform package that will never function? Let’s not kid ourselves! Huge veiled forces are at work to import as much cheap labor as possible with no restraints, lowering wages and an unconscionable burden on taxpayers.



Where in the Constitution do I find where I am responsible for supporting someone's health insurance? How about my taxes going to buy a car company or bailing out banks? What about paying for someone’s house, providing welfare, Medicaid or Medicare? What about social security?
A family that does not have debt does not buy another car without first paying for the one they have. How can politicians even consider expanding the government’s role in anything without pay for the promises made?


Here is what our “Useless Government” is doing with Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid just to name a few.
Medicare Part A, which covers hospital stays, $34.4 trillion in debt; Medicare B, which covers doctor visits, $34 trillion dollars in debt; Medicare D, the drug benefit that went into effect January 1, 2009 is $17.2 trillion dollars in debt; Social Security is only down $13.6 trillion dollars.

The total? If you wanted to cover the unfunded liability of all three programs today, you would be stuck with an $85.6 trillion bill. That is more than six times as large as the bill for Social Security. It is more than six times the annual output of the entire U.S. economy.

The total: $99.2 trillion dollars in debt. Our politicians added $31.5 billion dollars to this debt with SCHIP to cover illegal aliens.

You need to read a short report, America at a Crossroads, GAO-07-171CG, a report on a speech by the former comptroller General of the U.S., David Walker at a presentation by Minnesota October 23, 2006 to see jus how bad it

Belinda Gomez

"I suspect, however, that many of those clamoring for a more airtight approach won't be satisfied until the laws that make emergency care available to everyone, regardless of immigration status or ability to pay, are repealed."

You can suspect all you like, but that doesn't make it fact. Illegal immigrants use the emergency rooms and the Fire Dept. like walk-in or drive in clinics. This casual use of resources destroys the system for people who have genuine medical emergencies.

Margret UK

The National Health Service may cost us a lot but we in the UK are used to caring for everyone who is ill. It is incredible that immigration is being used in this way to oppose health care reform. Perhaps Obama should have tackled immigration first? Its such an easily accessible issue with lots of good sound bites, and it would have been far less trouble than mending something that really counts?


Talk about shooting yourself in both feet...Obama wants free health insurance for every misfit in this country who refuses to gain employment where health care is provided. No tax paying citizen in their right mind wants to pay for this. And now Obama and his henchmen want all non citizens to be provided free health insurance. The Dems are sinking faster than the Titanic...

Even if the Dems push through this free health insurance for all fiasco, it won't be anything but a third world substandard system that any responsible person who is currently insured would want any part of. It will merely be dismantled in 2012 when a competent Administration is running the ship...


In response to Mr S

"...legal or non legal. I mean, what is the real issue here. Many undocumented workers pay their taxes and are here working in jobs most of you, even in the wake of the recession, wouldn't life a finger to..."

Exactly how are these undocumented workers paying Federal and State Income Tax...Tell me how that works...

"Us and them," what are you ranting about...It's only about money. If we could just convince these doctors to work for free, we could easily insure non-workers, criminals, non citizens, actually everyone in the world...but it cost money...So we can't...

Jon Healey

@Big Picture -- Forgive me for injecting some reality onto your screen, but the U.S. already provides free health care -- it's called Medicaid, and it's for the poor. What Obama has proposed doing is providing discounted healthcare for the working poor and lower middle class. And while some have accused the Democrats of trying to subsidize care for illegal immigrants by not specifying how to enforce the ban in the bill, no one's talking about new "free" care for them, either. If you're upset about free healthcare for illegals, you're either upset about Medicaid fraud or the mandate that providers give emergency care to everyone regardless of their ability to pay. Note that it's not "free" emergency care, as anyone who's ever dealt directly with a hospital billing department would tell you.


How does Healy sleep at night? The reader is welcome to start paying for any illegal aliens medical care starting right now, but please do not speak on my behalf.
American is bankrupt. We give away billions of dollars in foreign aid every year, yet we have homeless veterans in need of medical care sleeping on the streets. We have homeless families sleeping in cars. We have mentally ill without proper care. A drowning man cannot save another. Let's take care of Americans and then return to our rich history of giving to others in need.


In response to notmd

"...why hasn't california spent the 140 million dollars that the federal government has given to them for emergency medical services for illegal immigrants?..it is called section 1011 money. Posted by: notmd | September 11, 2009 at 06:58 AM."



In Response to DT
"So it's ok for people to come to this country illegally so that we can get 2 heads of lettuce for a dollar but it's not ok for these same people to get some benefits for the work they do? Is it not enough that they come here to work for less than minimum wage in 100 degrees for 10-12 hours a day 7 days a week?"


Loyal American

I am still trying to figure out what was meant by some statements made in the speech. Congressman Wilson should have showed more restraint and professionalism and I agree if the republicans have a plan they should be prepared to present it. After thinking about the President's speech I have some concerns about several points. My concerns are listed as possible interpretations of some statements made. I don't remember his exact words so I paraphrase the following from memory:

1. "I will not sign any health care bill that adds one dime to the deficit"

Possible interpretation: Every American will be mandated by law to pay out of their pockets insurance premiums for health care or face the wrath of the IRS.

2. "No illegal immigrant will be eligible under this plan"

Possible interpretation: If Mexico, Canada, and USA are merged into a single nation this statement is true. Of course the children of illegal immigrants are covered.

3. "Those who can not afford it (insurance) will get a waiver"

Possible interpretation: The cost of the waivers will be paid for by increasing the mandatory health insurance premiums of those who can afford to pay.

Although this plan is not the same as a direct tax, the net effect is the same. I ask our President and Congress to present a plan that does not include mandatory provisions and IRS penalties if people wish to opt out. I also ask that the focus be on capping insurance premiums, limiting prescription drug prices, and reducing medical school costs. Tort reform should be pursued only if gross negligence and incompetence is not involved.

Jon Healey

@Loyal American -- Let me offer a different interpretation.

1. "I will not sign any health care bill that adds one dime to the deficit"
This is code for, the Congressional Budget Office must score this bill as deficit neutral over 10 years.
2. "No illegal immigrant will be eligible under this plan"
He's talking about the health insurance subsidies for the working poor and lower middle class. The bill already deems illegal ineligible; the debate is over whether this prohibition can or will be enforced. Native-born children of illegals are citizens, and as such are already eligible for the CHIP program and Medicaid.
3. "Those who can not afford it (insurance) will get a waiver"
This is a carve-out for people with extraordinary expenses. A single working parent with three kids, one of whom is disabled, making $40,000 may not be able to afford a $12,000 annual premium even with a $3,000 subsidy.

Now, as to the main point you raise -- every comprehensive reform plan on the table includes a mandate that individuals carry insurance. One way to enforce that mandate is to impose tax penalties for those who don't obtain insurance. An individual mandate is a prerequisite to other, vitally important insurance reforms, such as a requirement that insurance companies issue policies to anyone who seeks one, and that they don't raise premiums on those who have a history of illness. If you do those things without a mandate that people carry insurance, folks won't buy policies until they're about to go in for surgery. Economists call this "adverse selection," and it's one of the reasons insurance companies are so gung-ho about rescinding coverage from people who make expensive claims.

One other point: you worry about costs being shifted from those who can't afford insurance to those who can. Welcome to the current healthcare system, Loyal American. Hospitals and physicians already charge insurers and out-of-pocket payers a premium to recover money spent caring for folks who can't pay. That's one of the reasons insurance companies and healthcare providers are among the strongest advocates for healthcare reform. The outlines aren't in dispute, the problem is the details.

Loyal American

Thank you for your response Jon and your take on mandatory health care. I guess the bottom line here is there may be no way to pay for health care reform without it coming out of our pockets in some form or another.

There is a real danger here that if public health care reform proceeds as proposed many companies will simply drop coverage for their employees knowing that health care will be the responsibility of the employee as mandated by law, subject to IRS penalty for non-compliance.

Therefore I am opposed to the current government reform proposals presented to date. However I will support options that don't take money out of our pockets, that don't kill employer paid health insurance, and a plan that keeps the IRS out of the picture.

We need reform no doubt, but reform should focus on the high cost of the current services, prescription drugs, and medical training. Insurance is in business to make money regardless whether your talking about car insurance, home insurance, life insurance etc... that is the model. Furthermore drug companies being profit oriented need price controls to rein in costs. I also do not favor eliminating a doctors liability for making stupid mistakes or taking advantage of patients.

Delaware Bob

Illegal aliens get FREE health care. Imaging that! You are in this Country ILLEGALLY and you get FREE health care.

Illegal aliens have made America the dumping ground for all their illegal alien children, then we have to school them and give them free medical care.



After watch this two short newscasts, maybe you should revising this opinion. FREE health care is not FREE! The American taxpayers are paying for this not only in our taxes, but in the costs of insurance as well!

When we get rid of all the illegal aliens, we will get rid of all the problems that go with them! When is this going to sink in? WHEN? Illegal aliens are destroying this Country. You have what, 3 million illegal aliens in California and it costs you $19 BILLION a year to keep them, plus all the money that leaves California and sent out to other countries, and you wonder why your State is bankrupted? For God's sake, WAKE UP! Get rid of the illegal aliens!


Talk to any EMT, any ER doctor or nurse, anyone in the medical industry in California and you will see exactly the opposite. That's like saying there are no drugs in schools. Go talk to any teacher or principal to see how ignorant that comment is. Are you an idiot? No, you must be a liberal.


The stats show that illegals are the more likely to be uninsured than citizens (60% illegals unissured vs. 39% of US citizens and legal immigrants). Insurance for everyone my not be the best solution. Illegals should be able to buy insurance however it should not be provided for free. Special plans should be created for this specific audience that should be the same no matter what state you are in. Currently there are 1000s of sites like http://cheap-insurance-plans.com/health-insurance that help illegals and citizens find plans at low rates. With a government option we will create a more competitive environment that should drop rates overall. However the biggest change will be the transparency of how the health care system will be run.


Belinda, it was really bad in L.A. in the mid to late 90's when immigrants would call for ambulances for the slightest reason--like ambulances were personal transportation services paid for by some unknown white guy out there...

Craig Wilson

We have millions of illegals here who do get food stamps, sec 8 housing, health care, do not pay payroll taxes or income taxes. I see daily illegals driving Escalades. I too could afford an Escalade if no taxes came out of my paycheck, if I could get sec 8 housing, if I lived 40 in a garage or 40 people in an apt meant for 4. Or 40 illegals buying one house. 40 adults , each making $10 or 20$ per hr can easily buy a house. This is the LA we live in now. We have chickens in the streets, roosters, goats beheaded and BBQ'd in front yards in the valley, city of Los Angeles. This is the "Culture" we get, the quality of life issues we get.


This means that 14+ million legal immigrants are without health insurance. And certainly a vast majority of those here illegally do not have health insurance.

No matter how this author tries to spin it, this country can not afford to provide "universal health care." Nor can we support massive amount of immigration on either an economic or environmental reasons. This country has 300 million people-ENOUGH.

The authro is merely an apoligist for the illegal immigration lobby. Nice to know that he, in effect, supports the US Chamber of Commerce ain their never ending quest for cheap foreign.

andrew nelson


If we're only 38th in the world, as to the quality of healthcare, why don't the illegals simply go to one of the other 37 that provide better healthcare?

Maybe their country of origin is one of the 37 that provide better healthcare?

If we've got an 11.7% unemployment rate in California, and the state and city are furloughing 1000's of workers, maybe it might be the time to let those jobs go to Americans that are unemployed?

Just a totally insane thought, I know.


I wonder everyone is say illegal are doing the jobs. Americans do not want??
try to get a job as a janitor, or fast food , construction??? . I picked strawberries , cucumbers and potatoes etc when I was younger. The migrant workers were actual paid more per flat.
I agree that we need to either make all legal or have employers pay the price of using illegal labor poor wages for anyone is wrong.
I did not have healthcare for 5 yrs and when I when to the clinics and to get help
was not able to get help on my med was told to call in everyday I did for one month all filled, trying to get my anti-depression meds. I was out of work for the time so going and sitting in the offices was not much of a problem. I was the only white with out hispanic children.
Now I have healthcare and no money to go to the doctors.

No luck
Could not get state aid.



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