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Give the voters a Rush

March 2, 2009 |  1:32 pm

Rush Limbaugh, Rahm Emmanuel, Al Franken, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronald Reagan The other day White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel  identified Rush Limbaugh as "the voice and the intellectual force and energy behind the Republican Party." It wasn't meant as a compliment to either Limbaugh or the GOP.  Your party is so hard up, Emanuel was suggesting, that it has to seek star power in a blowhard radio personality  who preaches to the converted.

But maybe Limbaugh ought to accept Emanuel's tribute at face value and run for public office. It's not as if Americans won't vote for entertainers. Arnold Schwarzenegger is governor of California, and Minnesota may soon be represented in the U.S. Senate by "Saturday Night Live" alumnus Al Franken -- who is also the author of "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot."  And a history of drug addiction isn't a disqualifcation for holding public office. Ask Patrick Kennedy.

It would mean a pay cut, but if Limbaugh really wants Obama to fail what better way to accomplish that than run for Congress, where he could vote against Obama's anti-capitalist schemes?

When Ronald Reagan announced his candidacy for governor, movie mogul Jack Warner supposedly said: "No, no. Jimmy Stewart for governor. Ronald Reagan for best friend." How about Rush Limbaugh as senator,  and Ann Coulter as speaker of the House?

Run, Rush, run.

Photo of Rush Limbaugh speaking at "An Evening with Rush Limbaugh" by Brill Pugliano/Getty Images

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