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Ann Coulter: Not Ready to Fill Mr. Blackwell's Guccis

Ann CoulterclothingconservativesMichelle ObamaMr. Blackwell

Ann Coulter, Mr. Blackwell, Michelle Obama, clothing, conservatives Ann Coulter, Mr. Blackwell, Michelle Obama, clothing, conservatives Has Ann Coulter's penchant for reinvention extended to trying to fill a dead man's bespoke shoes?

The Ms. Mullah of the Peroxide Right, as I have referred to her before, reportedly broke her jaw, but her virtual tongue is ever its old self. In yet another book, she decides that future First Lady Michelle Obama's wardrobe is a fit topic for her commentary:

''Her obvious imitation of Jackie O's style -- the flipped-under hair, the sleeveless A-line dresses, the short strands of fake pearls -- would have been laughable if done by anyone other than a media-designated saint.''

Those would be the same kind of fake pearls worn by, oh, Barbara Bush?

Michelle Obama should be flattered to have her off-the-rack frocks compared to the multi-thousand-dollar couture ensembles that Jackie Kennedy wore -- outfits paid for in many cases from the beneficent pockets of her father-in-law, Joseph P. Kennedy. Perhaps Coulter has something muddled up with Cindy McCain, for whose expensive chic she had kind words. Strange, though; I didn't hear a peep out of Coulter about "The RNC Autumn Runway Collection,'' a.k.a. Sarah Palin's $150,000 clothes.

What I'm really wondering is whether, with observations like the one above, Coulter isn't auditioning for the post held proudly by that late, beloved, oh-so-quotable Angeleno, Mr. Blackwell, creator of the Ten Worst Dressed List.

Pity that Mr. B apparently never had anything public to say about Ms. C and her signature little black dress; I am imagining something trenchant about Coco Chanel and counter-clockwise sepulcher-spinning.

But Mr. Blackwell, bless him, was an equal opportunity offender who dished out the snark without regard to red or blue wardrobes or the politics of the women who wore them.

Ms. Coulter -- I knew Mr. Blackwell. Mr. Blackwell was ... okay, not a friend, but a fleeting acquaintance of mine. And you're no Mr. Blackwell.

2007 Ann Coulter photo by Mark Sullivan/WireImage.com; 2006 file photo of Mr. Blackwell courtesy of AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes.


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Thank you so much for that piece. I don't know who this woman thinks she is; but a fashion columnist she is not. Perhaps she had nothing to say about the expensive wardrobe worn by Palin because she wore it so tacky that had they not told us; noone would have ever known. Some people will just always look tacky.

Larry Linn

Miss Coulter appears to be Rush Limbaugh in anorexic drag. She is full of criticism and judgments, unencumbered by facts and research. For example, she belittles Michelle Obama for attempting to dress like Jacqueline Kennedy. Michelle Obama graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Law School. She worked in a law firm, and was an Assistant Commissioner of Planning and Development. In 1993, she became Executive Director for the Chicago office of Public Allies, a non-profit organization encouraging young people to work on social issues in nonprofit groups and government agencies. She also served as the Associate Dean of Student Services at the University of Chicago, where she developed the University's Community Service Center. However, Miss Coulter is obsessed with Mrs. Obama’s sense of fashion. When I look at Ms. Coulter, she appears to me as someone with a sense of fashion and intelligence that is right out of “Absolutely Fabulous“.

arnie pa

I'm just wondering if Sarah Palin's wardrobe was paid for by American taxpayers or by the Democrats. If you look at Barack Obama's suits, they look very, very expensive. How much are they and who paid for them? Did he buy them from a thrift store? Please mediabama, just for fun, tell us something we don;t know. That's politics. It's nauseating to know only one side. Do you think Mr. Obama will donate them if they are paid for by the taxpayers? Who told you Michelle Obama is beyond, really beyond criticism? Cheerleading by the media is rotten journalism.It's good there are foreign newspapers to read such as the Al Jazeera.

Coco Chanel

Ann who?


Coulter needs to stop worrying about how people dress and eat a cheeseburger for heavens sake.


Instead of the usual kneejerk reaction to Ms. Coulter, how about the Left actually disproves what she writes and says. It's always sarcasm, name calling...trashing and it's getting old.

Special K

Nei ther Ms. Coulter nor Mr. Blackwell
Dresses well insofar as one can tell
But what that implies
For their respective positions, news-wise,
Is not a question on which opinion-writers should dwell.


I love how Ann is always attacked for using personal attacks. You mean, like "Ms. Mullah of the Peroxide Right"? Pot, Kettle, etc...


It is a shame you base your comments on false items. Have your opinion, but base it on facts not spam mail that has been debunked. Sara Palin's wardrobe was not purchased by her, she never went shopping and much of it was returned immediately as it was extras in different sizes, the rest either paid for by Palin, sold for charity or returned unworn. A staffer went over and did the deed of her own without request from Palin.Sara for the most part aside from the convention and an appearance in NY, wore her own clothes from a consignment store. Barbara Bush didn't try to imitate Jackie O in style. She just happened to wear the pearls and she admitted it and no one including Barbara herself thought she was making a fashion statement. Michelle O'bama did wear some off the rack, but also has a penchant for Narcisco Rodriguez. Papa Joe didn't pay for Jackie either, Jackie was well dressed pre-JFK. Ms. Coulter is only mentioning fashion because of the focus of the book. The point if Palin or Ms.McCain came out dressed the same they would have been raked over the coals for their presumption. Yes Mr. Blackwell would have indeed commented on that, but Ms. Coulter is far more successful than Mr. Blackwell ever thought of being so there are no basis for aspirations. Like her or not.

alex t

Ugh, is that tired old bag running around kissing behinds so she could peddle her new "book". Why are you even writng about her. She is so Bush 2000.
Just ignore the Josephine Goebels of the Republican Right Party.


Dear Ann; welcome to minute sixteen. By next year, you won't even have a Wikipedia entry. I hope you saved as opposed to investing, because the horse you backed destroyed the economy.


Funny, Kathy: sarcasm, name-calling and trashing are Coulter's signature techniques.

But it's different when the ill-mannered hack is on your side of the issues, isn't it? As long as a champion of personal attacks like Coulter is your example of the victim, your point that sarcasm is mean amounts to little more than "I don't like it when people who disagree with me are sarcastic."


Every so often I like to look in on LA and find out what you are talking about.

What concerns me here is that there still seems to be so much vitriolic bile towards President Bush and non- ending trash talk from Democrats about Sarah Palin, even after their candidate has been voted in as the new President. This over-emotional and gutter press mentality does your city and your country no good at all. It just gives the impression to the outside world that the left-wing voters in the USA are extremely immature and nasty.

In England we have a left wing Government that has trashed the country. In America you have just voted in a left wing President and I am thinking be careful what you hope/vote for.

However I am pleased to say that President-elect Obama has shown the leadership and gravitas needed to be a good President. He comes across as both avuncular and extremely intelligent. I am just hoping that he does not let the left-wing get hold of his tail and steer him off the sensible centrist course he has set sail on.


Coulter is ONE CRAZY WOMAN!!! I cannot wait to see here in CHICAGO when she comes in March for the speaker series!! i wanna see what she's gotta say then with a room full of people!!!


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