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Colin Powell's hip hop endorsement?

Colin Powell, Fox News, Barack Obama, John McCain, endorsement Time for a break from the McCain-Obama tussle for the White House. Sort of.

This picture of former Secretary of State Colin Powell gettin' down on stage with Nigerian rap stars at the Africa Rising Festival is, in fact, not Photoshopped. It's just funny. So no biting commentary to make about it because after all,  Powell is just being a good sport.

Or is he? Fox News sees ominous signs in the general's impromptu boogie. It posits that because Powell not only "showed off hip hop moves,"  but audibly referred to himself as "African American" while on stage in London, all the signs are present for him to soon endorse Barack Obama for president. Well, who knows? Powell did say he would wait to hear from both candidates before throwing his support behind one of them, and their last debate is tonight.


Frankly, the photo made me think of Karl Rove. Remember the deputy chief of staff's cameo appearance at the Washington Radio and Television Correspondents Association dinner last year?  Here's the video of MC Rove, um...well...we'll call it rapping.

* Photos: Colin Powell, Joel Ryan/AP. Karl Rove, Ron Edmonds/AP


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Six weeks aga --A friend of mine called and said Colen Powel would make a good President and I told her did you know that it is rumored that he is going to endorese Obama!

Without and ounce of hestation she said I've lost all respect forthis man, he is no general, what a stupid man.

My sentiments exactly. Colen Powel is no Patten, - he is a private Zero.

No one has respect for traitors, no one trust them and no one should trust this man.


It's funny, as I post this right beneath jeanie's comment are the words "If you are under 13 years of age you may read this message board, but you may not participate."

Jeanie: looks like someone (read: you) broke the rules!

Denise Velez

I have a deep and abiding respect for General Powell, (contrary to the remarks made by jeanie above) so do not only many American's but people the world over.

Yes, he was tarnished by the Bush administration, but a large majority of our country:, citizens, media, public servants; bought the same story Powell did. We are all culpable - some more, some less.

I hope he will join other former Secretaries of State in endorsing Senator Barack Obama. It would enhance future President Obama's ability to work across the aisle with moderate Republicans.


Jeanie, after struggling to comprehend your typo riddled comment, I have some questions. Why does his potential endorsement of one candidate suddenly make you lose all respect for him? He was one of the more level headed people working for Bush and has a long history of service to our country. Along those same lines, what is it exactly that makes him a traitor?
Hopefully our education system will work better under President Obama.


Wow, way to be dramatic, Jeanie. I agree - traitors should not be presidents. Which is why McCain should never go near the White House. Read the Rolling Stone article about his history - using his own words - and you'll be amazed.

On to Colin Powell: The part that irritates me is FoxNews' perspective. Apparently, a black man referencing his own race means he's going to endorse a black man? Because he chose to do a dance on stage shows that Powell is "being more black" and therefore going to vote for Obama? What a racist thing to infer! Are bellydancers sympathetic to Al Qaeda? Come ON! To take someone identifying with their personal race and read it to mean they are going to vote a certain way is divisive. I'm caucasian - but I'm sure as heck not voting for McCain!

FoxNews really DOES think this is about race, and has played a huge part in adding racial division to this election.

Unbelievable. If we want to repair the schism between people - conservative/liberal, black/white, religious/atheist - we need to get rid of these fear-mongering medias that perpetuate stereotypes and divides for their own benefit.


Does anybody watch Fauz News anymore?
I'd almost forgotten they even exist


Lane - if we get rid of Fox, we have to get rid of Certainly Not Neutral and all the fun radicals over at MSNBC.


Jeanie - What you don't realize is that you are demonstrating the most vulgar aspects of our society. It's like someone standing in front of you hitting a child and then saying let's do coffee. No one is going to follow such a sick human being into any scenario. Also your blatant ignorance (you can't even spell the guys name even though it is right above in the article) is a sign that your sorts should not be allowed to vote. So, go be pro-American in your red state (isn't that what the Communist states were called).







Poor Jeannie. Poor deluded, naive Jeannie. How can you imagine a bigger traitor rising to the rank of president than the one who currently holds that office? His ability to destroy America's prestige in the world; plunge our economy into ruins; undermine the government by replacing dedicated, intelligent people with political hacks; treat the Constitution as nothing more than a silly piece of paper; and fan the flames of nationwide polarization to further the aims of his friends and party, are beyond anything even Osama bin Laden could aspire to.

Learn the meaning of the word traitor, Jeannie.

paul s.

To McCain landslide:

There's no need to SHOUT.

We know you're nuts


First reason, at least in my mind, that Colin Powell would support Barack Obama is we need to end this war in Iraq, guys we, and I mean all of us, are sending $10 Billion to Iraq not for war but to rebuild the city, you should see the pictures of that place now. They don't want to show you that they have nice new homes and new parks to play in. Wake up America I am all for spreading ideas and protecting our borders, but to rebuild when we need that cash here. The government just paid, $300 Million to help PR companies improve the way Iraq people thought about their country. For that very fact alone I have to go with the guy that will return that money to my kids. Have you look at the price of college lately.

Second, change is good sometimes, new ideas and fresh way of looking at things. John McCain although I respect the man, he is Washington educated, and what we need now is a person that is educated outside of that establishment, someone that can bring the brightest mind to one table and let them do what they do. It takes a smart man to inspire other smart people, think about that when you cast your vote.


Here's a second to Lane and Davers' comments. I'd also like to wonder if no one else is bothered or upset by President Bush's so-called "signing statements" by which he would cavalierly set aside the intent of the legislation in front of him and follow his own policy instead. As I understand it, he has used signing statements quite often. Once was enough to convince me that the man really doesn't understand the role of the Presidency in the government and moreover, he doesn't even care. His ignorance and prejudices have done more to harm this country than the attacks on 9/11, in my opinion. If what he's accomplished has happened by accident, then the man is simply ignorant and uninvolved, and not interested in his job. Its hard to accept that, though, because his actions seem intended to systematically de-stabilize our institutions and undermine our country's reason for being. IF that were so, then of course Mr. Bush should be arrested and tried for high treason. I think there is enough evidence for a trial now, at least. Let justice prevail, for once in the history of his misbegotten administration.


To McCain lanslide:
Fox news is not fair and balanced. I can't say the same for CNN either, although I do prefer CNN cause I support Obama. There is not one news station that's fair and balanced. The only person I like to watch on Fox is Alan Colmes, but Hannity's BIG MOUTH makes it impossible to hear Alan's. I think Colin Poweel should endorse Obama. Hey Mr. Colin Powel if you are reading this, (highly doubt it) please endorse Obama. I was watching the crazy impersonator on SNL of the lady that was at a McCain rally that says she was scared, and Obama is an Arab, hilarious, you guys have to see it on SNL. But anyways, my point is that these McCain/Palin is brainswashing people by planting lies and hatred in their brains. An endorsement from Powel, would make people feel a little at ease and hope that maybe he can make up for what he did by serving 4 years under Obama making it right. But then again, I think he is going to endorse McCain because is a Republican and McCain did say he had an October surprise


I hope General Powell endorses Obama. That would be a partial payback for Bush et al tricking General Powell into flushing his reputation down the toilet with the Weapons of Mass Destruction speech.

Domingo Tavella

If Powell endorses Obama, he will immediately be accused of racial favoritism and will pay a dear price.

On the other hand, Powell did not run for president years ago because he knew that as a black man he would not have been electable. This means there must be some level of conflict in his mind.

The best Powell could do is to keep silent. Next best is for him to endorse McCain. Powell's son does business with conservatives and Powell's family benefits greatly from his relationship with the Republican Party. Powell is a very intelligent man; he knows how to control himself and will not spoil his cozy situation with the Republicans.


Americans were stupid enough to elect Bill Clinton and they are stupid enough to elect Barack Obama.
If the economy recovers under Obama or McCain it will be because of business cycles, not economic policies. Contrary to the Obama camp proposal, raising the taxes on a small percentage of Americans will not put the country on the road to economic recovery - by virtue of the sheer numbers it is impossible.


First, is to say that I beleive neither candidate deserves my vote.

About Colin Powell... he WAS a man of whom I had great respect, worked his way up the ladder and had never presented himself as remotely a reverend Wright type of black man. He was always brilliant and articulate, a careful and thoughtful general.

So, something has gone wrong here. He has abandoned his party. He is a bitter man after being ousted as secretary of state. The details of his ouster is shrouded in mystery. However, now, the acrimony surfaces.

I could be wrong, as often, I am, but don't be surprised if he shows up, again, as secretary of state in Obama's cabinet.

Powell is not the kind of man to retire and sit on the porch and watch the birds fly by.

Also, be prepared. Obama's cabinet will sport a number of other disgruntled blacks....bet on it.

Mitchell Young

Powell could have resigned prior to the start of the Iraq war. Who knows? It might even made a difference. Instead he chose to shill for the war. I fully respect his decision here, but it will be funny to see his reputation suddenly 'rehabilitated' among lefties.

L. Graham

If people vote Obama just because Colin Powell has endorsed him then they don't think for themselves (no brain...). Voters should look at what the candidate will do for America and what their experience and accomplishments are to date. I have always admired Colin Powell and feel his endorsement could be that he is bitter over the blemish on his record over the "Iraq weapons of mass destruction". The "opportunity" afforded to Mr. Powell would be to become an advisor for Obama. That is of course if Obama is elected and then Mr. Powell may get the chance to un-blemish his record. Not a good reason for endorsement, but everyone has a "hidden agenda".

As for Fox being unfair, one has to question if everything they say is untrue why haven't they had any legal action taken against them?

George Whorley

The first thing I would take issue with is the rule that this opinion line is moderate and all opinions will be sensored.
I can tell just from reading what I have that it is not moderate, but leans to the left. In my opinion, all comment should be relative if they are put forth in a respectful matter.
Now for what I would like to comment on. It does not surprise me that Colen Powell endorsed Obama, but I am disappointed by his decision. If it is not race then it is something else that we probably will never know. I have respected this man for a long time since I myself am a vietnam veteran, but in honesty I will have to say that my respect for him has faltered a couple rungs on the latter.
The more I learn, and the more I read about Obama the more I am sure that he would be the wrong choice for this time in American history. You know that he is inexperienced when even sarah palin has more experience in running government than he is. I have felt the dishonesty from the first time I heard him speak. Since then I have heard him tell what I consider less than the truth. I have love our nation for a long time and I don't believe Obama shares that same sentiment. That is why I am fighting against Obama being elected. No one likes to see what they love abused as I am confident Obama, House Speaker Poloski and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reed would do. By the way I am from Nevada and the
only thing Harry Reed has done in the last two years is embarrassed us Nevadans. You who think we need change, I would like you to ponder what change. What change has Obama promised except to coin the phase, "we need change". Change is not always good.
Those that think of the Obama presidency will not have a tax imprication on you, don't come crying when you find out too late that Obama has sold you a bill of goods. I am not an economic major, but even I see the faults in his economic policies. Before I go I would like to said to those that think I am a racist that the first eight years of my life I lived in a African-American neighborhood and one of my best friends was African-American. My two best friends through junior high and high school were to
African-American brother that we did everything together. I will let you in on a little secret, back then they referred unto themselves by another name. I think maybe it is time that we have a African-American President, just not this one. I am not sure this will make it into this comment page because I am not moderate but it it doesn't I would requests that the committee that throws it out to have enough respect to e-mail me and let me know why.


George Whorley I agree with you 100%.
The polls remind me of movie fight where the hero suffer befor he is the winner.The he ro is macain.
Powell is the traiter.No reasoning can justify him right betraying his own when they need him most.



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