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Give the voters a Rush

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Rush Limbaugh, Rahm Emmanuel, Al Franken, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronald Reagan The other day White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel  identified Rush Limbaugh as "the voice and the intellectual force and energy behind the Republican Party." It wasn't meant as a compliment to either Limbaugh or the GOP.  Your party is so hard up, Emanuel was suggesting, that it has to seek star power in a blowhard radio personality  who preaches to the converted.

But maybe Limbaugh ought to accept Emanuel's tribute at face value and run for public office. It's not as if Americans won't vote for entertainers. Arnold Schwarzenegger is governor of California, and Minnesota may soon be represented in the U.S. Senate by "Saturday Night Live" alumnus Al Franken -- who is also the author of "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot."  And a history of drug addiction isn't a disqualifcation for holding public office. Ask Patrick Kennedy.

It would mean a pay cut, but if Limbaugh really wants Obama to fail what better way to accomplish that than run for Congress, where he could vote against Obama's anti-capitalist schemes?

When Ronald Reagan announced his candidacy for governor, movie mogul Jack Warner supposedly said: "No, no. Jimmy Stewart for governor. Ronald Reagan for best friend." How about Rush Limbaugh as senator,  and Ann Coulter as speaker of the House?

Run, Rush, run.

Photo of Rush Limbaugh speaking at "An Evening with Rush Limbaugh" by Brill Pugliano/Getty Images


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You are one of those idiots, aren't you? Your party, your ideology (if you can call it that), is on its way out. You want to support Rush Limbaugh? Go right ahead. Please go get more nails for the GOP coffin. I laugh.


If he ran for office he would be torn to shreds. His ideas would not stand up to open debate. Just try to call into his show with a different point of view than his. Only the like minded are allowed to express their ideas.

PJ Finnerty

Yes, absolutely Rush Limbaugh should run for president...he's got all the answers and explains things the way 'folks' can understand.

Now Playing: A Face in the Crowd, starring Andy Griffith.


This bloated pig, spouting venomous aphorisms re: the Democrats, is a pathetic but emblematic symbol of the Republican party and this country's state of emergency. Rather than owning up to his party's torts he continues to blather the same defeatist rhetoric that disavows any wrong doing on the part of the Cons. This partisan type of thinking is exactly why the Republican party would be doing America a great service by disappearing and allowing the emergence of a new 3rd party. A party that stands for morality rather than hypocrisy would be appropriate.

Frank Stein

We knew before today that Limbaugh was a draft dodging drug addicted coward. Now we can add traitor to the list. The man is encouraging failure of the economic plan knowing that millions of Americans would die. I will never vote Republican for anything again in my lifetime.

Bill G

The tag line reveals it all --

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Yup, all of the above!


If Limbaugh ran for Congress who in his right mind would vote for him? He'd have to change his ticket to independent or Democrat. No one is going to vote this bloated pig into office, especially if he runs on a Republican ticket.


Rash Limbo doesn't love his country; he loves his money.

That gasbag would never sacrifice dime one to serve his country via elected office.

All the better for those of us who want serious people doing the country's business.

Cesar Arredondo

Word "behond," misspelled?

Jane of CA

Of late, the mainstream media has promoted Rush; so for the first time I decided to search and listened to his talk and realized that he makes a lot of sense. I guess he just got one more listener.


*uncontrollably screeches in fear at the possiblity of a fourth reich*


Why does a political comedian get so much attention? I dont get it. Half truths and cheap shots should not be so rewarded.

Peter Principle

"How about Rush Limbaugh as senator, and Ann Coulter as speaker of the House? "

And that funny little man -- the one with the silly moustache -- for Reich Chancellor.

Yeah, that's the ticket.


When you want your country to fail, you are a traitor. And any patriots, including the sothern fanatics, should seriously consider putting Limgaugh into jail. Better, yet, put him with the rest of the terrorists and exempt him from Obama-style treatment of prisoners, but render him W.-Dickie treat.

Doug Kerrigan

I personally think that Franken was trying to be kind when he described Limbaugh the way he did. No matter what your ideology we are all still Americans and to wish ill of anything that might help the country shows how little the far right values the individual and how certain they are of their position, even after 8 years of it not working. I find that Limbaugh is nothing but a blowhard who attracts others who dwell in some fantasy land of so called Conservative Thought (an oxymoron if I ever heard one).


Rush is a symbol of all that is wrong with this country,big business bailout mis-management due high level corporate greed, steal from the little guy as long as it barely legal,honor and integrity be damned. If RUSH loved this contry why didn't he serve it in the military, instead of being a COWARD and a blowhard. Yes he was a legal DRAFT DODGER.

Catherine Jefferson

If I were a conservative Republican, I'd be against a Limbaugh candidacy. He's better at what he's already doing. I'm a non-aligned Independent, and I'm also against it because he's the epitome of what we moderates don't like -- a partisan whose ideology overwhelms any instincts to compromise and work together. If I were a liberal or leftist, I'd be all for it because he's a partisan whose ideology overwhelms... and there'd be no danger of his input influencing much of anything.

Since Limbaugh is an ideologue, but not a stupid ideologue, I suspect he's more amused and perhaps flattered by the suggestion than tempted by it. He knows what he's good at. (Sometimes I wish he didn't.)

Jeff Rogers

Rush won't run because he understands that he would be putting his bloated ego on the line. On a fundamental level even a blowhard like Rush appreciates that the electoral results would be a real-world test of his ideology. Enough said...


Wasn't he convicted of doctor shopping? That's a felony plea bargained to a misdemenor as I recall. That alone could preclude a run for prez. Fast and loose with facts isn't a disqualifier. In fact, it's probably a plus.

Martin L.

Sure, the fat phoney ought to run for office. He needs to put himself out in front of the press and public and then see he fares.

wayne fitzgerald


Lawrence NC

I've been thinking that Limbaugh should put his money where his mouth is and run for office. Then he'd have to face scrutiny about his drug addiction, give full financial disclosure and deal with a pack of reporters questioning his every move. Then he'd have to be accountable to voters and be subject to other entertainer/pundits constant criticism. Yeah...right!


A fat, whining drug addict for President? Makes perfect sense.


funny and pathetics this bunch of conservatives...oh no!! the boat is sinking!!! jump while you can!!! guys..please don't be sour loosers, jah?!


Dear Rush,
Please run. I know you will miss NOT paying State Income Taxes in Florida but, you're missing all the fun. You can brag about helping all the hurricane victims of your state, flogging Cuban refugees-half drowned already from a perilous run to our shores, helping drain the Everglades for posterity, promoting drilling for oil wherever and whenever possible (except of course on your mult-million dollar property) and to hell with electric and wind powered promises for the future. Hell, you can encourage ramped up environmental destruction if you like. After all, think of all the methane you already have phsssst into the air that's already contributed to climate-change.
Don't waste it all screaming over the radio ( we aren't deaf but, you are so you're covered.)
Think about it, please, and make Ms Coulter Vice Pres. while you're at it. We need a Mr. Beevis and Ms. Butthead duo more than ever. Please, oh pleeee-se.


I don't think Rush can run

Ron Sampson

Limbaugh is a poor excuse for a human being, and between he, the Bush dynasty, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney, largely the reason the once great Republican party is doomed to insignificance for years to come.


I can't believe Rahm Emanuel and the democrats are so afraid of Rush Limbaugh. Shouldn't they be focusing on running the country. It appears they are completely amateurs as it relates to that.


Liberal Democrats are deep in the ether.


Losing an election would shut him up. That's why he'll never do it.

Ann and Rush are in the business of milking conservatives for their money. They're selling an echo chamber. They're making money hand over fist telling people what they already believe.

They're not the kind of people who would ever risk running for office, because they're not interested in solving any real problems at all.


Rush always looks soo happy!

He is the very picture of physical and mental health!!

Why - I'd follow him anywhere!!! :-)

Norris Hall

Rush has never been comfortable in a room full of people who don't think like he does. That's why he never appears on other programs to debate. He's always behind his microphone, under his terms with his finger on the "silence" button so he can control the conversation.
That's why a run for office would likely be disastrous. You can't control reporters and you can't prepare ahead of time.
Rush is best where he is. Behind his desk in his own envioronment.


We should send Rush to North Korea.

He will beg us to let him come home



He shouldn't have any problem becoming governor of Florida. He can then carry out his extreme ideas to their absurd conclusion. If Florida prospers, everbody will need to think twice. If Florida falls into the ocean, then Rush can blame the Democrats and go back to radio...


Observing as I am from Australia, I would have to remark that if Rush is the intellectual force behind the GOP, then a lobotomy would be a step up.

Let's keep the glimmer of hope shining. A hope that this mighty nation can redress and nullify the last 8 years of shame.


silly amerikans,led around like sheep by hussein and your liberal media.


Run, Rush, Run? Sure, only not for public office. Let him run in Pamplona, alone. I smell "Pay per View" extravaganza.

Harry the Horse

Rush has a better platform and attracts 20 million listeners everyday by being on the radio, rather than a lousy committee in some dark corner... Rush has never changed it is certain RINOS that have changed. They are Democrats when times are tough and Republicans when times are good. Limbaugh never has wavered from Ronald Reagan's philosophy " Government is not the solution but the problem!"..

Frank Thompson

Limbaugh had better see a good doctor -- if you listen with your radio turned up, Limbaugh has pronounced labored breathing between each sentence, indicative of congestive heart disease or emphazima. The man appears to be very ill. Alas.

I recently did a background check of the educational levels of AM radio talk show hosts. Here's the skinny on Limburger:

Limbaugh graduated from Cape Central High School, in 1969. His father and mother wanted him to attend college, so he enrolled at Southeast Missouri State University. He dropped out after two semesters and one summer; according to his mother, "he flunked everything", even a modern ballroom dancing class. As she told a reporter in 1992, "Rush just didn't seem interested in anything except radio." (Wikipedia)

Cheesy Limburger is light years below Obama's educational credentials. I would rant and rave, too. Wouldn't you?

Upland Patriot

I despise the LA Times and cannot wait til it fails. First of all, Limbaugh would not take the pay cut, secondly, Limbaugh is a conservative talk show host, not a politician. Libs are having fun with their Socialist victory, but a few years from now, the party is over!

Luke the Duke

Rush is not a very cerebral conservative, but he does have fun skewering the proponents of socialism. He is fairly articulate, although too verbose, but until a more articulate conservative comes to the front, he'll do.
The left, while claiming compassion, have a hatred for men and women who just want to run their own lives (in liberty) and to be left alone from the government's evil machinations. Government bureaucrats are amongst the worst of human scum.

Mark Garcia

I am amazed at all the hate that the party of tolerance has posted on this site. Why are all you liberals so angry all the time? It seems you are only happy if the country is miserable. Your leader is talking down the economy so that the Obama depression can scare people enough to want his socialist agenda to pass.

Why should Rush run for office? He does more for the conservative movement on his radio show of 20 million listeners, then he could ever do in public office.


This is to Frank's post. What difference does it make about Limbaugh's education? He worked hard, and is now one of the most successful radio personalities ever. Look at all the educated liberal elites in Washington. All that education and they are running the country to the ground. The Obama depression is now in full swing.

Democrats 4 Ever

Rush Limbaugh is, such, a sore loser. He is like the one that gets dumped and rather than saying hey good luck, he stalks the ex and makes idle threats. Impotent, ineffective, full of hot air and irrelevant. I think the only reason he is even getting headlines for his 15 mins here is, there hasn't been a juicy gossip story in awhile. Please Rush, stay around awhile and do more, we are heartily amused by your endless ignorance, and the permanent damage you are doing to the Republican party is the last thing they need right, and America does need right now. I hope Obama succeeds, and I know he will, because I am hopeful for America, I have faith in our President and our future after all of the serious damage Bush and bloated, loudmouthed, blind, dimwits like you Limbaugh have done to our great country. One day Limbaugh, you will be humbled, obviously that day has not come yet for you, it will.


Rush would have to make full financial disclosure and possibly give up his radio show to run for President.

If it wasn't for these restrictions, Howard Stern would have become fuhrer years ago.


1) It was time for him to make this current move. His show is at its apex on the natural arc that all entertainment follows, including news and commentary. Even the Murdoch/Ailes formula has begun to wane. At some point down the line, even his supporters will say tht he needed to start a new phase.

2) Don't people remember that he's already come out four-square for Sarah Palin in 2012? This is a fact, not a factoid. Ask him.

3) There is something wrong with him. Just watch the video clips of his speech and turn off the sound. It's all there. The lip licking, the twitches, the nose flicking, the tight visage. Something is amiss, and no one can say it as well as he demonstrates it. He hasn't handled fortune and fame well already, and The Powers That Be must be watching with some concern as to how far this horse can run.

Ste e

What a bunch of hateful L.A.dopes here...


The man has no ideas to make anything in the world better. All he does is complain about other people doing their jobs.
He is a whiner. Not a worker.


I wonder if any of the people posting on this blog about what Rush Limbaugh does or does not represent or say have ever actually listened to his radio show? Not listened to a clip on NBC or NPR, but actually tuned in on the radio on a regular day to listen.

I'd bet that virtually none of them, even though, based on the comments here, they all claim to know exactly what he says and does on his show. These are the same people who swear up and down that Fox is totally right wing and that it's a crime against true journalism - but have never actually listened to Fox.


I love Rush L., Joe the P, Sara P., Ann C. These people are like caricatures. They can't be real. The Republican party has become a cartoon. Watching the Republicans is better than Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck combined. It is great to see the brilliance of the Obama team come to the fore and paint the picture of the Republicans that shows them as the dimbulbs that they are. And they are like Charlie Brown, always falling for Lucy's lure to kick the ball again. They even demolish each other to further their personal mythologies.Very entertaining!

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