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Flying shoe, don't bother Bush

George W. BushIraqMuntadar al-Zeidishoe incident

George W. Bush, Iraq, shoe incident, Muntadar al-Zeidi The editorial board is about to weigh in on Muntadar al-Zeidi, the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at President Bush at a press conference yesterday. The piece is likely to talk about the symbolism of footwear in politics -- there's a rich history of shoe incidents -- before discussing the meaning of the protest. Knowing us, we'll find a way to lambaste Bush while still expressing admiration for his ability to evade incoming projectiles.

Anyway, now's your chance to help the board's headline writers. Offer your witticisms below, and we'll pass the best ones on to the opinion section's copy chief for possible use. Admittedly, it's hard to write a headline for a piece that's not yet written. So don't worry about being relevant, just be funny.



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If the shoe fits, throw it.

Sole Man Hurls Heel

Shoe-In For The Pulitzer

Heel Be Sole Sorry

Bush Faces Weapon Of Mass Distraction


Thought the editors might be interested in this;

George W. Bush Fends Off Shoes In New Computer Game



The flying shoe symbolized all of the resentment built up over the tragic and unnecessary invasion of Iraq. It was an uncharacteristic dose of reality for Bush, although like everything else he was able to duck it.


The other shoe dropped.


I didn't see him throwing shoes at Saddam or Baghdad BOB, what a wuss


The Lame Ducker

Suzanne Brownlow

Zing! Went the Fling of His Wing-Tip

Romesh Shonek

Now, I dare you find the Al Qaida connection in the shoe flying incident. What was Bush doing in Iraq anyway. Did he go there expecting they will carry him on their shoulders? He was in the wrong place at the wrong time, as he has always been

Dave Wilson

Bush Victim of Improvised Odiferous Device

OK, Sometimes Politics IS Beanbag

Bush: "Are we even now?"

Irate Rangers Fans Demand Bush Sell His New Dallas Home

The Impenetrable Bubble...It Does Nothing!

Representatives of the World Court Make Another Futile Attempt to Sanction President Bush


This is very symbolic of how Iraqis, try as they may, still cannot do anything they set out for - be it bringing down a Sadaam statue after liberation, or landing a shoe on the US president's head. It's also symbolic of the mentality, not with this one isolated shoe hurler, but with the wider Arab people. No gracious person would take delight in seeing someone being physically assaulted, whether with a shoe or anything else. This small sense of vindication they might get from seeing this will not achieve anything for them. The shoe means nothing to non-Arabs, even the Muslim friends I talked to didn't understand what the significance of the shoes were. Maybe it's true what they say about the 3 Abrahamic religions, they were all more feisty in their earlier years, and Islam is the youngest of the three. Time will tame.


I thought it was great! The man throwing the shoe stood in for many who are frustrated with our lame duck!


December 16th, Fox News Service. President Bush today awarded himself the Medal of Honer for bravery under fire, following the now famous shoe incident in Baghdad. "At this point in my presidency, I'm naturally very interested in my legacy, and I want to make sure I'm remembered not only as Commander in Chief, but also as a war hero" Bush stated today. "It is hearth warming to know that the taxpayer money spent on my fighter pilot education finally has paid off. I'm proud that I dodged enemy fire not just once, but twice" Bush added.


That was funny and some say it was well-deserved!



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