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New Proposition 8 strategy: Donate, or else

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Yes on Proposition 8--the campaign that is going all out to ban same-sex marriage in California--has sent out a slew of missives complaining about the lawn signs that have been ripped from their supporters' lawns. No doubt about it, it has happened, and it's a nasty trick (and something that crops up for various campaigns in just about every campaign season).

Strange to say, though, Prop. 8 directors somehow saw this as justification for sending letters to about three dozen companies that donated to the opposite campaign. OK, we're all for free speech, and complaining about someone else's closely held beliefs is fair game. But in this case, the Yes on 8 people demanded equal contributions to their campaign, or they would "out" the donor:

"Make a donation of a like amount to ProtectMarriage.com which will help us correct this error," reads the letter. "Were you to elect not to donate comparably, it would be a clear indication that you are in opposition to traditional marriage. ... The names of any companies and organizations that choose not to donate in like manner to ProtectMarriage.com but have given to Equality California will be published."

The pro-8 campaign continues to confuse support for same-sex marriage with lack of support for traditional marriage. In any case, why make life so difficult for the Yes on 8 campaign? They shouldn't have to go to all the trouble of sending out threatening letters if what they want to do is publicize a list. Anybody out there willing to freely give your name as a No on 8 donor so that the other camp can expand its list without having to pay money for postage? (And leave the Yes on 8 lawn signs alone.)


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Patrick Meighan

I'm a No On 8 donor. I've dropped about $2,500 to the No On 8 campaign.

No need to threaten to out me as a No On 8 donor, you blackmail artists in the "Yes On 8" campaign. I'm doing it here, now.

Patrick Meighan
Culver City, CA

Richard Cortijo

Take the signs!!!!!!

Dave Peck

Oh no!! They're going to expose the names of people who donated to No no 8 and support equality for all Californians? People will know that I am opposed to writing discrimination into our state Constitution?? Oh no!

Well, I guess the cat's out of the bag, so my name is Dave Peck and I live in Oakland and I support ALL marriages and ALL families and I have donated to NO on 8. Please feel free to publicize this however you want, you narrow-minded clueless bigots. I am on the side of fairness and it is YOU who should be ashamed of your position on this issue.

Having religeous beliefs is good. Using them to do good work is wonderful. But using your religeous beliefs to justify harming other families by denying their equal rights is shameful and WRONG !


You are adults, try and show some maturity and respect to opposing views.
Theft is theft, let people have there say, it protects your ability to do the same.

Melissa Sauceda

I support (and have donated to) the No on 8 campaign.

Just throwing that out there.


You have to imagine the type of desperation a campaign must feel to have to resort to extortion. And this letter represents such a hollow threat that it's pretty pathetic to read.


Extortion? That has to be a new political low. I knew that the Yes on 8 Campaign was made up of liars (their claims have been debunked by conservative newspapers, education specialist, law professors, and a judge). But blackmailers? Wow, that's really slimy.

Mdivani Monroe

The "Yes on 8" people are making a big fuss over the "stealing of yard signs", ignoring the fact that it is an issue that goes both ways. I have seen "No on 8" signs "disappear" all oer the place, including my own. I somehow doubt that "No on 8" people are taking their own signs, which leads to one conclusion........


Yes on Prop 8! I am protesting for it today. Yay

Erik Kaeding

I hope they publish the list soon so I know which businesses to patronize!!

Casey Cameron

I am a NO on 8 donor too. I am an individual and if they want to publish my name on the list of people and businesses who stood against discrimination it would be an honor!



Um, No on Prop 8 has been stolen as well too. Both sides are getting their signs stolen but that's no justification to demand donations (it's borderline extortion too)! I think the pro-prop8 are getting a little cookie here @_@

Valerie Hatcher

I would just like to second what poster Dave Peck had to say. My name is Valerie Hatcher and I live in the Antelope Valley and I have donated to the No on 8 campaign.

Vote NO on Prop 8! Equality for all!


As if this is a new approach. This is what was done early on to the Yes Contributors. There was all kinds of backlash to any supporter of prop 8. They would actively go the the Yes Donor list and publish on a wide scope those who were supporting prop 8 financially. Just as with all opposition, when the shoe is on the other foot they object. Come on, at least be fair to both sides when reporting. Publish truth not lies LA TIMES. Shame on you.


It's a good thing that the "No on 8" side has never threatened businesses. Oh wait... yes they have!

True rights do not obligate others without their consent. There is NO right to a state-issued license. Yes on 8!


Extortion? That's their principled strategy?

I'll beat you to it. I have gladly donated to Equality for All.

That does not mean I am AGAINST anybody's marriage.

Does their inaccuracy mean that we can add slander to the extortion charges?

Dan Greening

I've donated about $1000 to the No on Prop 8 campaign, in part because I want preserve my 21 year long relationship to my husband Ron. I had a life-threatening illness last year; if I had been in Utah, Ron would not have been able to visit or care for me.

Gay marriage, in fact, helps our community and society as it stabilizes gay couples' lives: they can then focus more on being productive, contributing citizens.

Prop 8 hurts us. Gay marriage hurts no one.


A variety of news sources have reported on the contributions made by Mormons in support of Prop. 8. The No on 8 Organization has alleged that something like 70% of donations come from individual Mormons. The following quote has been fairly widely published: “Californians Against Hate came up with the figures by cross-referencing donor information from the California secretary of state with Brigham Young University alumni lists, church memberships, and other personal documentation that could identify Mormon Church members.”

So the No on 8 crowd actually has people digging into the personal histories of each individual who makes a donation to the Yes on 8 camp? Isn’t that a rather disturbing violation of privacy that should be roundly condemned in the press? Where is the outrage there?

Ryan Wachter

Add me to the list!!
NO ON 8!!!!
Ryan N. Wachter
Agoura Hills, California


Someone stole my No on 8 lawn signs and peeled the No on 8 bumper sticker off my car. They can't complain about stolen Yes on 8 materials!

Diane Gleeson

I am a proud supporter and donator to the No on Prop 8 campaign and I'll happily out myself.

Guerneville, CA

Buck Flynne

You guys are so full of self-righteousness. Obviously you have missed all the "blackmail" list and threats coming from the NO side. Get off your high horses and realize that no matter how hard you fight these in the the courts, all you have is a small majority of corrupt judges on your side...We have the rest of the voting public who will put their faith into action...Oh by the way, please keep pumping more millions into the NO campaign...It won't matter!

Ray Louie

I am a New Yorker who donated to No on Prop 8.

-Ray Louie

John Razo

The YES on 8 supporters just came up with a great idea!!
Why does'nt every business that donated large amounts of money finance and make a new commercial for the NO on 8 campaign - standing in a group of people stating each companies name, that they donated and support equality. This will save them the trouble of making their "list".

Karin Klein

Blue, I'd submit that there's a difference between analyzing the make-up of donors to a given campaign, and demanding that they give the other side equal money, or else.

Apple just announced a $100,000 donation to the No on 8 campaign. Sounds like they were quite happy to "out" themselves on the matter.


Cyrus said: "You are adults, try and show some maturity and respect to opposing views. Theft is theft, let people have there say, it protects your ability to do the same."


Ken said the "No on 8" side has threatened businesses - I have looked for any such evidence and come up dry, so if you've got proof, post it. Otherwise I'll regard this as yet another twisting of facts or outright lie designed to justify voting to write discrimination into California's constitution. The fact that the Yes on 8 campaign has had to stoop to lies and twisting of facts says a lot about the strength of their position anyway.

"Separate but equal" was unconstitutional in the past, and it is no more constitutional now. No on Proposition 8.


I'm betting it's all a lie, and how quick you are to believe it! Of course, the No on 8 side has been protesting businesses all along who donated to the Yes on 8. Look at the protest rally and boycotts of Manchester Hyatt in San Diego!
I'm still voting for Yes on 8 because no one should be able to impose a law on California without the consent of Californians. Those 4 judges had no business legislating from the bench. Voting "no" on 8 tells judges everywhere it's OK to change laws without the people's consent--that's giving a heck of a lot of power to a very few people!

Scott Eaker

I support equality for all people, married or not. I support and have donated to No on Prop 8.

Scott Eaker
Thousand Oaks

Sara Durben

Yes, the No on 8 team has listed contributors to the Yes camp, but it did not send extortion letters demanding that these businesses represent both sides of the issue financially. It was done so that opponents of Prop 8 could know that the money from these businesses goes to support something we are against, and we could act accordingly by refusing to patronize said businesses. Perhaps the No on 8 team dug so hard into the personal Yes on 8 contributions from members of the Mormon church to emphasize that these are not the beliefs of every Mormon nationwide. In fact, many individual names were released to emphasize that donations for Yes were pouring in from people who do not live in California. I do not advocate stealing signs--if I see a Yes sign in a public place, I put a No sign right next to it. However, I also do not advocate using your children to preach your personal values and exploiting them by making them go door to door for your campaign. By the way, I not only donated to No, but I am the president of Cal State San Marcos' LGBTA and have been an active campaigner. Slap my name on your witch hunt!
Sara Durben


To the guy who wrote "True rights do not obligate others without their consent. There is NO right to a state-issued license. Yes on 8!"

There is a right to equality for all under any state institutions. No on is obliged to marry anyone against their will, but prop 8 will specifically abridge the rights of the secular population to oblige the views of certain religion. If you think through your argument you will be saying No on 8! People's religious views does not entitle them to any more rights than others. Prop 8 will only serve to codify a particulr religious view onto our CA constitution. If you are a true conservative and true to the spirits of our founding fathers who founded a secular government for the sake of live, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, you will vote No.

On the record, I am against anyone removing signs from other people's properties. However, if you see sign on public property, ie center island dividers, feel free to call the city for removal. This applies to any campaign sign regardless of affiliation. Don't try to remove the signs yourself.

Benny Varkel

Just five words. Don't discriminate, Vote NO ON 8.
I have a personal sign in the window of my company vehicle stating the above slogan. I actually received a call from a woman (Caller ID withheld) berating me for not supporting Prop 8. She further wanted to know who is GAY an if I attended church.. I'm not Gay, I don't attend church. I'm open minded. I don't believe that your constitutional rights should be subject to revocation by anyone. I don't want to belong to an organization such as any church, synagogue or mosque that harbors these discriminatory beliefs. My beliefs are "Live and Let Live" and "If you mind it doesn’t matter and if you matter it doesn’t mind"


My name is Donald Jolly and I am voting No on Prop 8.

California is better than an attempt to write unfair treatment in our state constitution.

No matter how you feel about same-sex marriage, do you really want to live in a place where 51% of the people can legally decide to take away rights from tax-paying, law-abiding citizens? Who can we take rights away from next, just because they don't agree with us?

And, yes, whoever is responsible, don't steal signs. Just get your own NO ON 8 signs.

Joel Myerson

Please post my name as a supporter of NO ON PROP 8. I've donated $1,000 to fight Prop 8. Boycott me, too, if you'd like. My name is JOEL MYERSON

Jack Rosenfeld

For the record, I donated $1,000 to the No On 8 Campaign.

- Jack Rosenfeld, Los Angeles

Melodie Willey


Benny Varkel

Ken, the fact that a marriage license was issued by the state means that their are rights associated with the license. Otherwaise, why would you want or need a license.

As for extortion from one side or the other, it is all verry sophmoric.

Leave the constitution alone.

Robin Velasquez

YES! I gave to No on 8 and I will be attending a rally for the same on Saturday at the corner of Blackstone and Shaw, in FRESNO, for anyone that wants to come and help.

Jodi Clary

I am proud to have donated to the No on 8 campaign, and I thank those organizations who have also done so. This is about equality and not religion. It is unbelievable that religious organizations will tell such lies and do such underhanded things in a desperate attempt to influence California. Isn't lying a sin?!!

Us gay people are so darn scarey!!! Out away!

Jodi Clary
El Dorado, California (a small rural community that treats me well and is very religious).

Melodie Willey

I would like to see their list of donors, so that I know who not to spend my money with!


Stealing lawn signs breaks the law but exposing businesses that support the other side is not against the law. Both sides have done this, including boycotts of businesses that support Prop 8.

Josh Raymer

I'm a No on 8 donor. Once I found out that the opposition was being significantly funded by out of state Mormons, I decided to give an out of state donation to the correct side. I'm from Tennessee.

Christine B

I hope the list of No on Prop 8 business donors gets published. I will (A) send a glowing letter of thanks to each company that donated to the No on 8 campaign, (B) give them my business, and (C) encourage everyone I know to patronize them. Yes-on-8 backers, leave our state and tend to your own back yards.

Victor Martinez


My name is Victor Martinez and I have donated 600.00 to NO on Prop 8. Come and threaten me as much as you'd like.

Jessica Cordova

Im backing on the outing myself!
I am Jessica Cordova of Fremont
i am a lesbian and supporting NO ON 8!!!!!

Blackmail, lies and shameful actions are NOT part of my values!

Mitchell Young

Just five words. Don't discriminate, Vote NO ON 8.

What is it with liberal/lefties and the counting. First its J-O-B-S is a three letter word, now this. That's at least six, seven if you count don't as 'do not', words.

David Pritchett

Donors who do not want to eliminate marriage rights somehow are supposed to be ashamed of their beliefs and their advocacy?

Is that what the intent is here? I suppose this is symptomatic of the mindset of the yes-on-8 advocates. The list of donors to the Vote NO campaign already is public record.

A few years ago, it was: "if you are not with Bush you support the Terrorists".

Karin Klein

To Tamara who does not believe this is true: If you follow the link, it will take you to an Associated Press story about the letters. The Yes on 8 campaign openly admitted it.

Or you can call up this website:


Brandy Germain

We should all be able to agree that legalizing discrimination is wrong. Excluding a group of people from equal civil rights is discrimination. You can disagree philosophically about marriage while acknowledging our country and state have been built on equal freedoms and rights that we have to protect. This is fundamentally about civil rights.
If this passes who is next? Inter-racial couples? Couples of differing faith? Please Vote NO on 8. Let's not teach our children to hate and discriminate.

By the way - I have had 10 NO on Prop 8 signs taken down. This is not a Yes campaign problem. It goes both ways.

Marco Zennaro

How disgusting! And I would like to point out that YES ON 8 supporters TRESPASSED inside my property and placed yes on 8 sign INSIDE my property in front of my window. Should I start sending extortion letters to the yes on 8 supporters now?

Marco Zennaro


Prop 8 isn't about school curriculum, church tax-exempt status, or freedom of religion--it's about DISCRIMINATION. Barring one group of people from government sanctioned benefits that civil marriage provides constitutes discrimination. Don't eliminate anyone's rights. Vote No on Prop 8.

Nick Osano
Riverside, CA
$500.00 donor to No on 8 campaign

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