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Lady Rothschild thinks Obama is elitist

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John Mccain, Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Lynn Rothschild Insanely rich Lynn Forester de Rothschild, an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter who has endorsed John McCain and Sarah Palin, could have spared  herself  the ridicule coming her way today if she hadn't said she thinks Barack Obama is "an elitist." The differences between the Republican and Democratic candidates are significant, and she could have singled out any number of meaningful positions to explain her move to McCain's side. But elitist?

Very, very few people occupy that truly elite niche of wealth, power and privilege that enfolds the family Rothschild. And giving Lady Rothschild her due, she was a fabulously wealthy lawyer and entrepreneur who made $100 million on her own before she married her fabulously wealthy husband (and honeymooned at the White House with Hillary and Bill).


Here's where the Rothschild's kick back and connect with the little people. It's their spread in Buckinghamshire.

A separate point of hypocrisy is Lady Forester de Rothschild's abandonment of economic theories she held during the Democratic primary. In support of Clinton's candidacy she told Portfolio: "What is in the interest of all Americans? I think if history is our guide, we've had stronger economies, more wealth creation under Democratic presidents than Republican presidents. So I don't understand why all my capitalist friends aren't Democrats."

Maybe Milady, who was born in New Jersey, has spent too much time in England. She probably meant to say that Obama is uppity, not elitist.  That's got to be it.

The photo of Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild was taken by Shawn Thew/EPA. The photo of Ascott House is courtesy of Wikipedia.


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Who really cares what she tinks?


elitist is not a person who BELONGS to some kind of elite group. an elitist is a person, who, like obama, belongs to a group and thinks that others are beneath his level, because they dont belong. the others are the bitter god-loving peoples of the usa.

awash in campaign money, obama campaign has been able to hide this fact.

john mccain is VERY rich. but not elitist. obama is not so rich, but is an elitist.

King T

how can she vote for a ni.....? that is what she meant and she can take back her racist behind to wherever it belongs. I am not sure but i think it might be in hell eventually.


She's absolutely correct - Obama is an elitist. He thinks that he's smarter than the rest of us and that we need him to lead us to a better life. In the meantime he's just a political hack from the Chicago machine who has never led, managed, created anything. He doesn't even have any former colleagues from colllege, law school, community organizing, anywhere, to attest to his character. Frankly, Lynn's business experience makes her more qualified than Obama.

Wanda in Arlee, MT

sb is just plain wrong about this. Elitist means "intelligent" and refers to somebody who can say nuclear with only one "u." An elitist is somebody who puts a "g" at the end of the ing words. Like when Palin said: "I bet he's regrettin' not pickin' her..." (She was referring to Obama not choosing Hillary for his VP.) That proves that Palin is no "elitist" even though she has a tanning bed in her house. At least she only has one house. That we know of so far.


Please spare me the envious note on this article! She's a millionaire, so what? She made it on her own before she married! As I understand by reading the news, Obama just took over $9 million from the millionaires in Hollywood, why don't you criticize them for having money? And to the comments posted regarding race, spare me also of this out of touch comment! Obama has 50% of the votes in the country right now, are they all black voters? Race is not an issue here, so stop it with dividing our country and calling those who oppose Obama racists! What are you then, anti women, anti rich???


King T ,
I've read and re-read the article and can not find the quote your say she made about voting for a ni........
You didn't make this up as a way of weakening the impact of her change did you?
Oh, I forgot, anyone who doesn't vote for Obama is a raciest, right?

a.m. young

Many moderately paid college professors, journalists, and artists are quite elitist. By contrast, many wealthy entrepreneurs are very down-to-earth.

Mr. Unite Us

Look forward to the day when a Rothschild calls you elitist. That will be day when you know you have arrived.


Rothschild is a HATER!!! Sorry you can't be that brilliant!

Ruth Calabria

There are worse things than Palin.
The Market Crash and Other Coming Calamities

How the economic-political curve ball will break after Election Day sending some of us to the poor house and some of us to the concentration camp we will explain in intellectual terms so as to not have the requisite panic needed to do something about it be dismissed as sheer insanity or the words of juvenile spammers. Our great sense of fear and a dire need to act in a dramatic fashion to elect Barack Obama and avoid a complete totalitarian takeover of government by the conservatives is contained within a broader thesis that develops our ideas from a firm scientific basis as THE EVOLUTION OF INFORMATION on www.matrix-evolutions.com.
Mrs. Ruth and Dr. Peter V. Calabria

Nina s

Lady Rothschild hit the ball out of the park. Obama is an elitist idiot.

Lisa Richardson

Amarissa, I am neither anti-women nor anti-rich. But yes, I am suspicious of people who bypass the obvious reason to choose a candidate – his or her stands on the issues. McCain and Obama have differences of substance: their positions on the war in Iraq, for example, and how to deal with Iran, Cuba and other hostile nations. They have different ideas about free trade and how to make health care available. I have to admit, liking a candidate is not that important to me. I care about what he or she would do. Neither do I need to identify with them or feel like he or she “understands” me. I care about where a candidate stands on the issues such as the Lilly Ledbetter act (giving women the right sue over pay discrimination) and what kinds of supreme court justices he would seat on the bench. Rothschild suddenly decided that none of these issues—issues that were so dear to her chosen candidate--are relevant in her choice. So yes, I am mocking her. And yes, I find her motives suspect. If you don't that's fine with me.


I cannot believe the foolishness of some of you who simply agree that Obama is elitist, yet this woman or McCain are not? It's your way of saying Obama is "uppity." Do you know anything about where Obama lives compared to where McCain and Rothschild? McCain DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. If he did, his chief economic advisor wouldn't have been one of the reasons for the financial mess and who also calls Americans "whiners" because they're complaining about the economy. He was a shill for UBS and the mortgage crisis is partly his fault. I don't care if you dislike Obama, but stop with the nonsense about "elitist" because when in the hell has Obama ever treated some of you as if he thought he was above you? PERCEPTION and REALITY are two very different things and those who don't even know the man, clearly deal in the former. Amazing how the Republicans show their hypocrisy on these matters. Someone handed everything in life (like McCain) is perceived as "down to earth" because Obama had the nerve to work hard to get to where he is, and therefore, he MUST be "elitist." America, wake up, the president isn't supposed to be like you. The president needs to be exceptional and brilliant. If he/she were like you, then we could all be president based on nothing more than the perception of humility... heaven forbid they're also exceptionally intelligent.

Watch "Idiocracy"... it's the direction our country is going because some people are so egotistical that they forget what we should be looking for in a president. My president shouldn't be someone "I have a beer with." The president isn't supposed to be your "buddy," he/she is supposed to be a LEADER and an INTELLIGENT one at that.

Oliver Hagley

Good heavens, I agree with the Lady. But is there more of an elitist than Hillary Clinton?


It's really pathetic that this is what our presidential elections have come to. 'He's an elitist,' 'he's out of touch.' It's nothing but a cult of personality. Discuss a real issue. Both candidates suck.


SB "john mccain is VERY rich. but not elitist. obama is not so rich, but is an elitist."

I don't agree with your larger point, but I do agree with the above. Obama is a smarter than average person while McCain is the opposite, and admittedly less threatening to a lot of people, who quite evidently have preferred a know-nothing president for going on eight years now.

Some of us pointed this out a while ago, and noted that a finer touch with the lunchbucket crowd was one of the main reasons why he needed to pick Hillary Clinton for VP, as opposed to a copy of himself at another age who'll fade into the background.

But I want to hear more about what happened to McCain in Hanoi, and what it is he told the VC.




How, sb, is McCain NOT an elitist? It's blatantly obvious that he thinks he's better than everybody else. That he's entitled to be President. That he resents having to go through an election to get the job rather than just having it handed to him as his due.


Look, shouldn't we have someone in charge of this country who IS smarter then the rest of us? I mean we already did the election of "who we would like to have a beer with" and that is Bush. And what did that cost us? Let me count the ways. Sheesh...too many ways.
Time to vote for REAL change and vote for Obama. Can't hurt. We got flung into the abyss with Bush and the Republicans; no need to reward this economy with four MORE years of THIS!


She is clearly off her meds. How in God's name can a person who supported Hillary Clinton not support Obama in her place? Whoever supported Hillary Clinton and now supports McCain never supported what Clinton believes in, not for a moment.; it's impossible. Or, she is just a racist, which is entirely possible. After you eliminate all possibilities, whatever you are left with, that is the answer.


Ms. Richardson,

If you ever actually listened to Lady Rothschild, you would realize she's more than an average Joe than the Scranton scrambler.
You're falling into the liberal trap of class envy. You're more than welcome to get rich and stay humble - or you could side with those that get their power around the public trough and look down your nose at our guns and religion.


Have they burned the dictionaries at the LA Times?

Lady Rothschild is absolutely correct. Obama is an elitist and the very rich Lady Rothschild is not.


rinklestumpskin wants to know what McCain told the Viet Cong thirty years ago. What an idiot!!

Lady Lynn

That right! McCain joins all royalty in loving all you cousin marrying, two toothed, non-abortion having, trickled on, rednecks. No offense.


I don't know about the rest of you, but these days l find myself tuning into the Cable News just to get a laugh ... and shake my head sadly.

McCain, just 2 days ago, said that the fundamentals of the economy are sound. Today, he claims that the system is broken, and as President. he would fire the Head of the SEC. Which one is it, Sen. Einstein?

McCain and his lackies falsely claim that Obama called Palin a "pig" (albeit one with make-up on). It never happened, and only a determined half-wit, a liar, or both, would make such a claim.

Palin recently touted her willingness to cooperate in the Alaska "Troopergate" investigation. "Hold me accountable", she crowed. Suddenly, she, the so-called 'First Dude' and a long list of pathetic underlings have decided not to cooperate with investigators. Accountability, anyone?

McCain asserts that he knows how to catch bin Laden, that he knows where he is, that he will follow him to the 'gates of hell', etc. etc. However, despite his "Country First" slogan, he absolutely refuses to put his alleged abilities into practice, and help us catch the guy. Oh, but wait, he wants you to actually elect him President before he does anything worthwhile to save this country from a prolific terrorist ...

Whenever MCain is confronted with the fallacious and outrageous nature of the ads his campaign has recently foisted upon us, he immediately becomes irate and indignant, parroting that if only Obama would agree to debate him (McCain) in a 'town hall style meeting', the tenor of the campaign would change.

One major issue with this rancid illogic is the suggestion that only if Obama does EXACTLY as McCain demands, will McCain (perhaps) speak truthfully to the nation. Obama is under no oblgation, regardless of what anyone thinks, to jump simply because MCain wants him to. Straight Talk my foot!

rollinson ford

Obama is a scumbag just like all the other Chicago pols that came from the south side gene pool!


Insanely rich George Soros supports Obama and shares his intent to undermine the United States. Obama cannot stand opposition so he must destroy it.


wouldn't it be funny if Rothschild went belly up in this economic fiasco?


This is all very confusing.... 0bama is biracial - white mother and black father - he changes his speech pattern when speaking to the whites, and then when speaking to the black community. So, which one is REALLY his authentic character, personality and belief?


Good grief folks, she was stating an opinion, her own. Let's not get your coffee enima's in a huff. Why don't we instead look at the voting record as she did. She wants America to think for America...well, damn that's alright by me. We ought to do just that. Our economy and moral fibers need just that. If you all don't want to see America rebound into that great red, white, and blue that it was, then why the hell don't you get out!!!!!!!!!


Obama and HRC voted the same way 90% of the time. If you supported HRC, and you're not supporting Obama, you're inconsistent, and probably, as is the case with Lady Rothschild, an absolute jerk!


Please - like anyone w/ a scintilla of common sense could take serious some British woman with the title Lady calling Obama elitist. This is one of the 'fox chasing' class 'born with a silver spoon in her mouth' who never had to work for anything calling a self-made man, raised by a single mother & his grandparents, 'elist.' More than anything, this just shows how void of reality this newspaper and it's writer are! Why don't you guys try reporting on something factual and informative once in a blue moon.

Renee Stewart

This woman studied at YALE, INDIANA UNIVERSITY, AND BROWN!!! She has a PHD in Molecular and Cell Biology!!! She is CEO of the family company! NOT TO MENTION THE FACT THAT SHE'S A FRIGGING ROTHSCHILD!! Who is SHE to judge anyone????

Obama's only crime is that he is intelligent. I guess America is sooo dumbed down now that intelligence is a BAD THING.

Orwell's Little Sister

This was seriously the funniest thing I've read in a long time! A Lady and her "Sir" husband are calling a hard working former community organizer an elitist. Some of us truly deserve the world we've made for ourselves.

AZ Straight Talk

Lady Rothschild has shown that she was never a true Democrat, but hungry for power wherever it resides. As for the "elitism" charge, maybe she got rejected by the Harvard Law Review. We often criticize others for what is lacking in ourselves or for what we are disappointed in in ourselves. I went to Harvard. I have one way of speaking with my lower income family and one way of speaking with the Dean of Harvard. My mother didn't raise me to be rude, just as Obama's mother did not raise him to be rude. You try to find a common bond with people and speak in a way that unites. That does not make you elitist, but polite and insightful. Do you not think that Sarah Palin speaks one way (in tongues perhaps) in her church and another way on the campaign trail?

another Dem for McCain

When referring to one as an elitist it does not neccessarily refer to wealth. An elitist is someone who holds themselves to be superior in one way or another to a particular group. Certainly many with money can be classified in this way. I believe that de Rothschild was referring to Obama's intellectual elitism, especially in regard to those "who cling onto their guns and religion".
It's unfortunate that the author of this opinion piece couldn't make that connection after all before she was wealthy she grew up middle class in New Jersey. I guess it's easier to leave out facts if you're trying to steer people a certain way.


An "elitist" is someone who belongs to a different elite.


She got on CNN because she's powerful, then bragged about being a graduate of Columbia University, etc., but did not bother to back up her argument and explain why she thinks Obama is an elitist. Excuse me. Who is an elitist? Aristotle wrote about people like de Rothschild. She seeks to persuade hard-working, middle class folks through the false virtue of her wealth and power. Or is it power and wealth? All it amounts to is drama, instead of substance. Sound famliar?


McCain/Palin - Unstable and Unable

Another Republican for Obama

I fail to see how Obama is elitist. He is intelligent, it's true -- but this time, I do want a smart president.

I can tell you what I don't want. I don't want someone just like me. I don't want someone who has no foreign policy experience just because they're my gender (so that rules out Palin).

I don't want someone who is prolife like me but is trigger happy on international relations and thinks our economy is "fundamentally strong" one second and then, the next, says it "desperately needs to be fixed" (so that rules out McCain).

I don't want someone who is Mormon like me who doesn't share my convictions about the economy (so that ruled out Mitt Romney a long time ago).

Obama's the only candidate sticking up for "the little guy." He wants to cut my taxes, whereas McCain wants to raise mine -- just because I'm not the super-rich who keeps his coffers full. Obama's health care plan will also ease the burden of medical costs, which causes 46 percent of Americans to go bankrupt each year -- 70 percent of whom have insurance!

I respect McCain's service and I respect Palin's fierce determination. But I do not want them in the White House at this time. For me, it comes down to simple pragmatism. If one party has held an office such as the executive one for eight years, and those eight years have brought a steady decline in the economy, an erosion of our international leadership, and several financial and diplomatic disasters, then I say it's time for a change.

And if by 2012 we're not pleased with Obama and Biden, then we can vote them out, too. But we shouldn't keep giving one party (the GOP, in this case) a free pass over and over again. They're only learning they can abuse us as much as they like, without consequence. That's just not acceptable.

Remind them to whom they're held accountable, America.


Sarah Palin is an unknowledagable, inexperienced right wing extremist. She’s also a cruel and selfish woman that cares more about oil and money than wildlife and the environment.

The Republicans don't care whether McCain's V.P. has any experience or substance. They only care that Republicans are in the White House. If McCain had picked Paris Hilton as V.P. the Republicans would find reasons as to why she would be a good Vice President.

The Republicans are making what was once a great country into a backwards, war mongering and most hated country in the world. They need to be out of power now.


I am very proud of her for standing up for what she believes. As a former Democrat myself who recently left the party because of the divisive, incendiary election process. I cannot even share my opinions anymore w/o being attacked by "Obamabots". When did people get so vicious and ugly? It's one thing to disagree on policies and ideaology but to attack folks like the way the Dems have been doing including 'The One" (who by the way has been more negative than McCain and shows he really is no different) is just plain wrong and setting up this country for terrible civl strife. Obama is divisive plain and simple and he is playing the Democrats like a violin.

Lynn shows herself as a strong woman who did her research and not afraid to stand up no matter what gets hurled her way (which will be a lot of ugliness). I wish more people did then perhaps they could make up their own minds instead of spreading propaganda and Dem talking points that are not true. she is staying with the party. I left.


I do not think that all white people who do not feel that Obama is their candidate are racists. I feel that there are segments of the American population who are not comfortable with Obama being half black. They think he is not one of them, which is still not to say they are racists, but conditioned, perhaps. We have never elected a black man to the Highest Office in the Land. Exempting those who are colorblind and hardcore Republicans [half sarcastically], some people feel threatened by Obama, not even understanding why, just irritated and frightened. They hide behind dirty words like "Socialist!” and “Muslim!” The one that really cracks me up is "Marxist." Ha! Those people need to smoke some crack to calm down.

I say that we are ALL conditioned - black, white, and the 3,000 other variants in America. We are conditioned to see a white majority in the highest social ranks and positions in the world — and in the mass media. It wouldn't be a problem, except that we have come to expect our CEOs to look like that AIG guy Willumstad and our presidents to look like Bush and McCain, like some people expect their doctors to be Jewish.

We are conditioned to believe that race is still a difference that matters; such as the inclination to think that there must be something special about that black person who is with that white person, because they are somewhere we think they don't belong.

I have seriously considered voting for McCain, but I see too clearly now "the game" of politics in his candidacy. I will rely on the debates to be sure. I saw Obama speak in Vegas this week. He generates a sincerity and intellect that inspires me to work on all of my dreams - right now. He is a strong, modern example of this great country, above and beyond capitalism. And I am sorry, but pictures don’t do Obama justice. Yes, he is strikingly handsome.

When Bush Jr. was elected, I heard repeatedly, "He is not very smart, but he has smart people behind him." Bush witnessed his father serve as President and Vice President, and he was a governor. None of which seemed to help him much. Nothing can convince me of a guaranty of one candidate doing better than the other. It boils down to who I believe and my consideration of the next generation.

It is not surprising that people trust the older man who was a Vietnam POW. He did go against his own party in the immigration matter [although he seems to be laying low on that right now]. It is not surprising that people trust the younger man. A definite change candidate, who has brought people together and can communicate complex issues. He didn't get this far because he's not tough, smart, and fully capable of being President.

I cannot imagine who would want the job anyway - people always badgering you; your every move and decision under a microscope; your soundbites twisted; influential people turning on you; angry mobs yelling at you; your family tested… You have to be mighty strong and determined in the first place.

As an oldtimer and a man who fought and sacrificed for our country, McCain has my respect. As a newcomer, running against a 26 year senator and POW, not to mention the real racist codgers in America, Obama has my respect.

These men are both great American heroes. God Bless Senators Obama and McCain. God Bless America.


AZ straight talk: rejected by harvard law review? you went to harvard? i went to harvard, and if you REALLY went there, you would know that many harvard students are not as smart as the public thinks. especially when affirmative action comes into play. no racism implied. and i am not trying to say that any race is superior.

do you know that obama was the first prez of harvard law review AFTER affirmative action was implemented in the selection process? before that it was the top student of the class. do you know that obama published just ONE mandatory review as a president of the harvard law review? (what a wasted opportunity!!!!). and to buttress my opinion: do you know that as an instructor of law in UIC, obama publishe ZERO articles in 12 years? would a white have survived as a faculty on the roster for more than 3 years without even a single publication? you tell me, mr. harvard.

yes, i do think that obama is an elitist. his behavior shows it all. he is advertising himself as a GOD'S GIFT TO HUMANITY, OR RATHER THE USA.

to to all those who think that mccain is stupid just because he was not a top student in his class: just listen to the 2 people answer Pastor Rick Warren's questions at Saddleback church, you will see you is REALLY smart, and who is not more than your average Joe.

or you can read the liberal media news and ignore the fact that the person has done nothing for the country, has zero achievements in his life (other than getting elected with support of Rezko, and co.), and has spent most of his time as a senator campaigning.

so far far obama's experience.

think: of the 2 candidates, one will lose. if mccain loses, he will continue fighting for the people of america. if obama loses, what will he do? what has he done until now? TALK. with a teleprompter in front of him reading someone speeches written by someone else. sorry. the man is a teleprompter candidate. and that is why he did not go to debate anything head to head with mccain. he needs axelrod to do the campaigning, and he needs the teleprompter to read from. go to youtube and see "obama teleprompter". you will see how he talks without a teleprompter.

and if you think that a person talking like this is above average smart, think again.


also, lynn forester married a de Rothshild.

does being Kennedy automatically make you an elitist? was John Kennedy an elitist? YES. is john mccain an elitist? i doubt it given his style and did you see his office pictures? compare it with obama's office pictures.

lynn forester would know better whether obama is an elitist or not. because she met him. we only know about him from the media, which would say NOTHING to harm him.

and dont forget: lynn forester de rothschild was $100 mio rich when she married evelyn de rothschild.


My, my, my, aren't these posts just dripping with snobbery and a dash of racism! Gracious, let's not discuss the merits of Obama working his way through Harvard and earning scholarships as well. Let's not discuss the fact that he was the first African-American elected to President of the Harvard Law Review. Nope, let's go after him for because he's the wrong color and more worthy of clipping the hedges in your garden. Let's admit it folks, the majority of you posting here are probably extremely well to do and would rather move to your villa in France then let the likes of an intelligent, hard-working, family man ever get the office of president. That office is only reserved for those of the highest classes. It's not an office that should be earned, it's an office that is appointed via bloodlines of those who consider themselves part of the American aristocracy. Cindy McCain is worth 100 million dollars and she inherited it, Obama a mere 9 million and he worked for it. Sure, you'll allow the likes of Condi Rice or Colin Powell to rub shoulders with you so long as they remember their "place". You people make me ill. Easy to see why the Republican party harbors so many bigots.


Combine black and white.. combine different outlooks.. Obama is a brilliant soul who can dazzlingly unite !

He is far ahead of his times.. many still do not understand him. Elitist might be a word for it..

Sean P.

I am very dissapointed that so many Americans are under the impression that being smarter than most makes you an "elitist." If John McCain actually wins this election than I may do exactly what those pro-guns, anti-people republicans tell me too... I just might leave it, because I'm not so sure I love it anymore.


The Rothschild family is behind the dirt that created this mess. In fact they are the founders of the concept of the Central bank. They are the founders of world communism and in fact thier name actually means "RED SHIELD". They will support only those who will contribute to the destruction of US soveriegnty and the creation of world government and a single currency. The Rothschilds also founded the Federal Reserve and own shares of it which we as citizens can never own. Thats pretty elite.

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